Are Oven Mitts Heat Resistant?

Of the many pieces of kitchen equipment you use, oven mitts are some that you want to work well. Resisting heat and protecting your hands is the defining feature and reason for use for oven mitts. But even the highest quality oven mitt isn't invincible. So you might find yourself wondering: how much heat can your average pair of mitts safely withstand? We have done some research on the subject below.

When purchasing oven mitts, don't skimp on quality. Get yourself a good pair at a reasonable price to stay safe. A quality pair of mitts will be able to withstand temperatures upwards of 400 degrees for periods of up to ten seconds.

This is an important topic to consider, and you likely have more questions. Continue reading as we delve into the heat resistance of oven mitts and what goes into a properly resistant pair of mitts.

Oven mittens potholders hang in kitchen against the background of blurry kitchen appliances, Are Oven Mitts Heat Resistant?

What material is used for oven mitts?

Oven mitts come in a lot of varying shapes and sizes and saturate the market. But not all oven mitts are created equally, and a lot of this variance comes from their differing material compositions. There are four different materials used to make oven mitts: cotton, neoprene (which is a type of synthetic rubber), silicone, and aramid fabric. In addition, aramid fabric is comprised of fibers that are made and tempered for extreme heat resistance.

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Mitts made with aramid fabric can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can even stand exposed to open flame. Their potential downside is their difficult grip and slight clunkiness. 500 degrees is also excessive for your average kitchen user when it comes to daily cooking.

Neoprene and Silicone

Neoprene and silicone oven mitts are considered great heat-resistant materials that offer an excellent grip on hot pans and cookware. In addition, they come in much sleeker options that allow for maneuverability that other materials don't.

One issue many silicon gloves have, however, is that they're long. People with smaller hands and shorter arms might find them cumbersome. Neoprene can resist similar temperatures to aramid fabrics with superior grip.


The least heat-resistant material of the four materials found in oven mitts is cotton. Although they make for an exceedingly comfortable oven mitt, exercise caution when using cotton oven mitts. If the requirement asked of them isn't excessively high, they'll be fine. But investing in a good pair of silicone or aramid gloves certainly won't hurt in terms of protection.

Are oven mitts or oven gloves better?

Oven mitts and gloves are good at accomplishing different tasks, and therefore their benefit depends on your needs. Mitts are generally better insulated and able to hold hot dishes and plates for periods of time should they be removed. They are too cumbersome for more delicate tasks, however, which are where gloves come in.

What gloves may lack in heat resistance makes up for their ability to do things such as grasp items and food. Consider your exact needs, and don't hesitate to have one of each in your kitchen, if need be.

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Are silicone or cloth oven mitts better?

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The debate between silicone or cloth oven mitts comes down to a few factors that often vary from person to person. Comfort, dexterity, affordability are all factors just as important as heat resistance. A pair of cloth oven mitts wins in terms of affordability, as you can find them just about anywhere for dirt cheap.

But as mentioned above, silicone offers a much better heat resistance than cloth oven mitts. They also last longer and thus cheaper in the long run.

Silicone gloves can be uncomfortable if used for an extended period of time. Look into purchasing a pair with a cloth lining to help ease the discomfort. This is especially helpful when gripping things tightly with your silicone gloves.

Some might find the comfort of cloth gloves too alluring, however, and prefer their use. Neither are entirely immune to dangers, so always be careful when working around the oven or hot stove.

It's hard to say there is a definitive 'better' glove option. It largely depends on what you are looking for and which factors are the most important. Silicone wins at heat resistance and offers a superior grip. Cloth mitts provide superior comfort and affordability. Consider what you need your gloves for and what your level of needs in certain areas are. Then you can purchase accordingly.

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What are the best heat-resistant oven mitts?

With a vast array of all kinds of gloves out there on the market, it can be hard to narrow down some of the better options. You know you want a high-quality oven mitt but aren't even sure where to begin looking. We've compiled a shortlist of some of the higher-quality oven mitts out there this year.

Ramlin Silicone Oven Mitt and Pot Holder Set

This affordable set from Ramlin includes two silicone oven mitts, two cooking pinch mitts, and two hot pads in an affordable set. They come in a range of colors and offer excellent heat protection, including from open flame. This particular set offers protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, they won't melt or catch fire and will protect up to your forearm.

The gloves are textured for a great grip and increased friction and stability. This leads to increased safety when navigating hot plates or pans in the kitchen or outside on the barbeque. They are all stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Either wash them by hand or throw them in the wash when necessary. The additional pot holders allow for an increased range of use.

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Damuzhi Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts

Another strong pair of silicone oven mitts, this time from Damuzhi. These silicone oven mitts offer both impeccable heat resistance as well as comfort and style. They are long gloves that will protect your arms and sleeves as well as your hands.

This allows you to reach into ovens and pull out items if necessary, without danger to yourself. They are also comfortable, being lined with a soft cotton lining. So you now no longer need to choose between the benefits of a silicone glove and the comfort of a cotton mitt.

These mitts have a loop attached, allowing for easy hanging when your mitts are not in use. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. However, this glove is not suitable for fine work, so exercise caution in that regard before purchase. This oversizing is to better protect from scalding.

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Yutat Heat Resistant Aramid Fabric Mitts

This third pair of mitts come from Yutat and offer some of the most extreme heat resistance you can get. These mitts can withstand temperatures of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit for up to sixteen seconds at a time. They offer your hands the ultimate heat protection.

These mitts are also quite comfortable with a triple layer of protection. The outer layer is durable and highly heat-resistant aramid fabric. The second is a layer of padding consisting of rubber and cotton. The final layer is a comfortable terry cloth liner that keeps your hand feeling comfortable while in use.

Their extreme heat resistance means you can use them for baking, grilling, and anything in between.

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In Closing

Oven mittens potholders hang in kitchen against the background of blurry kitchen appliances, Are Oven Mitts Heat Resistant?

There are a lot of needs that need to be met in the kitchen. And there are a lot of gloves and mitts that serve those needs. But above all, never forget to put your safety first, consistently. No style or desire for soft fabric should trump common sense and the need to be safe; your body is a priceless commodity, after all! We hope this guide helped you make informed choices and protect yourself in your future kitchen endeavors. Enjoy yourself and be safe.

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