What Are The Best Can Openers For Seniors? [6 Can Openers To Consider]

It's no secret that there can be some challenges that are presented as we age! It's important that your loved one feels comfortable and independent in the kitchen. Sometimes, this can be as simple as having the best can opener on hand for a senior. We have thoroughly investigated, and we have some great ideas for you!

The best can opener for seniors is simple to operate, easy on the hands and wrists, and takes into account any individual preferences such as aversions to loud noise. Following these principles, we recommend the following openers:

  1. Kitchen Mama One Touch
  2. OXO Good Grips
  3. Gorilla Grip Premium
  4. Pakitner Safe Cut
  5. Jokari Easy Open Ring
  6. Hamilton Beach Automatic

We know that's quite a list to choose from. We'll discuss each one so that you can find an opener that works for you! Keep reading as we break down the features and benefits of the best of both manual and electric openers.

old woman Coping With Arthritis opening a can using a can opener. What Are The Best Can Openers For Seniors [6 Can Openers To Consider]

Why Are Some Can Openers Better For Seniors?

Many seniors struggle with losing dexterity in their fingers and wrists. Some have issues with loud noises. Still, others may have become a little forgetful. If this is true for your senior family member or friend, there are can openers that are better than others.

Elderly Hands Struggle with Can Opener

Manual Can Opener Features

Traditional manual can openers can challenge some due to the smaller pieces and the turning motion needed. Seniors who struggle with hand strength will have trouble with the usual model. The turning motion might even be painful. Choose a manual can opener that will have added cushion to provide a comfortable grip. Now manual can openers are made with larger turn pieces to provide a better experience for those who have lost strength in their hands.

Low Tech Electric Can Openers

Really high-tech can openers can also cause issues for a senior. A can opener that is deemed too complicated will just sit collecting dust, as many seniors prefer simpler, more direct solutions to their kitchen tasks. A good electric can opener will most likely be on the lower-tech end with little to no bells and whistles.

When choosing a can opener, choose one that is easy to use, comfortable on the hands, and well thought out to address any individual challenges.

Best Can Openers for Seniors

1. Kitchen Mama One Touch

What better can opener for a senior that needs an easy-to-hold can opener than a can opener you don't need to hold at all!  This modern, sleekly designed opener cuts along the side instead of the top, leaving the edges safe to handle. The auto stop feature alone puts it at the front for safety and makes this can opener great for a click-it-and-go experience. This is a great device for seniors that would rather not worry about the hands-on experience but still need to open cans!

This opener does require four AA batteries to work, which can be a consideration if the senior in your life does not want to worry about replacing batteries. Putting in the batteries may require some force in the hands, but users say it's fairly easy to accomplish.

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2. OXO Good Grips

If loud noises are a factor, you may want to go with a manual can opener. You may be surprised to note that many seniors prefer the OXO good grip due to its oversize, soft grip and easy-to-turn lever. Customers mentioned liking how the grip feels. Many customers stated that they felt this item was inexpensive compared to the value it gives.

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3. Gorilla Grip Premium

Even though this product is not dishwasher safe, the Gorilla Grip Premium can opener can still be a valuable addition to any kitchen. With a quick rinse and go, this stainless steel powerhouse can tackle even the toughest of jobs! The grips are comfortable non-slip silicone. This is a good option for seniors that have retained some dexterity but desire more control over the device. It works well for those that are sensitive to the noise that accompanies electric can openers.

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4. Pakitner Safe Cut

This unique product will allow you to skip having to hold two handles together while turning. It's a great way to go for your loved ones who may have cognitive and dexterity challenges. It eliminates the need to coordinate movement. This opener cuts along the edge and claims no rough or sharp points. This could be the best can opener for safety.

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5. Jokari Easy Open Ring

You may not have seen this one before! This can opener can open any can that has a ring on top. Since many brands now come with this easy-open feature, this could be a great addition to your kitchen. It works by slipping under the tap and pulling it up. Great for giving relief to arthritic fingers. Since this can opener is made of industrial-grade rubber,  users report it is very comfortable to use.

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6. Hamilton Beach Automatic

If you're wondering how a smooth edge can opener works, this gadget is a great example. Smooth edge can openers work by cutting along the sides of a can and not on the top, providing a smooth edge. These are a safer option since the edges are free from sharp jagged pieces eliminating the danger of cuts and scrapes.

The Hamilton Beach Automatic is a great example! It checks all the boxes of what makes a can opener great for seniors. This sleek, stylishly designed machine is simple to operate, requiring only a light touch to start, stop, and lift lids. Users like being able to replace the lids on the containers again to store items.

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Are Electric Can Openers Worth It?

Electric can openers can definitely be worth their costs. There are numerous inexpensive can openers these days. They make up their value in saving time and can be a great help to your senior loved one. One caveat is that an inexpensive electric opener will have a much shorter lifespan than an inexpensive manual can opener.

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How Do Jar Openers Work?

Simply put, jar openers break the seal on vacuum-sealed lids, making them easier to open. While you shop for a can opener for the senior in your life, you may want to consider getting a jar opener as well! Jar openers can be manual or automatic.

How Do You Use a Manual Jar Opener?

Silicone grips that are round work by covering the top and providing extra friction to remove the lid. Though these are improvements over no jar opener at all, we recommend the easy-grip jar openers.

Easy-grip jar openers come in different sizes. It grips the top and moves in a lever-like action that removes the lid without having to over twist your wrists.

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How Do You Use An Electric Jar Opener?

A great option for a jar opener for a senior is an electric one. They are easy to use and hands-free. Place the grips on either side of the jar. The center grips will slide around the lid. Turn it on, and it will twist off that lid in seconds!

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Choose The Right Can Opener For A Senior

Now that you know the best can openers for seniors and have some great ideas for jar openers, you can choose the right can opener. The best opener is one that they will use! This may seem like a small task to take on, but it's important. It will allow your loved ones their independence and allow them to continue preparing their meals for years to come!

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