Do Le Creuset Handles Get Hot?

Le Creuset pots and pans are certainly luxury items. They cook food like a dream. Getting a scalding burn on your palms, however, sounds more like a nightmare. Do Le Creuset handles get hot? We’ve done the research, and we have the answers you need!

Do Le Creuset handles get hot? There is a definitive answer to this question, and it is yes. Le Creuset pots and pans handles are made out of enameled cast iron. Cast iron can hold and retain large amounts of heat. Best to handle those handles with care.

So how do you prevent burns when using a Le Creuset pot? We dug up some of Le Creuset’s answers and came up with a few of our own. They’re all here in this article. We also answer questions like why are Le Creuset pots so expensive. What makes them special, and how much heat can those handles really take? Read on for the details you need to have blissful experiences with these beautiful pots and pans.

Vegetable casserole in a red pot. Do Le Creuset Handles Get Hot

Why do the handles get hot?

Le Creuset pots and pans can get extremely hot. Because they are made out of enameled cast iron, they can withstand, absorb, and hold the highest temperatures in your kitchen. Let's just say that Le Creuset can take the heat.

These pots can potentially be hundreds of degrees hot. Their handles are cast onto the rest of the pot out of the same material the pot is made of. How hot does your oven get? That’s how hot these pots can get! Practice caution!

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Le Creuset’s safety guidelines

What does Le Creuset recommend for protecting your hands while using these pots? Their website says to use a dry towel or a potholder when you need to grab the handles. They also sell silicon handle covers for their pots and silicon handle sleeves for their pans.

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What our research suggests

Short oven mitts seem to be a favorite among reviewers when handling hot Le Creuset dutch ovens. Le Creuset also makes a cloth pan sleeve. The disadvantage to this sleeve is that it can get wet, and it is not as easy to clean.

Also, it’s important to make the point, if using a towel, make sure it is thick and dry. A wet towel will absorb heat quickly, and the hot handles will heat the towel and burn your hand.

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Do the knobs on Le Creuset lids get hot?

Be careful with the knob on top of the lids as well. The black phenolic knobs that the pots come with are designed to stay cooler than the pot itself. They do still, however, get hot. On Le Creuset's Classic range, these knobs cannot withstand heat over 390-degrees. On their Signature range, the phenolic knobs can reach 500-degrees before melting.

The metal handles on top of the lid, be it copper, or silver will be as hot as your pot. Use a potholder or other form of burn protection to lift these knobs as well.

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Why cooking with Le Creuset is amazing

So what makes cooking with Le Creuset worth the risk of burns? Enameled cast iron is generally known for being easy to care for. It doesn’t need to be seasoned like non-enameled cast iron, and it is easy to clean. It can withstand hot temperatures, and it holds heat. It works very well when you want to slow cook something.

Reviewers often rave about Le Creuset’s wide handles. This allows for more space to grip while removing the pot from the oven or stovetop. This pot is generally a bit lighter than other enameled cast iron pots. These characteristics make it a bit more user-friendly than other pots.

Why is Le Creuset so expensive compared to other brands?

Le Creuset is certainly the most esteemed enameled cast iron dutch oven. Why is this? Le Creuset was the first company to make an enameled cast iron dutch oven. They use the finest materials. Also, this company still does their casting by hand.

Molds are made with consistent sizes and shapes; however, every pot that is made uses a handcrafted mold. So each pot and pan is unique in the slightest little ways. After being cast, each pot goes through many stages of being smoothed and leveled to perfection. These pots are then enameled. These pots are a labor of love.

Le Creuset has also marketed these pots well over the last 100 years. They have used many celebrity endorsements. They also used catchy slogans like, “Every good cook should know a little French: Le Creuset.” Their marketing is certainly part of why they have achieved mass fame.

Staub is Le Creuset’s main competitor. They also offer fine, French, handcrafted, enameled cast iron cookware. They are seen by some reviews as the superior model when it comes to achieving the perfect dish. Le Creuset, however, still receives the most recognition and is the most expensive cast iron pot.

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Do Le Creuset pan handles get hot?

Le Creuset panhandles are made from the same material as the pot handles. They are also made of enameled cast iron. These handles will be as hot as the pan is. To prevent burns from pan handles, Le Creuset designed a silicon handle sleeve. Theoretically, you can put the silicone sleeve on before cooking and leave it on until the dish is done without it getting hot.

Can Le Creuset silicone handle sleeve go in the oven?

This is a good question. Technically the answer is yes. The Le Creuset silicone handle sleeve can withstand temperatures up to 482-degrees F. Be careful with cooking with it over its temperature limit. These sleeves can get hot. They can also break down over time if they are contentiously getting too hot. There have been cases of these pan sleeves disintegrating.

What is the maximum temperature for Le Creuset?

Le Creuset writes on their enameled cast iron product details that these pots and pans can withstand any oven temperature. Be careful because classic range phenolic knobs cannot go over 390-degrees F; they will melt. Signature phenolic knobs cannot go in ovens over 500-degrees F. Also, wooden handles should never go into the oven.

Cast iron dutch ovens can go in a wood-burning fire, but this is where Le Creuset has its limits. Enamel cast iron dutch oven cannot withstand open flames. Several reviews say they cook with their Le Creuset on top of their wood stove. The company Le Creuset does not suggest this, however.

In Closing

A Le Creuset pot is one of the finest pots money can buy. The handles, however, do get hot. To prevent burning your hand, look at buying one of their silicon sleeves for a pan or a set of silicon handle covers for your pot. Otherwise, a thick dry towel or pot holder will work fine. These handcrafted pots are highly regarded in the cooking world, and for a good reason. While you may need to practice caution to prevent burns while using Le Creuset, you’ll find the ease of cooking with these pots makes it 100 percent worth it.

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