How To Use A Kitchen Mama Can Opener [Quickly & Easily]

Perhaps you purchased a Kitchen Mama can opener or are considering purchasing one, but you're not sure how to use it. Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this guide to help you operate your can opener.

Follow these directions to operate A Kitchen Mama can opener:

  1. Insert the batteries
  2. Place the can opener on the can
  3. Press the button
  4. Remove can top

You're probably wondering where the battery panel is. And how should the can opener be positioned on the can? Keep reading to learn all about the Kitchen Mama can opener and how to use it properly.

Electric can opener and canned goods, How To Use A Kitchen Mama Can Opener [Quickly & Easily]

Using A Kitchen Mama Can Opener

The Kitchen Mama can opener is super easy to use once you know how it operates. This can opener offers a hands-free feature that saves time and streamlines kitchen work. It provides a safe way to open cans, removing the threat of sharp edges on the can and lid, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

Electric can food opener white and green color in the top of the can good

1. Insert The Batteries

The first step in setting up your Kitchen Mama can opener is opening up the battery panel and installing your batteries.

The panel is located on the top of the device, just under the switch, and slides off with a little pressure. Kitchen Mama can openers take four AA alkaline batteries, and the battery slots will have a diagram to show you how to insert them properly.

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These batteries are available in a variety of different pack sizes ranging from a 4-count package to a 100-count package. They also boast a 10-year shelf life, which is great if you decide to stock up.

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2. Place The Can Opener On The Can

Set the can opener on top of the can and try to center it as much as you can. Insert the edge of the can between the blade and the metal gear on the can opener. You don't have to hold the can opener at this point; once it is properly situated on top of the can, you can release it.

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

This Kitchen Mama can opener is available in 10 different colors, so you can find one you love. Batteries aren't included, so make sure you have some on hand.

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3. Press The Button

Now that your can opener is in place, you're ready to activate it. Simply press the button on the top of the device to turn it on, then watch as it spins around the can, cutting the top. Once it has fully circled the top of the can, press the button again to turn the device off, and take it off the can.

4. Remove The Can Top

Now you can remove the lid of the can safely and quickly. The Kitchen Mama prevents sharp edges, so you won't have to worry about cutting yourself on the lid. And just like that, your can is open and you're ready to get back to cooking.

White pink color can tin opener on the top of the can ready to open

How Long Will The Batteries Last In A Kitchen Mama Can Opener?

The lifespan of the batteries in your can opener will depend on the amount, size, and strength of the cans you use it on. The quality of the batteries you use will also have an impact on how long they will last. To extend the life of the batteries, remove them if the can opener will go long periods without use.

Can I Use Rechargeable Batteries In My Kitchen Mama Can Opener?

No, don't use anything but alkaline batteries in the Kitchen Mama. Rechargeable batteries contain lithium, which isn't compatible with this device. Only use the approved battery type in your Kitchen Mama, otherwise, you could experience poor performance and malfunctions, or you could even damage the device.

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How Do I Reset My Kitchen Mama Can Opener?

If your Kitchen Mama can opener isn't working properly or won't release the can or lid, you can try a few things to make sure it's working properly.

First, check the batteries to make sure your using the proper type (alkaline) and to make sure they aren't dead or dying. Next, try repositioning the can opener. Sometimes it has a tough time grabbing onto smaller cans with shallow edges and grooves.

What Are The Best Electric Can Openers For The Elderly?

The Kitchen Mama is an unbelievably good tool for the elderly, anyone with wrist or hand issues, or children who take an interest in the kitchen.

The hands-free operation allows for easy operation that won't cause frustration and doesn't require hand and wrist strength and mobility. The edge-free cut provides a safe way for people of any age to open cans without fear of an accidental cut.

Electric can opener and canned goods on marble kitchen table

How To Clean The Kitchen Mama Can Opener

Never put your Kitchen Mama in the dishwasher or submerge it in water; this will damage your device and may make it completely unusable.

To clean your can opener, use a damp cloth or towel. You can dip the cloth in water with a mild dish detergent to get a thorough clean, but make sure to wipe it again with another damp cloth that was only dipped in water to rinse it well.

Do I Need To Sharpen The Blade On My Kitchen Mama Can Opener?

No, the blade on the can opener doesn't need to be re-sharpened. The blade will remain sharp and continue to work as long as the device gets used properly.

Don't use it for anything it isn't meant for like paint cans or other non-kitchen items; these cans are made from thicker metals that these can openers aren't designed to handle.

Can You Replace The Blade On A Kitchen Mama Can Opener?

No, the blades on Kitchen Mama can openers are not replaceable. To create a sturdy design, the blades are built into the product in a way that will prevent you from replacing them. Unfortunately, if you damage the blade on your Kitchen Mama, you'll have to replace the entire product.

What Can Shapes And Sizes Will The Kitchen Mama Can Opener Work On?

The Kitchen Mama can opener will work on almost any size and shape can. It can open standard-sized cans all the way p to one-gallon cans and potentially larger. The Kitchen Mama will also tackle just about any can share you throw at it. The only cans it can't open are soda and beer cans.

Does The Kitchen Mama Can Opener Have A Magnet?

Yes, the Kitchen Mama does have a small magnet intended to pull the lid off for you to make things easier. The magnet doesn't always grab the lid though, so you may still need to remove it manually. Some cans have a tight vacuum-like seal that's too strong for the Kitchen Mama's magnet.

Does The Kitchen Mama Can Opener Automatically Stop?

No, the Kitchen Mama can opener does not automatically stop once the can is open. You will need to push to button to stop it, otherwise, it will keep cutting in the same spot. This can be dangerous and may affect your food, and it will also drain your can opener's batteries much more quickly.

How Long Does It Take The Kitchen Mama Can Opener To Open A Can?

The time it will take to open the can depends on the size of the can and the material it's made from. The strength of the batteries in the device will also impact the length of time it takes to open the can.

A Kitchen Mama can opener with fresh batteries used on a standard-sized can will usually have it open in less than a minute.

Does The Kitchen Mama Leave Metal Shards In Your Food?

When used properly, the Kitchen Mama is perfectly safe and will not deposit any metal shavings into your food.

If you forget to shut off your Kitchen Mama after the first rotation and it continues cutting the can, it can cause metal shavings to fall into your can and contaminate your food. Keep a close eye on your Kitchen Mama so you can shut it off after the first rotation.

In Closing

Electric can opener and canned goods

Now that you know all about the Kitchen Mama can opener and how it functions, you're ready to decide if it's the right can opener for your home. Don't forget that this can opener is the perfect gift for any occasion too. Have fun shopping, and enjoy your new can opener!

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