Do Oven Mitts Come In Pairs?

When shopping for oven mitts, do you ever find it hard to find a set or pair of them? This can be frustrating, depending on why you are looking for oven mitts to begin with. Some people find that their needs are only met with one oven mitt. However, for safety, you might wish that you had a pair. We have scoured the internet to find an answer on this topic, so you don't have to!

Yes, oven mitts come in pairs. It may sometimes be hard to find them in stores, but there are various oven mitt pairs online, too. Keep the following in mind when shopping for an oven mitt set: 

  • It can depend on where you look
  • You might have to try a new store
  • Try looking for a different type of hand protection

We know that this may be a simple answer. However, just because something seems simple at first doesn't mean it is. If you are asking this question, then the chances are that you can find a pair. You may also have some other questions bubble to the surface about this topic. Before you run off and hope to enter the right store with the perfect pair of oven mitts, make sure you have all the information you need by continuing to read more below!

Different colors and designs of oven mitts hanged in the kitchen, Do Oven Mitts Come In Pairs?

Oven Mitts Do Come In Pairs

Some jobs just can't be done safely with only one oven mitt to protect you. Many times it is convenient to jussdst use one oven mitt, however. This may be why you can only find one at your local store. For simple cooking situations, one mitt can get the job done. You might just need to adjust your way of searching to find that perfect pair of hand protectors!

A floral colored oven mitts placed on top of an infrared cooker

It Can Depend On Where You Look

You might find that you have better luck with your search online. Many stores have a limited selection of oven mitts in person. A lot of them also only put the more decorative mitts on display. These are pretty to look at, but they may not give you what you're looking for from oven mitts. They also often only come with one mitt to be displayed nicely in your kitchen.

Quickly searching online, however, it is much easier to find many pairs of oven mitts in many different types and styles. Stores like Williams-Sonoma, Home Depot, and Kohl's have great online options that you may not have seen!

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You Might Have To Try A New Store

If you find the selection of oven mitts lacking at your local stores, then it may be time to branch out. Depending on where you shop, they have a different availability for pairs of oven mitts. You may also see that many come with one oven mitt and one potholder or some variation.

Next time, try venturing a little farther out of your nearby shopping zone. Even try kitchen supply stores that you think might just be for professional chefs and cooks. Some new stores to try would be Sur La Table and Ace Hardware.

Try Looking For A Different Type Of Hand Protection

Oven mitts aren't the only thing that can protect your hands from the heat of cooking and baking. There are also oven gloves, potholders, and mini oven mitts. If you have to have the protection of oven mitts, then try the options above. You might find that one of these other kitchen tools can suit your needs just as well! They might also be even easier to find in pairs!

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More To Think About

Even though you can find oven mitts in pairs, that doesn't always solve your problem. You may not know which type of oven mitt fits your need the best. There are so many options that it's easy to look over the perfect one for you! There are also several other tools to protect your hands that may even be better for you than oven mitts. We looked at some of the other things you might want to consider before setting out in search!

Do You Need Two Oven Mitts?

While searching for that perfect set of oven mitts, you may come to find that you don't even need two. There is a reason why so many stores sell single oven mitts more readily than pairs. Using just one could give you the ability to freely use your other hand. Maybe consider the type of cooking you will be doing. If you are grilling, then you could get away with just one mitt to hold those tongs while your other hand is safely away from the grill.

Another thing to consider is what kind of dishes you plan to handle while they're hot. Obviously, if you're baking with large dishes, then please use two mitts for safety. However, if you're cooking on your stovetop with a medium to small pan or pot, then one mitt could safely do the job. Using two oven mitts offers you more safety and protection. While using just one mitt gives you some more functionality and utility with your non-gloved hand.

A slightly built oven mitt hanged on the side of the oven

Do Oven Mitts Come In Sizes?

Oven mitts do come in different sizes. A better way to look at it might be that they come in different lengths. Standard oven mitts cover to around the wrist area. They do make longer ones for more protection. There are some that go up to your mid-forearm and even to your elbow. You can also go the opposite way and try mini oven mitts, just covering your fingers, thumb, and palm. It all depends on the level of coverage and protection that you need to stay safe.

What Is The Best Type Of Oven Mitt?

Only you can decide the best oven mitt for you. Based on your individual needs, you will most likely find that one type works best for you. One of the best all-around choices is a silicon oven mitt. They have one of the higher heat resistant ranges, are water and spill-resistant, and are easy to clean. They can also give a better grip than some of the other types, like cotton.

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Other options that may be great for you are cotton or neoprene mitts. Standard cotton oven mitts have the lowest heat resistance but are lightweight, washer safe, and easy for simple jobs. Neoprene mitts can often be a good middle ground between cotton and silicone. Neoprene offers a midrange level of the benefits of both of those kinds. All material types can also come in extra-long, which may give you the added protection you've been looking for while cooking!

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What Is The Difference Between An Oven Mitt And A Potholder?

There are a few key differences between these two, like protection, coverage, grip, and versatility. Oven mitts offer more coverage and protection than potholders. They cover more of your body and usually have a thicker lining. Given their design, they also allow you to grip things more easily.

Potholders are smaller and only allow you to grab things roughly. Very similarly to how you would have to grab things with a towel. However, potholders can also protect your counters and easily allow you to set pot and other hot things on top of them when used as a trivet.

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Final Considerations

Even though it may seem harder to find a set, oven mitts do come in pairs. Having the pair will allow you to do many jobs more safely than just having one mitt. However, you may find that you only need one oven mitt and be able to save yourself some hassle and have a free had. There are a lot of different kinds of oven mitts as well as other hand-protecting kitchen tools that may fit your needs best. While making a final decision, just remember to consider your overall needs and always put safety first!

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