Where Do You Store Oven Mitts?

No one really gives a lot of thought to their oven mitts, but when you consider how important they are when you are cooking, they might actually deserve a little more attention than they get. Oven mitts are an absolute necessity in the kitchen-- they protect you from getting burned by hot pots and pans when you're cooking, so you should always have them close at hand. But where exactly are the best spots to keep oven mitts? If you want to find out where to put your oven mitts, we have compiled a list of the perfect places to give you the scoop!

Oven mitts need to be close to your oven and easy for you to grab when you need them. Here are our picks for storing oven mitts:

  • In a drawer
  • In a cabinet
  • Hang on the outside of a cabinet
  • Hang on the refrigerator
  • Hang on the wall

There are so many great options for storing oven mitts, and now, you can check out all of the options to find the best for your kitchen. So, please keep reading!

Pink colored oven mitts hanged on the kitchen wall, Where Do You Store Oven Mitts?

Oven Mitt Storage Spots

Before we begin, it's essential to discuss the importance of storing oven mitts near the oven or microwave. When you're cooking, you'll want them close by so you can grab them in just a few seconds. You'll also want to consider the color and condition of your oven mitts when you decide on their placement. If you have decorative mitts that match your decor, or if you are using holiday oven mitts, you'll probably want them displayed in your kitchen. Whereas, if your oven mitts have been around a while and are merely for utilitarian purposes, putting them inside of a cabinet or a drawer might be the better option.

In A Drawer

Oven mitts placed on a kitchen drawer

If you have an empty drawer near the oven, take advantage of it and stuff it with your oven mitts. When you need them, they are easy to grab. Just pull out the drawer, and there they are!

Drawer organizers like these will keep your oven mitts stored nicely inside of your drawers. These clear plastic organizers are great for the kitchen and bathroom and come in a set of three.

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In A Cabinet

A cabinet near your stove is also a great option for your oven mitts. You can place them inside of an empty cabinet on the shelf, put them in a bin, or you can hang them from the inside of the cabinet door. Whatever you choose, you will be able to grab your oven mitts quickly and conveniently.

These plastic bins can fit right into your cabinet, and when you need your oven mitts, you can just pull the bin out. They come in a set of six, so you'll have plenty of extras for other items in your kitchen.

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Outside Of A Cabinet

One great feature of oven mitts is that they come with loops on the end that are meant for hanging. So why not use something you already have in your kitchen to hang them-- the handles on your cabinet doors! Find a cabinet close to your oven and hang one or two from the handle or knob. It's simple, your oven mitts will be right there when you need them, and best of all, it doesn't cost you anything.

On The Refrigerator

One place that is not often associated with oven mitts is your refrigerator. But if you have a smaller kitchen without a lot of cabinet space, the side of your refrigerator is a great spot for hanging your oven mitts. All you need is a magnetic hook, and you've got yourself a handy little spot to store your mitts. Not only is it creative and space-saving, the fridge is likely close enough to the oven so that it's practical too.

These magnetic refrigerator hooks will go with any kitchen decor; plus, they work great for hanging oven mitts.

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On The Wall

A floral designed oven mitt on top of a table

Any wall in your kitchen with enough space to hang a hook will work for hanging oven mitts if you are short on cabinet space. A wall closer to your oven is obviously the best choice so that your oven mitts are within your reach when you need them.

In addition to hooks, you can mount a hanging utensil rack on the wall and use it to hang not only various utensils, but also your oven mitts. This stylish utensil hanger has ten hooks and can hold up to 25 pounds.

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Where Do You Hang Oven Mitts?

A pair of green oven mitts hanged on a wall

You can really hang oven mitts anywhere that is convenient for you in your kitchen. Although it's recommended that you hang them close to the oven, you can hang them on any wall, inside of a cabinet door, or on the side of the refrigerator. Even if they aren't exceptionally close to the oven, you should be able to grab them quickly and easily.

These are the perfect hooks for hanging oven mitts. They stick to surfaces, so you don't have to put any holes in the walls or do any type of drilling.

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How To Hang Oven Mitts On The Oven Door?

Another place you might consider hanging your oven mitts is directly on the oven door. Even though it seems like this would be the perfect place for them, you'll have to get a little creative in order to hang your oven mitts there.

Over The Door Hanger

Over the door hooks can work perfectly for hanging oven mitts on the oven door. Just place the squared end over the oven door handle, and use the other end to hang your mitts.

These metal hooks will easily fit on your oven door, and they come in a pack of 12, so you can use them all over your house.

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Shower Curtain Hooks

Shower hooks are another great way to hang oven mitts from the oven door. You can place these hooks on the oven door handle, and you can hang your oven mitts from them. Not only are they practical, but they will also look amazing in your kitchen.

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How Do You Decorate Oven Mitts?

If you want to spruce up your oven mitts so that they are more festive or match your kitchen decor, you can always decorate them in your own unique way. Several options for decorating oven mitts include using fabric paint to create designs, sewing on different colored buttons, or even adding a border. The sky's the limit, so use your imagination!

How Many Oven Mitts Do I Need?

Clean sets of apron and oven mitts hanged on the wall

So you've picked out the perfect spot for your oven mitts, but now the question is-- how many oven mitts do you actually need? Well, since you have two hands, that's a good number to start with.

But what if you have someone else helping out in the kitchen? And what about decorative or festive oven mitts? The short answer is that you need at least one for each of your hands, but you probably want to keep a few extra around just in case. And if you like to change your oven mitts based on the season or the occasion, then you might want to invest in a few more.

How Do You Repurpose Oven Mitts?

Once you've reached the end of an oven mitt's usability and it's looking a little worse for wear, you might wonder if there's anything else you can do with it? The answer is yes! There are a lot of creative ways to repurpose oven mitts. You can use them to dust your furniture, turn them into cute puppets for the kids, and do gardening work in them. These are only a few of the endless possibilities so think twice before you just toss out those old oven mitts.

To Conclude

Who knew there were so many options for storing oven mitts? But now that you do, you can make the most out of your mitts and place them where they best suit you and your needs. Whether they are purely practical or a decorative accent in your kitchen, it really doesn't matter as long as they are there when you need them.

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