Can Le Creuset Mugs Go In The Dishwasher?

Have you just purchased or received a gift of Le Creuset high-end mugs? Le Creuset cookware and dinnerware are expensive investments. You want to make sure you take care of this investment and properly care for and maintain the items. We've researched all about Le Creuset mugs and will share with you just how to care for these mugs.

All Le Creuset stoneware mugs are able to safely go in the dishwasher. The Everyday Enamelware mugs are not dishwasher safe; rather, they are a hand wash only item.

Keep reading; we will discuss the two different kinds of mugs Le Creuset offers, along with how to care for them, what exactly they are made from, and how they differ from one another. We are sure to answer all your questions about these popular mugs.

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Le Creuset Mugs

Le Creuset makes several kinds of mugs. The tea, espresso, bistro, and heritage mugs are all made of premium stoneware, which is then finished with a vibrant glaze in a rainbow of their signature colors to match all your Le Creuset cookware. The stoneware collection is all freezer, oven, microwave, broiler, and dishwasher safe. They are also safe for use with metal utensils, and they boast a generous 10-year warranty, per the Le Creuset website.

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Check out this Le Creuset tea mug on Amazon.

Check out this Le Creuset mug on Amazon.

In comparison, they also offer the Everyday Enamelware mugs crafted from carbon steel then finished with an enamel glaze, making them enamel on steel. They are not suitable for any type of heat source. Per the Le Creuset website, they are a hand wash only item. Metal utensils should be used with care when used with them as metals can scratch the enamel. And they don't boast the same warranty as the stoneware mugs do. However, they are much more affordable for the budget-conscious buyer.

Are Le Creuset mugs dishwasher safe?

A woman washing a yellow colored Le Creuset mug

All Le Creuset mugs are dishwasher safe, with the exception of the Everyday Enamelware mugs. Everyday Enamelware mugs should be hand washed only in warm, soapy water.

Don't Pre-soak

Even though the stoneware is dishwasher safe, if you decide to soak the mugs prior to popping in the dishwasher, we advise against this. Soaking the stoneware in water for extended periods of time, even just a half-hour or more, the material starts to break down, making it more susceptible to cracks, chips, and breakage.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

You will also want to avoid sudden, extreme changes in temperature with the stoneware mugs. For instance, don't take them out of the hot dishwasher to then put them in the freezer or take them out of the freezer and then pop them into the oven. This can break down the structural integrity and cause cracking and chipping.

Everyday Enamelware Care

The Everyday Enamelware mugs should only be washed with mild soapy water, rinsed, and dried thoroughly.  Never use the dishwasher, steel wool, or harsh abrasive cleaners on your Everyday Enamelware. They are not microwave-safe since they are constructed of steel; you risk ruining not only the mug but the microwave. They are also not suitable for use on heat sources. If you accidentally put your enamelware in the dishwasher, be prepared for the enamel to be damaged and the mug to be corroded.

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What is special about Le Creuset mugs?

The Le Creuset stoneware mugs are always popping up online as a favorisdte choice for coffee and tea lovers. They are made of high-quality stoneware that retains its temperature, is resistant to scratches, chips, and stains. And if you own any of their other cookware, they have a beautiful high-quality glaze that matches all the other cookware pieces.

If you like to use your mugs for deserts, they are microwave, oven, and broiler safe. Making them a perfect choice for those microwavable mug cakes! Plus, the glazed interiors easily release food for quick clean-up and are made to resist cracking and crazing.

Check out this Le Creuset heritage mug on Amazon.

The major benefit of the stoneware is the thermal qualities it boasts. If you are enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, you can take your time enjoying the beverage in a Le Creuset mug, not having to worry about the beverage going cold quickly on you.

Check out this Le Creuset bistro mug on Amazon.

On the other hand, the Everyday Enamelware mugs being enamel on steel, are resistant to staining and rust, portable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and lightweight. They're the perfect mug for an outdoor camping trip with the kiddos or for enjoying a beverage on your patio.

The enamel on steel construction means they are shatterproof, easy to clean, and long-lasting as long as you take proper care of them. They are stackable, freezer safe, and the steel construction will make sure your coffee stays warm, or your ice water stays cold. Le Creuset also offers coordinating dinnerware for the Everyday Enamelware line.

What are Le Creuset mugs made of?

The Le Creuset mugs are made of high-quality stoneware. Stonewear is a popular material used for mugs and dinnerware; it is strong, non-porous ceramic ware made from high-fired clay. If left unglazed, it has a natural, earthy look. The glaze provides not only a beautiful color but gives it extra durability and waterproofing. Stoneware is typically thicker than porcelain or china; it is also more durable than other types of pottery and earthenware.

The Everyday Enamelware mugs are crafted from premium carbon steel, making them durable and lightweight. They have a durable, non-reactive porcelain enamel coating on the steel, making them colorful, easy to clean, resistant to scratches, stains, and the enamel coating also serves as protection against corrosion.

Do Le Creuset mugs break easily?

Broken blue mug on a white background

Le Creuset is known for its durability and ease of use. The mugs are very durable and resistant to chipping, staining, cracking, and breakage. They are not, of course, shatterproof. They are still a ceramic mug, and if you drop your mug on a solid surface floor from a high distance, this will most likely result in breakage or at least some damage. But for everyday use, Le Creuset mugs are very durable and not easily prone to breakage. You can rest assured that they will not crack or break on you in the dishwasher.

If you are looking for an unbreakable mug, then the Everyday Enamel mug fits the bill. They are very durable, being made from steel, they are shatterproof and will not break. However, if they are dropped from a distance, even though they may not break, they can still suffer a dent or two, and you could risk chipping the enamel coating. Proper care and handling of these mugs will result in them lasting you a lifetime of use.

In Summary

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Whichever Le Creuset mugs you decide to go with, rest assured they are a quality investment. This high-end brand hasn't earned a stellar reputation for no reason. You can be confident that whichever mug you decide on, stoneware or enamel or steel, this investment will not only keep your coffee and tea warm, it will last you a lifetime.

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