Are Appliance Packages A Good Deal?

Buying appliances can be stressful and very expensive. If you're in the market for new appliances to upgrade or replace ones in your kitchen, you've probably considered buying an appliance package. We've researched whether that's a good idea, so you can rest easy making your next big purchase.

Generally speaking, buying appliance packages is a good idea. Bundles save money, have bigger rebates, and keep consistency in style. Bundles of three or more products will typically save you at least 20% off retail prices. A package isn't beneficial when you're shopping for a single appliance or if you dislike the features that come on the pieces.

Whether buying an appliance bundle is the best option for you is really on a case-by-case basis. You'll need to consider your own situation and plan first, even though it is generally a good idea to buy a bundle. We encourage you to continue reading as we will go more in-depth on the benefits of buying a bundle, including when it isn't a good idea, and answer some other questions you might have about buying appliance bundles.

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Benefits of Buying Appliance Packages

For most people, buying an appliance bundle is a better option than singular appliances. You can update your entire kitchen or space at once and save money. Remember, when you're in the actual store, you can mix and match appliances a bit and still get the bundle price.

Saving Money

Bundles can save buyers quite a lot of money. A normal bundle with at least three pieces will typically be 20% off the price of the items individually. On top of that, manufacturers offer better rebates on bundles. A single item may offer $50, while two could be $100, and a three-piece bundle might have a rebate of $500. If you plan on using those rebates to help your savings, bundles are the way to go.


It's no secret that kitchens and appliances add value to your home. Having a matching set of appliances sells your kitchen much better than not having them. Manufacturers will have different knobs and finishes on pieces, and a bundle ensures that your appliances match each other.

Consequences of Buying Appliance Packages

Usually, it's better to buy an appliance bundle than a single piece. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Appliance bundles may not be for you if you're replacing a broken appliance, shopping for a small appliance, or dislike features on bundle pieces.

Buying Under Duress

If your refrigerator has gone kaput, you'll need to replace it. While this is a great time to go ahead and update your kitchen, not everyone has this in their budget. Bundles work better when you aren't buying due to stress and have time to save. The same is true regardless of what appliance has broken, and it may make more sense to buy a single appliance.

Small Appliance Purchases

If you're buying a microwave, it probably doesn't make much sense to bundle it with a stove and refrigerator too. Buying bundles isn't ideal when you're only looking at a small purchase since it inflates your cost regardless of overall savings. You probably won't be considering an appliance bundle a good idea if all you need is a new small appliance.

Not Finding Ideal Features

Sometimes bundles will include appliances you don't like. Whether you don't like the product's features or quality, this is a turn-off for many buyers. Many stores will allow you to mix and match some of the bundled appliances to get you what you want, but if they won't allow this, then that bundle isn't for you.

What time of year do appliances go on sale?

One of the best times to buy big appliances is the fall. Manufacturers release new models around this time, and dealers will be selling the previous year's model at discounted rates to clear space. Those models are still completely new, and under warranty, so it's a good time to get a new model at a discount. Refrigerators and freezers are an exception to this rule, as those manufacturers normally release new models in the spring, making that a better time to buy.

Holiday weekends with a Friday or Monday holiday are also great times to buy. Dealers will have sales up to 30% off because families have time to buy during these weekends. President's Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran's day are included in holidays, to name a few, but sales go on throughout the year.

Similar to car lots, dealers will normally have monthly quotas to meet for sales figures. Shopping at the end of the month can save you money and is the best time to haggle over prices since the salespeople will have more leeway with looming quotas.

How do you get the best deal on appliances?

Different sets of kitchen appliances inside a modern living room

There are a lot of approaches to get the best deal on appliances. While bundles generally come with a marked down price and better rebates, there are more ways to save money on top of this. If you're looking to save the most money you can, it's best to look at all options and take multiple approaches at once.

Purchasing Returns

Buying returned and slightly damaged items can save a ton of money. Lowe's, for example, sells their returned appliances for up to 55% off. You can look for easily repairable items or high-end items that were returned to get a great deal. It's pretty easy to avoid the most damaged items, and sometimes items are returned simply because they didn't fit in a person's house, and even those still get huge markdowns.

Trade-in Old Appliances

Trade-in your old appliances to save money too. The US Government has deals when you buy Energy Star appliances where you're given rebates for trading in. At Energy Star partners like Lowe's and Sears, the dealer applies the rebate for you and removes it off your total at the register.

Price Matching

Price matching is common at dealers like Sears. In fact, they'll even match Amazon prices on appliances from manufacturers like Kenmore. Once you've found the appliance or appliances you want, shop online to get its price at other retailers. Then either go buy it there or ask the store you're in if they'll match the price.


Finally, try to negotiate on the price. People who negotiate on appliances can typically save a couple of hundred bucks just by asking. Salespeople have a little leeway to get a sale done. You can take extra advantage of this during holidays when new models come out and at the end of months when sales quotas need to be met.

What is the average markup on appliances?

Appliance prices can vary from under cost up to 35% markup. Typically, the suggested retail price, a made-up figure, is around 35% markup and then marked down by 20% or 30% to fool buyers into thinking they've gotten a good deal. You'll only see that price when a dealer is advertising a sale, and most appliances will be marked up between 10 and 20 percent.

Rarely you'll find some appliances that are being sold below cost. This is because manufacturers pay dealers to advertise their products, and they're okay with selling below cost because it gets people inside the store. Once there, salespeople will try to upsell customers on higher-priced models with better features or better brands, where they make more money on the sale.

Can you negotiate for appliances?

Typically, you will be able to negotiate a little on the price of appliances. Not trying to do so will cost you money. Many retailers allow some leeway for their salespeople to finalize sales, and you can save a couple of hundred bucks just by negotiating.

Both Lowe's and Home Depot are open to negotiating prices on appliances. Before you go in, try to research the models you're interested in purchasing and print out all the prices you find. Finding a lower price somewhere else gives you ammo to negotiate. They won't match every online retailer, but having proof of prices makes price-matching go much smoother.

Since all of their appliances go through large warehouses, they commonly get beaten up. You can get great deals on floor models because of this. Look for any small scratches or dents and point them out. You can get them to knock off some of the cost because the model is technically damaged.

Final Thoughts

Appliance packages are a good deal. They save more on the overall price than sales and offer the best rebates. While they may not be the best option for you, you will need to decide this for yourself. After reading this article, you should be better prepared the next time you go out appliance shopping.

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