9 Types Of Oven Mitts [And How To Choose]

If you're an avid cook or baker, then the chances are that you already own an oven mitt of some kind. At least we hope you do for the sake of your hands! These essential kitchen tools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. You may be surprised to find that you only know about a small variety of them! There are many considerations when choosing an oven mitt, from the amount of heat it can take to its coverage and durability.

All of these different types of oven mitts come with their own advantages. Perhaps you've found your current oven mitt lacking in a particular area? If this is true, then there is most likely a different kind that you may find fits your need better. We have searched through all of the different kitchen tools to stop you from scorching your hands! Here is how to choose the oven mitt that's right for you, and the different types of them!

Oven Mitts On Black Grunge Background. Pair Of Protective Grill Gloves On Black Rough Table. 9 Types Of Oven Mitts [And How To Choose]

How To Choose An Oven Mitt

Have you ever found yourself frustrated in being unable to find an oven mitt that's perfect for you? If so, you might be looking for the wrong things. When choosing an oven mitt, you want to make sure that all of your criteria are met. This can include things like how heat resistant you need it to be and how much coverage you need. Once you know what you need from each category, you can easily pick the mitt for you!

Red Oven Gloves Mittens in a Modern Kitchen


The material of your oven mitt says a lot about its overall ability. Some materials are more heat resistant than others. One may be more water and stain-resistant. Different materials move and stick in different ways. You may find that the oven mitt you've always used is too slippery or is hard to get your hand into. If this is the case, then you should consider a different material.


Some people spend hours a day in the kitchen, and others never even step foot in it. This range and where you cook can influence which type of oven mitt you should choose. If you're a daily baker, you may want to invest in some very heat-resistant and comfortable oven mitts. On the other hand, maybe you need your glove outside at the grill and not in the kitchen at all! You need something that will keep your hand comfortable while you grip the tongs over the grill.


While you may not think this matters much for something that you slip on and off now and then, you may be surprised. You might find yourself with one of your hands full, and you need to be able to slip your other hand into an oven mitt. Some types won't allow you to do this so easily. It's also important to consider just how often you're wearing oven mitts. An itchy or easily soiled one is going to bother you the longer you need it.

Types Of Oven Mitts

1. Silicone

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Possibly offering you the most utility and bang for your buck are silicone oven mitts. Silicone mitts are made to withstand incredibly high temps up to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You may find that you do not need heat resistance this high in your standard kitchen. This material is also non-porous. They offer great stain and water resistance. They are also very durable and dishwasher safe!

2. Cotton

classic brown oven glove.

Cotton oven mitts are a classic choice. These are often seen as a standard type of oven mitt. Cotton oven mitts often look great as they come in an endless array of colorful and unique designs. They are also easy the just throw in the washer and clean! However, the style aspect of these mitts comes at a cost. They offer the lowest amount of heat resistance. Water and other stains can also infiltrate them very quickly. You may also find that they lack the grip that you may need.

3. Neoprene

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While there are different versions of neoprene oven mitts, they are often upgrades to cotton ones. They boast similar benefits to cotton mitts but also have some of the benefits to silicon mitts as well. Neoprene mitts have a higher heat resistant range, closer to silicon. The grip is also strengthened so your bakeware won't slip out of your hand. Not only are they durable, but depending on the type, they are either machine washable or dishwasher safe!

4. Aramid

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Aramid oven mitts are going to offer the highest level of heat resistance and strength available. So much so that you may not need this much protection. They are usually seen as commercial oven mitts used around extreme temperatures and materials. These mitts also offer a great grip. They do tend to be hand wash only, however.

5. Extra-long Mitts

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This is the first type of oven mitt that is offered in most materials. Extra-long oven mitts aren't so much a type of their own as they are a variation. Most oven mitts come in a standard size of around 12 inches. They usually cover your wrists but might be a little shorter or longer than that, depending on what you buy. Sometimes you need more arm coverage, and that's where these come in. They can go up to your elbow area just to give added coverage and protection.

6. Lined Mitts

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Like the extra-long oven mitts, lined mitts come in a variety of materials. All their name refers to is whether they have an interior lining in them or not. This lining usually adds a layer of protection and heat resistance. Due to their lower heat resistance, cotton oven mitts will usually have a lining ranging in thickness. Silicon mitts often don't as they don't need the extra protection.

Other Types Of Hand Protection

7. Oven Gloves

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Oven gloves come in a wide array of materials very similar to oven mitts. The main difference between the two types is the range of motion and versatility offered. Unlike oven mitts, oven gloves allow you the use of all of your fingers. Think about the difference between mittens and gloves in the winter!

Since you have full use of all of your fingers in oven gloves, you can do more while wearing them. Many styles are not only water-resistant but cut-resistant as well! The different materials allow for different ranges of heat resistance, durability, and ease of cleaning. Another thing to think about with this type of oven protection, maybe more so than with oven mitts, is comfort. You may find yourself wearing these much more than oven mitts!

8. Pot Holders

Potholder on a brown rustic wooden background

Potholders are a more minimal choice for protecting your hands in the kitchen. Their smaller and therefore are less clumsy than oven mitts. You can most likely store them easier than oven mitts and gloves as well. Like their counterparts, pot holders also come in a variety of materials and even some differing shapes. It simply depends on what you need from them.

These hand-saving tools also have some versatility. You may not be able to chop or cut with them, but you can easily set your pots on them! They can very easily double as trivets due to their small size and the fact that they're usually fairly thin. Along with their size and thickness, however, are drawbacks. They don't offer the same amount of protection as other options due to their smaller stature.

9. Mini Baking Mittens

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Mini baking mittens, or gloves, are pretty much exactly what they sound like! They offer similar protection as potholders but in a different shape. They're perfect for when you want something minimal but need a more dependable grip than potholders may offer. They are generally silicon and just look like shorter oven mitts, just covering the fingers. This option is not as versatile as oven gloves or potholders.

Final Oven Mitt Thoughts

There are an extreme variety of materials, lengths, shapes, and sizes of different tools to protect your hands while cooking. From the oven to the grill to boiling water, each type offers a different strength.

With the list above, you may finally find the perfect hand protection for what you've been needing. Before you fire up that grill or preheating that oven, make sure you have the proper hand protection to stop you from getting burned!

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