How To Store Spatulas – 8 Creative Solutions!

Do you have room in your kitchen for all of your utensils to be stored nicely? So many people are constantly struggling with that exact problem! In this day and age, many different gadgets help make our lives easier when cooking that we have to find a spot for.  One of the most common utensils that often get lost in the clutter is spatulas. That's why we have checked out all of the different ways to store spatulas and picked the best so that you can solve this problem in your kitchen once and for all!

There is no one correct way to store spatulas; there are many different options. It just depends on the layout of your kitchen and the spaces that you have available for storage. Here are some different storage options to help you find one that may work best for you:

  1. Drawer divider or organizer
  2. Rack with hooks
  3. Wall or side of a cabinet with hooks
  4. Wall rack or pegboard
  5. Utensil holder in different places
  6. Storage container
  7. Utensil shelf
  8. Kitchen cart

The good news is that there are so many ways to utilize space to store spatulas that one of them will work in your kitchen! We know it's tempting to pick one of these options and head to the hardware store, but more information always makes decisions easier. Make sure to keep reading below for a detailed breakdown of each storage option to make sure that you get the perfect one for you!

Kitchen utensils and dishware on wooden shelf. Kitchen interior. How To Store Spatulas - 8 Creative Solutions

Where To Keep Spatulas

As you can see above, there are many different storage options that you may not have even considered. The general standard for spatulas is to toss them in a drawer. Then you have to dig through the other utensils to find the spatula next time you need it. Let's find the best for where you can keep your spatulas to get you out of that messy drawer nightmare.

1. Drawer Divider Or Organizer

These options are arguably the easiest storage solutions if you have drawer space. You can purchase different kinds of dividers that fit into your kitchen drawers. With these, you can easily separate your spatulas from everything else! The dividers are usually adjustable so that you don't have to worry about getting the exact size that you need. Another option is to use an organizer. These fit entirely inside of a drawer and give you different sized compartments for different utensils.

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How Do I Organize My Spatula Drawer?

This comes down to preference. If you have a drawer for just spatulas, then you have a couple of organizing options. You could do it by size or color. Another convenient option is to organize them based on what you use them for. For example, ones used for meat and then ones used for eggs or other things.

2. Rack With Hooks

Modern kitchenware hanging on the wall rack close up. The professional kitchen tools decorate in kitchen.

Another very convenient option is to hang your spatulas. All you need is some hooks and a rack or bar. If you already have a pot rack, then you can easily fit them on there. You can also get a bar to install on any empty wall space that you may have. An advantage to getting a new rack is that you will have enough space to hang more than just your spatulas there!

3. Wall Or Side Of Cabinets With Hooks

Purchasing stand-alone wall hooks is an amazing way to utilize unused and awkward spaces. You can use as many as you need, and you can always add more or take some away! This option is also versatile enough that you can use it in more places than just your walls. If you have the side or front of a cabinet going to waste, you could use these there too! If you don't like the single hooks, you can also find racks that have several hooks together on them.

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4. Wall Rack Or Peg Board

Pegboard Filled with Old Cooking Gadgets In front of a counter with baking supplies

If you have a lot of wall space and want to make a cohesive display of many different utensils, then this is the option for you! Entire racks and pegboards have been used for storage in places like garages for a long time. But you can easily find ones that look nice enough to put in your kitchen! You will need hooks for this option as well. The biggest advantage is that you can fit many things on there, not just your spatulas.

5. Utensil Holder In Different Places

Kitchen utensils in containers on table

The best thing about utensil holders is that they can fit into so many different places! If you have any unused and out-of-the-way space on your counters or even in a tall cupboard, you can put a spatula-filled utensil holder there. You can even get suspended utensil holders or buy accessories to suspend one you already have.

One last huge advantage of this option is that a utensil holder can be anything. You don't have to buy one. You can use a cup or a pitcher. If you can put utensils in it, then it can be a utensil holder!

6. Storage Container

This might be the least visually attractive of all of the options, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a good one. Storage containers come in so many different shapes and sizes that you can make them fit virtually anywhere.

This option is great if you want to put your spatulas out of sight. Getting ones that stack in your cabinets is a great way to keep them tidy and out of the way until you need them!

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7. Utensil Shelf

Utensil shelves are another visually attractive way to utilize space. They are usually a combination of shelf and rack so that you can easily customize a variety of things to put on them. If you don't want to put one on your wall, they also make over-the-sink versions. Many of them are meant to hold dishes while they dry, but that doesn't mean that you can't put whatever tools you want on there!

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8. Kitchen Cart

This option works best if you have a decent amount of other things you need a place for. There are many different styles of kitchen carts, but they all have a place for your spatulas. The only real downside is that you need a place to put the cart once you fill it up. If you have a small or already crowded kitchen, then this might not work for you.

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How Do You Store Utensils Without A Drawer?

As you can see, many different storage choices do not involve drawers. All of those options work for all of your utensils, not just spatulas. They also offer a wide variety of customization. That means you can put the best-looking tools there for display or just put whatever combination of utensils makes sense there.

Where Should You Store Frequently Used Kitchen Tools?

You should put your most frequently used kitchen tools wherever it is most convenient for you. That might mean utilizing storage that you already have, like a drawer a container in a cabinet. It might also mean purchasing a rack or shelf to place right above your favorite prepping or cooking space.

The main thing to think about is that if you use them every day, you will want them as close and easy to grab as possible. Where that space is for you depends on your preference and kitchen layout!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a lot of different ways to store your spatulas. Thanks to today's technology and ingenuity, you can find useful space basically anywhere. You can put your spatulas in an organized and divided drawer or even tucked away in a container in a cupboard.

There are also lots of options for utilizing wall space. Even placing them in an empty container on your counter is a quick and viable option. When it comes down to it, you have to think about your available space, and there is probably a way to turn that into spatula storage!

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