How To Brew White Coffee (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Although white coffee has recently gained popularity, some people have no idea what it is. Unlike traditional black coffee, white coffee has a nutty, sweet taste, making it perfect for those who have a sweeter palate.

If you want to try white coffee but are unsure how to brew it, don't worry: we have answers!

To brew white coffee, you first need to buy pre-ground white coffee beans. After purchasing the white beans, brew them in an espresso style to extract the most flavor.

Lastly, add a spice mix for an authentic cup of coffee or almond milk for a healthier drink.

Though you know more about the brewing process, you may still have some questions about white coffee. For example, where did white coffee originate from? How does its caffeine content compare to that of black coffee? We answer these questions and more in this post!

Coffee brewing tools in modern style for homemade on white table, How To Brew White Coffee (It's Easier Than You Think!)

Where Did White Coffee Originate From?

Though white coffee's spike in popularity is fairly recent, it's been around for about 100 years. White coffee originated in Yemen, a country in Western Asia.

The drink was initially flavored with a spice mix called hawaij. Today, this spice mix takes the coffee back to its Yemeni roots and gives it an authentic taste.

Is White Coffee Actually White?

Types of Coffee and design on a coffee

The name might lead people to assume that white coffee is white. However, this is not the case. The term "white coffee" refers to the color of the coffee beans, which is white.

When white coffee is brewed, it is a light beige color.

How Do White Coffee And Black Coffee Differ?

White coffee and black coffee differ in many ways. The most significant differences between white and black coffee include the roasting processes, taste profiles, and caffeine content.

Roasting Process

White coffee is only partially roasted and roasted at about 325 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, black coffee is fully roasted at 450 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

The roasting process makes white coffee lighter in color than black coffee. Partially roasting coffee beans results in whitish beans instead of brown beans, making the coffee beige instead of dark brown.

Taste Profile

As previously mentioned, white coffee has a sweeter taste than black coffee. People also describe white coffee as having a nutty or fruity flavor.

Its nutty taste pairs so nicely with other nutty flavors, including almond milk.

White coffee's sweet, nutty, and fruity profile is due to the coffee's increased acidity levels. Black coffee has a lower acidity level than white coffee, giving it a strong, bitter taste.

Caffeine Content

White coffee has more caffeine than black coffee. This is because less caffeine is roasted out of white coffee due to only roasting the beans halfway.

There are varying accounts of how much caffeine white coffee has than black coffee.

Some people say that white coffee has about 50% more caffeine than black coffee; other sources say white coffee has only 5% more caffeine than black coffee.

However, one thing is sure: if you're looking for more caffeine, white coffee is the one to try.

Is White Coffee And Blonde Coffee The Same Thing?

White coffee

White coffee, blonde coffee, and a flat white may sound similar, but they are not the same. Both white and blonde coffee is less bitter than black coffee and is roasted at lower temperatures.

However, white coffee beans are only partially roasted, while blonde coffee beans are fully roasted.

What's Different Between White Coffee And Malaysian White Coffee?

There are many different types of "white coffee." One of the most popular types is Malaysian white coffee, also known as Ipoh white coffee.

To make Malaysian white coffee, you roast coffee beans in margarine and, once the coffee is brewed, serve the beverage with sweetened condensed milk, giving it a lighter color.

So, Malaysian white coffee is only called "white coffee" because it is light in color. It does not come from halfway roasted beans, unlike regular white coffee.

However, Malaysian white coffee is similar to regular white coffee in that it has a sweet taste, making it a nice choice for those with a sweet tooth.

Is White Coffee Healthier Than Black Coffee?

Pouring Coffee in a cup

Many people don't think of coffee as a super healthy beverage. However, coffee alone, without any additives, is pretty healthy.

Coffee is so healthy because it contains several antioxidants. Because coffee is so popular (the average person drinks about 3 cups a day), it is one of the greatest contributors of antioxidants to the human diet.

The antioxidants that coffee can prevent free radicals, molecules that alter DNA, from harming the human body.

Though both white and black coffee contains antioxidants, white coffee is thought to be healthier. White coffee is more nutritious because the beans are only partially roasted, and the coffee is brewed at a lower temperature.

This means that fewer antioxidants are lost during the brewing process.

A specific antioxidant that white coffee contains is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid offers many health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and inflammation and preventing cardiovascular disease.

Because white coffee contains a higher level of chlorogenic acid, it is better at providing these benefits than black coffee.

However, if you prefer black coffee more than white coffee, don't worry. The antioxidants in white coffee aren't high enough to make white coffee significantly more healthy than black coffee.

So, enjoying a black cup of coffee is still perfectly fine for your health.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Drinking White Coffee?

There are no major disadvantages to drinking white coffee. As already discussed, the beverage is quite good for your health.

The only concern with white coffee is that it can disrupt your sleep cycle. The caffeine you consume messes up your sleep cycle for about 6 hours when you drink any coffee.

White coffee, in particular, has the potential to disrupt your sleeping patterns because it contains more caffeine than black coffee does.

Therefore, it's advised that you don't drink any coffee after 3 PM, as it will still mess up your sleep cycle at 9 PM, which is around many peoples' bedtimes.

Is It Difficult To Grind White Coffee Beans?

Coffee White Beans

Yes, it is difficult to grind white coffee beans. As mentioned before, white coffee beans are only halfway roasted. This gives them a tougher texture than fully roasted coffee beans.

So, you shouldn't use the coffee grinder you have at home to grind white coffee beans.

Instead, you could do what most people do when they want white coffee: buy pre-ground coffee beans. Buying pre-ground coffee beans eliminate the hassle of grinding the beans, allowing you to enjoy your cup of white coffee faster.

View these pre-ground beans on Amazon.

To Finish Up

Coffee brewing tools in modern style for homemade on white table

White coffee is a sweet, nutty type of coffee that is a hidden gem although rising in popularity. The easiest way to brew this sweet cup of joe is to buy pre-ground white coffee beans and brew them in an espresso style.

Add things to the coffee, such as a spice mix or almond milk, to get the flavor profile you want.

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