Why Do Spatulas Have Holes?

Few kitchen tools have as many uses as the simple spatula. But do you know that there are different kinds of spatulas that specialize in different cooking situations? Some spatulas even have holes in them! We have studied all about spatulas with holes so that you can know the best ways to use them!

Spatulas with holes and slots are made to help with drainage and reducing surface area tension. This means that they are great at picking up greasy and wet foods, delicate food, and ones that like to stick. There are several different kinds of spatulas with a hole or slot in them. There is also a wide range of items that having a spatula with holes can help you pick up more easily!

When it comes to any kitchen tool things, are never quite as simple as they seem. That's why there is more to know about this age-old utensil that you can benefit from. Make sure to keep reading below for an in-depth guide on everything having to do with spatulas with holes!

Baking pancake in a pan, Why Do Spatulas Have Holes?

Everything About Spatulas With Holes

One spatula might seem just as good as any other. In fact, if you already have one, why should you get another one just because it has holes in it? The answer is that there are reasons why spatulas with holes were designed. If you're using a solid spatula for every meal in your kitchen, you're probably making things harder than they have to be!

What Is A Spatula With Holes Called?

Spatulas with holes have a few different names. They can be known as perforated spatulas, slotted spatulas, perforated turners, and slotted turners. The correct terminology depends mainly on which type of spatula you are referencing.

What Is A Spatula With A Hole For?

Close-up of an egg being fried going to be picked out with the spatula

There are perforated and slotted versions of this tool that have their own benefits. Perforated ones are designed to drain foods as you pick them up. This is great for grilling, frying, or pan searing things. Any excess juices, grease, marinades, and sauces will drain away from the food when you pick them up so that you don't end up with a messy plate!

Slotted versions of this tool also do a great job of draining excess liquids away from foods. However, their main purpose is to reduce surface tension. This allows them to more easily handle delicate foods and ones that are known to stick to your spatula when you handle them.

Types Of Spatulas With Holes

The many different types and materials of spatulas all have uses that might make them helpful to you.

Perforated Spatulas

These spatulas are the ones with tiny holes all over the surface of them. They are made for picking up and moving greasy or wet foods. Perforated spatulas can be used on the stove, in the oven, or even outside at the grill.

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Slotted Spatulas

Slotted spatulas have a dual purpose. They make it easier to pick up more delicate food items and provide drainage just in case. They can also be used in all cooking environments.

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Perforated Turners

Turners are slightly differently shaped than spatulas because they are meant to flip and turn foods instead of just picking them up and moving them. These turners have tiny holes all over them for drainage. This makes them ideal for flipping meats on the grill, but they can be used in any setting.

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Slotted Turners

These turners are especially important because they are perfectly designed to turn delicate food items. Many things like crepes are fiddly and can tear apart easily when trying to flip them. That's why having something that's meant for turning and has a reduced surface area really makes all the difference!

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Different Materials For Spatulas

Metal spatulas with holes might often be given the spotlight, but they're not the only option. Just like with other types of spatulas, you can find them in silicone, wood, and rubber! Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

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What Foods Can You Use Perforated And Slotted Spatulas On?

Making homemade hamburgers on electric grill

These kitchen tools can come in handy for so many different foods but here are some categories where they really excel!


Grilling and stovetop cooking meat usually means tons of grease and juices. This is the very reason that perforated spatulas were made! They drain as you pick up the food so that all of the extra liquid goes back in the pan or on the cooking surface.


Many breakfast foods and dishes often have the dual qualities of being delicate and greasy. Eggs and bacon are great examples. Then, once you start talking about pancakes, french toast, and even hash browns, you can really see where the benefits of having a slotted spatula come in!


Baking may not be the first place that you think of using a spatula, but that doesn't they don't come in handy. Slotted spatulas can help pick up many delicate bakes like certain cookies and pastries. Using a lesser tool often results in these baked goods falling apart or getting damaged in some way.


At home, frying can get stressful at times, and worrying about all of that oil coming out of the pan with your food only adds the that. Slotted spoons do a great job at helping with this, but so can spatulas with holes or slots! Some fried foods are pretty flat, and it can be awkward picking up a flat food with a spoon. Spatulas are perfect for these situations!

Do You Have To Have A Spatula With Holes?

Hot barbecue grill tools

In short, no. You can cook in all of these situations with a solid spatula or turner. You just won't be able to enjoy the benefits that having these kitchen tools give you.

There will likely be more of a mess as you cook since more of the liquid will get scooped up with the food. You will also likely damage more of your delicate dishes since solid spatulas and turners are a little rougher and use more surface area tension.

Why Do You Need A Slotted Turner?

You can cook any food without a slotted turner, but you may find that having this tool can take a lot of stress away from these situations! When it comes to slotted turners, they are the best and turning delicate foods. The slots make it easier to pick up the food and gently release it onto a plate without damaging it at all.

Why Do Griddle Spatulas Have Holes?

Griddle spatulas usually have holes because of how much liquid is involved with cooking on a griddle. From the grease, oil, butter, and juices there is a ton of moisture that you don't want to actually consume. The perforated griddle spatula filters that out so that you can enjoy the food with much less mess!

Are Spatulas With Holes More Expensive?

The price of spatulas with holes is actually very comparable to solid spatulas. Price differences usually only occur because of the material that the spatulas are made of. Prices also vary depending on where you are purchasing your kitchen tools and the quality of them. You can even purchase sets that have both solid and non-solid spatulas and turners to get it all for one price!

Finishing Up

There are definitely great reasons why spatulas with holes were designed. They help to drain grease and liquids away from food as you pick it up. They also help make it easier to pick up foods and give less surface area for them to stick to while you're moving or flipping them.

There are several kinds of perforated and slotted versions of this tool and many different foods that they work well on. The last thing for you to do is pick up your own spatula with holes and try out all of the benefits in person!

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