What Coffee Pods Are Compatible With Hamilton Beach?

Starting the day without coffee can be hard for some people. Fortunately, new pod coffee makers like Hamilton Beach have made getting a cup of Joe easier. If you already have one, you've probably wondered what coffee pods are compatible with these machines. In this post, we'll list the best of the best coffee pods you can get to start off your mornings.

Hamilton Beach pod coffee makers are only compatible with K-cup pods. Originally made for Keurig coffee makers, these pods also work with Hamilton Beach's FlexBrew series. K-cups come in a number of varieties from various coffee brands, including favorites from popular franchises.

There is much more to unpack with these coffee pods for your Hamilton Beach coffee maker. Keep reading because, in this post, we will show you the best coffee pods you can use for your coffee maker. We'll also list popular models of these coffee makers that are compatible with these pods to help you choose the best one for your daily needs.

A collaged photo of a Hamilton Beach coffee maker and K-Cups, What Coffee Pods Are Compatible With Hamilton Beach?

What Coffee Pods Are Compatible With Hamilton Beach?

Early mornings are never complete without a steaming mug of hot coffee. For some, a morning without coffee can be the precursor to a long and tiring day. If you live alone or there are very few people at home who drink coffee, brewing a big batch can be a waste of time and precious coffee grounds.

Over recent years, pod coffee makers have risen in popularity because of the convenience they offer. Coffee pods have made it easier to brew just a single cup without wasting so much precious coffee.

Some machines even have the capability of brewing the coffee right into your travel mug so you can simply grab your coffee and get going.

Coffee pouring to a white coffee mug

For the single-serve option, the FlexBrew machines can use their own single-serve grounds basket or coffee pods. The FlexBrew can use K-cup pods and other pod brands that are K-cup compatible. Other models can also accept Nespresso coffee pods along with their other brewing options.

What Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers Can Use Coffee Pods?

Inserting a coffee pod to the coffee maker

Hamilton Beach offers a good number of coffee makers, ranging from single-serve to a 14-cup coffee maker that an office pantry would love. One of their most popular lines of coffee makers available is the FlexBrew series. These coffee makers provide users with multiple brewing options that suit their needs.

FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker With Removable Reservoir

This single-serve coffee maker offers excellent convenience by brewing just a single cup of coffee just for you using your favorite K-cup or ground coffee. One of its great features is its removable 50-ounce water reservoir that you can easily clean and refill without making a mess on your counter.

This coffee machine is also fast, as it can brew an 8-ounce cup of coffee in about 90 seconds. This means that you can get your cup of coffee faster for a better start to your morning.

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FlexBrew Single-Serve Plus Coffee Maker

For those who prefer a more compact and simple coffee maker, then this model is perfect for you. This single-serve coffee maker is small and compact, perfect for kitchens with small counter spaces or for those who are living alone.

This coffee maker also works with both K-cups and ground coffee, and you can customize your brew the way you want.

Despite the small size, this coffee maker can make a regular 8-ounce cup of coffee to a 14-ounce coffee for a travel mug. With the use of K-cups, you will surely get the perfect brew with whatever size cup you want.

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FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a coffee maker that's a bit more practical for the family, then the Trio coffee maker might be just what you need. This coffee maker has the option to brew coffee with a single-serve coffee pod, your favorite ground coffee for a single cup, or brew a 12-cup carafe just like you used to.

This coffee maker has multiple functions that can work with you and your family. You can choose from 5 different cup sizes: from a strong 6-ounce cup to a full-day-ahead 14-ounce travel mug of coffee.

The machine is also programmable to brew your coffee at a specific time so that everyone will wake up to a carafe of fresh morning coffee.

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FlexBrew Dual Coffee Maker with Milk Frother

For fans of milky coffees, this coffee maker is the perfect machine for you. This single-serve coffee maker comes with a milk frother that froths your milk while your coffee brews. You can now make your lattes and cappuccinos in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Just like the other FlexBrew single-serve coffee makers, you can use these with both K-cups and your favorite ground coffee.

With K-cups, you can now replicate your favorite cafe drinks without having to wait in line for the barista to make them. You can also make coffee shots with this coffee maker; just use the shot setting to give you that extra kick in the morning.

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FlexBrew Universal Coffee Maker

If you're looking for something that can provide you with more brewing options, then this is the perfect machine for you.

This universal coffee maker can make coffee with Nespresso capsules, K-cups, or your favorite ground coffee. It also has the option to make your smooth espresso shots with its 19-bar pressure espresso pump.

This machine comes with a big 56-ounce water reservoir that can brew multiple cups of coffee without needing a refill. It can also make coffee in multiple sizes, from 8 to 14 ounces of perfectly brewed coffee.

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Can You Use Reusable K-cup Pods With Hamilton Beach?

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Technically speaking, yes, you can use reusable K-cup pods with your Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

However, the FlexBrew series already includes a single-serve grounds basket which ultimately works the same way as these reusable K-cup pods. You can brew your choice of ground coffee by adding them directly to the grounds basket instead.

Best Coffee Pods For Hamilton Beach

Coffee K-Cup products at a store

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew series are compatible to use with K-cups and other pod brands that will fit in the machine. We will be listing some of the favorite K-cups that most coffee lovers prefer as well as some other options you might enjoy.

Variety Pack

If you are new to using K-cups and don't have any particular favorites yet, then this selection will be perfect for you.

This variety pack consists of multiple coffee brands in different varieties so you can pick your favorites. This selection includes classic fan favorites like Krispy Kreme and Cinnabon to popular coffees like Green Mountain and Laughing Man.

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Flavored Variety Pack

For fans of Starbucks flavored coffees, don't fret! This selection of cafe-inspired Starbucks drinks will surely deliver your flavor cravings in the form of your morning cup.

If you're missing your favorite Starbucks drink but you don't have the time to line up or go to the drive-thru, you can now just brew your own cup at home before heading for the office.

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Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

For the non-coffee drinkers, there's nothing to worry about. You can also make your favorite hot chocolate on your coffee machines with these K-cups.

If you like your hot chocolate in different flavors, then this variety pack is the perfect way to try them all. Your kids can also enjoy a cup with mom and dad—but with hot chocolate in their mugs.

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Tea Variety Pack

Of course, we can't leave the tea lovers out, which is why we looked for these K-cup tea pods.

This variety pack is perfect for tea lovers who love trying out different kinds every once in a while. It comes with some honey sticks so that you can brew that perfect cup of tea in the mornings or if you need to wind down for the night.

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Final Thoughts

A collaged photo of a Hamilton Beach coffee maker and K-Cups

Great mornings start with great coffee, and with the growing number of pod coffee makers, you'll surely get your perfect cup daily.

If you're looking to get one for yourself, make sure to pick a machine that will satisfy all your coffee needs. Check out the various coffee pods available in the market, or stick with your favorite ground coffee.

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