How To Decorate A Dining Table When Not In Use [11 Ideas]

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your dining room table when it's not being used? Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this list to help give you some inspiration on ways to redecorate and freshen up your dining space.

  1. Centerpieces
  2. Flowers
  3. Candles And Candleholders
  4. Display Art
  5. Nautical Theme
  6. Photographs
  7. Tea or Coffee Sets
  8. Tablecloth or Place Settings
  9. Pottery, Vases, Decanters, and Bottles
  10. Seasonal or Holiday Decor
  11. Board Games

You're probably wondering how to accomplish some of these ideas and styles and what they would look like. Keep reading to learn about each decoration theme and how to make them work in your space.

Why Should You Decorate Your Dining Table When Not In Use?

Decorating your dining room table can add a charming and enchanting air to your dining space. It makes the area multiuse, serving as an additional space for decoration. It can help to complete the look of your home and create a more finished and magazine-ready appearance.

new home ornate dining table - How To Decorate A Dining Table When Not In Use [11 Ideas]

1. Centerpieces

Adding centerpieces to your dining room table is probably the most common way to decorate a table and make use good use of unused surface space. A good centerpiece is eyecatching and beautiful, drawing attention when you enter the room. A centerpiece can also work as a good conversation starter that can act as an ice breaker when entertaining.

Empty dining room

2. Plants And Flowers

Adding flowers to a dining room table is a wonderful way to add beauty and charm to your space. You can also choose fragrant flowers to add a natural perfume to the dining room. Fresh cut flowers, herbs, artificial flower arrangments, or live potted plants can all be used as captivating table decor.

XXXFLOWER Terrarium Stand

This terrarium stand with three vases is a gorgeous piece for dining tables. It's intriguing and unique, making it a piece that will receive attention from guests. It is perfect for air plants, which come in various colors and are super easy to care for.

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3. Candles And Candleholders

Candles and candleholders are always a great way to decorate a dining room table and provide an enchanting romantic atmosphere, especially when they're glowing. When using candles, battery-powered options are always the safest way to achieve the look. Decorative candles, intricate candelabras, and collections of pillars and candle holders are all fun ways to incorporate this look.

VINCIGANT Crystal Candleholder

This retro-inspired candleholder is an elegant way to add an air of romance to your dining area. It's available in silver and gold tones, making it easy to match your existing decor.

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4. Display Art

Using tabletop display stands to create a dining table gallery is a great way to show off your art collection. This type of decoration is sure to inspire conversation among friends and family. You can even take it to a more personal level and create your own art to display.

new home ornate dining table

5. Nautical Theme

Nautical themes are a fun and creative way to decorate your dining table, and they can also help set the tone for the rest of the space. You can use a ship in a bottle, a large artificial coral, a large conch shell as a centerpiece. A collection of seashells can be added for more interest, or they can be arranged to act as the focal point of the dining table.

6. Photographs

Using your dining room table to display photographs is a creative, fun, and personal way to use your dining room table. It is a great way to start conversations with visitors, inspiring walks through memory lane. Use decorative frames to encourage the atmosphere you want to create and add to your collection as you gain new memories.

7. Tea Or Coffee Sets

Tea and coffee sets are a great way to decorate your dining room table, and you can find sets that will match any style or hue. Vintage sets are an elegant choice, but decorative pot and cup sets are easy to find in almost any style or color. If they're functional, they can be used when you have company over, too, making them a multipurpose way to decorate.

SWEEJAR Porcelain Tea Set

This test set is functional and beautiful. It comes in various colors that can be used as a pop of color on your dining table. The neat little caddy that comes with the set is a handy feature that adds to its' usefulness as a display piece.

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8. Tablecloth And Placemats

Using a nice tablecloth and pairing it with placemats or even place settings is a great way to elegantly decorate your dining room table. Layer different shaped placemats for a fun way to add color or personality to the table. Fold napkins into creative shapes for more character.

9. Pottery, Vases, Decanters, And Bottles

Using collections of these items or even a mix of them can create a gorgeous centerpiece or table display. Mix different colors or different shades of the same color and mix up shapes, sizes, and textures for a varied and unique display.

Using a collection of decanters is another way to add a sophisticated look. You can even fill the decanters to create a bar from your dining table if you don't have to worry about children getting to it.

3 Cats Colored Glass Bottles

This set of 6 glass bottles is a fun, colorful way to dress up your dining area. They're perfect for holding a flower or two apiece, but they're beautiful by themselves too.

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10. Seasonal Or Holiday Decor

Seasonal and holiday decor are great options for dining room table decoration. They allow you to change things easily as the holidays pass and seasons change, taking some of the guesswork out of the job. A lovely Easter display or Christmas village always encourages holiday spirit, and seasonal decor like autumn leaves and winter pinecones are classic and timeless.

11. Board Games

This decoration idea is especially fun if your family and friends enjoy some friendly competition. Set up attractive chess sets or a unique Scrabble set that offers aesthetically pleasing packaging. Leave the board open and wait for someone to initiate a game, or play it a move a day to make it enjoyable.

WS Game Company Scrabble, Monopoly And Clue Set

This uniquely packaged set of board games is perfect for display and contains three of the most popular board games in existence. Use them as a way to bond with friends and family while also upping your home decor game.

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Easter dining aerial view, directly overhead.

What Can Be Used For A Table Centerpiece?

You can use just about anything for a centerpiece, but larger interesting items or arrangements are popular. Larger items or collections help fill in the empty center space on your dining room table. Flower arrangements, living potted plants, vases, petrified wood, and other fun and creative items can be used.

When it comes to finding the perfect centerpiece, use your imagination and don't be afraid to experiment with unique items.

morning yellow flower in the water bottle

How Big Should a Centerpiece Be For A Table?

The best size for a centerpiece will depend on the size of the table you have. Generally, you want your centerpiece to be at least 5-inches, but if you have a huge table, you may need to go larger to fill the space properly. If your centerpiece is too small for the table, it may look awkward.

How Do You Decorate A Small Dining Room Table?

To decorate a small dining room table, you will want to try to fill your table's empty space without making it seem cluttered. You should try one small to medium-sized centerpiece like a single vase with flowers, or stay simple with a table cloth and place settings.

Dining table set up

Should You Leave Placemats On The Table?

This is a personal choice that can vary from person to person. Placemats intended to provide protection or added decoration may be best kept n the table. If your placemats are getting in the way or aren't necessary for protection, then you can remove them if you dislike them.

Table Manners

Know that you know how to decorate a table and have gained some inspiration; you're ready to start planning your table refresh. Have fun with your project, and don't be afraid to be unique in your choices.

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