8 Types of Potato Peelers

Putting a potato peeler into your utensils drawer adds tremendous convenience to your kitchen. Not only can you prepare potatoes to cook, but you can also use these peelers on a variety of vegetables and fruits --or even cheese! But which type of peeler is the right tool for your kitchen? You'll want to consider the comfort grip, blade styles, and processing quantity capabilities for the right peeler. We've researched types of potato peelers to give you a head start.

Potato peelers generally consist of a straight blade mounted on a comfortable grip handle. However, you might prefer a serrated or Julienne blade for your recipe, and those are options too! If you have just a few potatoes to peel, a manual utensil works well, but mechanical or electric versions are ideal for mass quantities.

The cost of peeler variations ranges from $5 to $10 for manual, hand-held peelers to between $15 and $30 for mechanical or electric models. So, relatively affordable options are available for you to get the right tool for any preparation task. Keep reading as we provide an in-depth look at eight types of potato peelers --you'll be surprised at their diversity and versatility!

Two potatoes with a peeler on a blue background, 8 Types of Potato Peelers


1. Swivel Peeler

Probably the most common peeler, a swivel is a double-edged blade affixed on a comfort grip handle. The blade swivels ever so slightly to give you an advantage against the unshapely potato. At the top of the swivel peeler, you'll typically find a cupped, sharp tip ideal for plucking potato eyes or digging out small, bruised areas. Swivel peelers are a good tool for either right-handed or left-handed cooks as the blade works smoothly in either direction. Most swivel peelers are dishwasher safe, made from stainless steel and durable plastics.

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Hold the handle securely in your dominant hand and the potato in the other hand. Apply steady pressure as you pull the peeler down, toward you (or up, away from you) against the potato --blade side against the veggie of course. The peel will glide off the potato, between the double-edged blade, and fall to the counter or cutting board. With a swivel peeler, you can easily prep potatoes for boiling. Make the Best Mashed Potatoes with all the fixin's like sour cream, chives, and freshly ground black pepper.

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2. Julienne Peeler

A Julienne cut involves slicing into uniform, stick-like strips, an ideal method to prepare vegetables for garnishes, soups, and salads. The blade has toothlike, points along the sharp edge, and may or may not swivel on the peeler. Using a Julienne peeler, you can prepare potatoes to fry hashbrowns, bake casseroles, or toss them into a Potato Coleslaw.

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Hold the Julienne peeler firmly in your dominant hand, the potato in the other hand. Make sure the potato is thoroughly washed because the exterior peel will be included --or discard the first round of peels. Pull the peeler up toward you while applying gentle pressure to strip the potato.

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3. Y Peeler

A Y peeler has the likeness of a Lancashire peeler but is a bit broader. The distinctive y-shaped frame holds the double-edged blade in place, and the blade can swivel. Most Y peelers include a pointed edge used for removing potato eyes. This style handle is easily transferrable between right-handers and left-handers.

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Hold the potato alongside the peeler, and pull the blade downward. You'll get a straight, even peel every time, and the peels will fall between the blade to your cutting surface. Sturdy y-shaped peelers are great for a variety of vegetables and won't strip away the precious surface beneath the peel. When it comes to potatoes, keep a Y peeler handy for preparing your Crispy Garlic Roasted Potatoes.

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4. Spiralizer

This handy gadget can be either manually operated or powered electrically. A spiralizer peels the potato as it is pushed along a stationary, straight blade (or turned using a hand-crank model). Peels are gathered into a catchment container or just beneath the spout into your bowl. Disassemble and handwash or put in the dishwasher (refer to manufacturer's instructions) after you've peeled potatoes.

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A spiralizer can be incredibly versatile to peel and Julienne vegetables, shred cheese, and even shape pasta. Many models have interchangeable blades giving you the option to choose your technique. It is somewhat safer than a mandoline because it offers hands-free or turn-crank use to keep fingertips well out of the way. Spiralizers are an excellent tool for preparing Classic Ratatouille.

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5. Serrated Peeler

A serrated peeler can be affixed to many handles, such as those we've discussed like y-shaped or comfort grips. It may or may not swivel. The difference here is the scalloped-shaped, serrated blade, which proves ideal for piercing through hard-surfaced, soft, or waxy vegetable skins without damaging the meat beneath. Serrated knife blades, in comparison, are typically used by sawing motion to slice foods gently.

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Use a serrated peeler by holding in your dominant hand, hold the potato with the opposite hand. Gently apply pressure against the potato as you pull down away from you or up toward you. The peel slides between the blade and drops to a gathering place beneath. Serrated peelers will leave a pattern of rises and troughs along the potato's exterior, making a nice presentation for Baked Potato Chips or garnishes.

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6. Lancashire Peeler

This peeler has a double-edged, straight blade affixed to a comfort-grip handle, except the blade does not actually move. Right-handers typically prefer this style peeler --it has a bit more bulk compared to the swivel for a one-sweep peeling motion but can be difficult for left-handers to maneuver. Lancashire peelers provide an even peel every time and must be used one-directionally because the blade does not swivel.

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This style peeler comes with various blade options, some we've discussed previously. The most common blade is the straight edge on a Lancashire --serrated, and Julienne blades are also options for this mount and sometimes found conveniently on a multi-utensil. Once you've prepped potatoes for that delicious Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole, toss the Lancashire peeler into the dishwasher for an effortless clean; most are dishwasher safe.

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Lancashire peelers work great for cheese too! Check out how else you can grate a cheesy topper over your potato dishes, "12 Types of Graters [and How to Use Them]."

7. Speed Peeler (Mechanical)

Typically operated manually, speed peelers are affixed atop a sturdy (weighted or suctioned) base with an adjustable, straight blade. Blade orientation is horizontal. The fruit or vegetable is mounted (cored simultaneously) to a spinning rod and the blade adjusted to just touch the exterior. Operate the rod by turning the handle, and the stabilized blade whisks away the outer peel, leaving a spiraled pile beneath.

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Get ready to bake Potato Peel Crisps when you use a speed peeler; you'll have a pile of peels in no time! No need to waste those delicious peels. Although cumbersome to hand wash and store, a speed peeler is a great addition for those who frequently bake, cook, or preserve fruits and vegetables.

8. Electric Peeler

If you do a lot of peeling preparation, consider an electric peeler. These powered speed peelers are set atop a sturdy base with a vertically mounted rod and adjustable, straight blade. Mount the potato to the rod and adjust the blade so that it just touches the exterior. With the press of a button, you'll have a hands-free, even peel in moments.

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Electric peelers are ideal for rapidly preparing several potatoes for recipes like Scalloped Potatoes. They are bulky, a downside for kitchens with minimal storage space. Electric peelers can be very versatile for vegetables and fruits for those who love to bake and cook in large quantities. You'll need to hand wash this gadget, as they are not conveniently disassembled.

Final Thoughts

Potato peelers are an incredible kitchen tool often used to peel, slice, and zest other vegetables and fruits. Choose from a variety of comfort grip and blade styles for your desired results. Peelers are typically easily washed in the dishwasher and small enough to toss into a utensil drawer. For heavy-duty, larger quantity peeling tasks, consider adding a spiralizer, speed peeler, or electric peeler to your kitchen.

Looking for even more utensils, check out "Kitchen Utensils: The Ultimate List [Do You Know All 56?]."

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