Can Le Creuset Ceramic Go On The Stove?

Although the Le Creuset brand is widely known for its price tag, Le Creuset’s quality is very likely to make your investment worthwhile. However, Le Creuset is also primarily famous for its durable cast-iron cookware. If you’re looking for stoneware, in particular, you might wonder whether Le Creuset ceramic can be used on the stove. We’ve carefully researched how Le Creuset’s ceramics will work with your kitchen to help you ensure they'll last.

Le Creuset ceramics should never be placed on the stove. Even though Le Creuset’s ceramic stoneware is highly durable, it still has its limits. The direct heat caused by a stovetop is unsafe for Le Creuset’s ceramics. That means that Le Creuset stoneware cannot be used with any other direct heat source either, such as a campfire.

True, there are a number of rules for Le Creuset’s cookware. But following Le Creuset’s safety rules will protect your investment and allow your cookware to last a lifetime. Keep reading to learn how Le Creuset’s vast selections work with gas, glass, and food.

Yellow enamel casserole with its lid on, sits on a lit gas burner creating steam as it heats, Can Le Creuset Ceramic Go On The Stove?

Can you use Le Creuset ceramic on stovetop?

Stoneware is just a general term for products involving ceramics, like products that were created by subjecting the material to high temperatures. This means that you can review the safety rules for Le Creuset ceramics by reading about their stoneware.

According to the care and use page on Le Creuset’s own website, you cannot use Le Creuset ceramics on a stovetop. It is explicitly stated that Le Creuset doesn’t sell a single piece of stoneware that can survive direct heat. That would include any stovetop. Ceramics, in general, require heat to be evenly distributed throughout the product to avoid cracking or even breaking.

Can you use Le Creuset stoneware on gas hob?

The phrase gas hob is likely to confuse most Americans. This is simply a case of language barriers. A hob is essentially regarded as a cooktop in the US. A gas hob refers simply to the gas-powered burner setup. This setup is typically integrated into a counter or the freestanding stove. As such, it is still advised that you do not use Le Creuset stoneware on a gas hob.

What can you do with Le Creuset stoneware?

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If you feel frustrated that Le Creuset stoneware can’t be used on a stovetop, you’re probably wondering why it’s considered so durable. Fortunately, Le Creuset's enameled stoneware has the quality to withstand just about anything else in the kitchen. And again, Le Creuset’s own website can fully inform you about the durability of any materials they use.


While ovens may be very intense, Le Creuset’s stoneware would only be subjected to indirect heat. This heat would also be evenly distributed on all sides of the ceramic. Le Creuset stoneware is actually known to survive up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven.

Microwave & Broiler

Le Creuset stoneware can also be used with a microwave or a broiler. For the latter, keep in mind that you must maintain a gap of at least two and a half inches between the cookware and the heating component. If you're worried about how microwave-safe cookware works, you can read this post that lets you know if a microwave-safe bowl is also oven-safe.

Fridge & Freezer

You can also store your Le Creuset ceramics in the fridge or freezer. Just remember that it’s always unsafe to transfer cold ceramics into heat, no matter how durable the product is.


Le Creuset stoneware is known to remain totally reliable even through daily use, without accumulating cracks or stains. Still, cleaning Le Creuset’s stoneware is also generally easy. After the first use, you’re free to throw Le Creuset ceramics into the dishwasher, so long as you allow the full cycle to run.

How do you cook with Le Creuset stoneware?

Firstly, it is important to commit all of Le Creuset’s safety rules to memory. Common sense rules include the use of oven mitts for hot cookware and hot handles. Once you learn how to properly follow Le Creuset’s safety rules for their stoneware, there is plenty of freedom in your kitchen.

Le Creuset offers a wide variety of ceramics that will serve any occasion. Therefore, your Le Creuset cookware collection will be as versatile as you are in the kitchen. On the one hand, there are very specific designs, such as the honey pot and dipper.

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On the other hand, simple tabletop options are also available, such as basic plates and mugs for everyday use.

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If you’re looking for broad inspiration instead, then you’re in luck. Le Creuset is full of tips and tricks that will help you out. Le Creuset's website also features hundreds of recipes that specifically have Le Creuset products in mind.

This resource is also a great way to engage with the rest of the community that has found and appreciates Le Creuset. The community tab will lead to valuable conversations about Le Creuset's style and use. If you feel a little lost on what cookware you would need to begin with, you can check out this post about 25 essential types of baking dishes.

Can you use le Creuset on glass top stoves?

Glass stovetops remain very popular for a number of reasons. They are appealing and fit any kitchen with a modern style. Glass stovetops are also much easier to clean than conventional stovetops. One wipe over the smooth surface, and you’re all done. Unfortunately, the glass will always be a delicate material, no matter where it’s used.

It is never a good idea to use stoneware on a glass stovetop. Although Le Creuset’s stoneware is enameled, the material is still coarse enough to cause serious damage over time. While you cook, you are likely causing accidental damage. Dragging and swapping stoneware will slowly inflict scratches that may be invisible to the naked eye at first. But over time, these scratches can cause serious cracks.

So, if stoneware is out of the question, you may be considering Le Creuset’s other materials. Sadly, you should also refrain from using Le Creuset’s cast-iron cookware on glass top stoves. Cast-iron cookware is so durable and heavy that the slightest bangs will deal the same damage that stoneware can. Chances are, you will accidentally drop your cookware now and then. It’s best to avoid the risk altogether.

Ultimately, it will be ideal to use Le Creuset’s stainless steel cookware for your glass top stove. Stainless steel materials are smooth and lightweight enough to handle on glass. But the stainless steel is still durable enough to use like any other material. Stainless steel will make sure you don’t have to change your habits, slow your pace, or worry every time you cook.

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Le Creuset is a high-quality brand that’s always in demand. Le Creuset’s cookware is famous for its colorful enamel and reliable quality. But you’re also going to feel that kind of durability in your wallet. So, now that you know how to properly take care of Le Creuset’s cookware, it’s time to enjoy your kitchen again! And you can feel certain that Le Creuset’s choices won’t just style up the place but also last for generations.

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