How To Use Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker [Step By Step Guide]

There's no need to run through a Mcdonald's drive-through for a sausage egg McMuffin when you have a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. But how do you use a Hamilton Beach sandwich maker? Let's take a look at the simple steps below.

Follow these steps to make a breakfast sandwich with your Hamilton Beach sandwich maker:

  1. Preheat the sandwich maker until the green light comes on.
  2. Lift cover, top ring, and cooking plate.
  3. Place one-half of the bagel in the bottom ring.
  4. Top the bottom half of the bagel with cheese and meat of choice.
  5. Lower the cooking plate and the top ring.
  6. Add your egg to the bottom cooking plate.
  7. Place the other half of the bagel on the top of the sandwich maker.
  8. Close cover and cook for 4-5 minutes.
  9. Rotate the handle and slide the cooking plate out.
  10. Lift the cover and rings to remove the sandwich.

It may seem like several steps, but using the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is relatively simple. To help you out, in this article, we will walk you through each step in detail. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about the Hamilton Beach product, so read on!

How Do You Use The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker?

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel with Egg Bacon and Cheese,How To Use Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker [Step By Step Guide]

Hamilton Beach is well-known in the cooking industry. They make inexpensive, quality cooking products, including their breakfast sandwich maker, that make cooking easier and more convenient.

It's a pretty adorable cooking appliance that doesn't take up much cooking space. It's perfect for those in a hurry and who want to enjoy a breakfast sandwich made with their own ingredients.

Plus, it's an affordable way to enjoy a breakfast sandwich. Even if you go to Mcdonald's or another fast food joint, you will save money by making breakfast at home.

If you are the new owner, you will need to know how to use it. Follow the in-depth instructions below to make the perfect breakfast sandwich every time.

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Preheat The Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You need to preheat the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker before adding your ingredients like an oven or a George Foreman Grill.

To preheat, plug your sandwich maker into an outlet, and the red light will signify that it is powered on. Once the green light turns on, your Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is preheated.

It's important to note that the green light will turn off after some time. So, as soon as the green light comes on, it's ready to use.

Grab Your Ingredients

Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Don't be afraid to get creative with your breakfast sandwich. You can use English muffins or mini bagels as your bread. However, English muffins work best in the breakfast sandwich maker.

You can add breakfast sauce, ham, bacon, cheese, and an egg. Whatever you are feeling that morning, feel free to add it.

Lift The Lid, Ring, And Plate

Next, you will need to lift the lid, ring, and plate to access the bottom of the breakfast sandwich maker. Add the bottom half of your English Muffin or bagel to the bottom ring. All the cooking surfaces are non-stick, so there is no need to add oil or cooking spray.

If you plan on adding meat and cheese, add the cheese to the bread. You risk the cheese sliding off when you add the cheese after the meat. When the cheese slides off, it will end up on the ring and burn, making it difficult to clean.

Also note if you are using bacon, ensure it's precooked bacon. If you use raw bacon, it won't cook all of the way through. We recommend purchasing precooked bacon from the store or cooking raw bacon before adding it to the breakfast sandwich maker.

Lower The Plate And Ring

Okay, you are now ready to lower the plate and the top ring. This is where you will add your egg. You can scramble the egg first or add it with the yolk to make a fried egg; the choice is yours.

If you go the scrambled egg route, then beware of the egg escaping the ring. The trick is to add a little bit of the egg scramble and let it fill in the ring, as this will create a seal. Once the egg has cooked enough to make a seal, you can slowly add the rest of the egg.

Once your egg is poured in, take the other half of your bagel or English muffin and set it on top of the egg. Now, close the lid, and let it cook for 4-5 minutes.

Homemade Breakfast Egg Sandwich with Cheese on an English Muffin

Take The Breakfast Sandwich Out

Now the fun part is taking the breakfast sandwich out! Be cautious when taking the sandwich out, as the rings and plates will cause a burn if touched. Also, don't use a metal spatula to take the breakfast sandwich out, as this will scratch the surfaces.

Okay, now you will need first to open the lid. Ensure that the lid is all open before letting go, so it doesn't come back down and burn you.

There will be a handle to the right of the sandwich maker; rotate it clockwise to remove the plate. When you remove the plate, the top half of the sandwich will fall onto the bottom half.

Next, lift the ring and carefully put your breakfast sandwich onto the plate. Just like that, you have a quick and delicious breakfast sandwich!

Clean The Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Once you are done with the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker, you can unplug it. Give it plenty of time to cool down before removing any components for cleaning.

When your sandwich maker is completely cool, you can remove the plates and rings for washing. You can either hand wash them or put them in the dishwasher. It is also a good idea to wipe down the outside of the sandwich maker.

Once the rings and plates are dry, put them back into the sandwich maker and store them in a cool, dry place.

As you can see, using the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is pretty easy to use. We recommend being careful when using it as the surfaces get very hot and can cause a nasty burn.

Can You Put Frozen Sausage In A Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker?

If your frozen breakfast sausage is precooked, you can put it in the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. However, if you are worried about cooking to your liking, you have options.

The first option is to let the breakfast sausage thaw before cooking it in the sandwich maker. The sandwich maker will get hot enough to cook through with no problem.

The second option is to put the sausage maker onto the bottom ring for a minute or two. Flip the sausage patty halfway through to ensure even cooking.

Once the sausage patty is thawed, remove it and add your bread to the bottom ring. Then you can add the cheese and then the sausage patty.

Lastly, you can microwave the sausage patty until it is thawed. Refraining from using raw sausage in the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is recommended.

The cooking time may not be enough for the raw sausage to cook to safe temperatures, which could make you sick.

Can I Make Breakfast Sandwiches Ahead Of Time?

Rustic hamburger with lettuce and cheese on white plate

If you don't want to make a breakfast sandwich every morning, you can make a batch with the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker.

Make as many breakfast sandwiches as you deem necessary for your household and store them in the fridge or freezer. To avoid the breakfast sandwiches from being soggy, it's best to wrap them in parchment paper before storing them.

To reheat after storing in the fridge, take the breakfast sandwich out while leaving it in the parchment paper and microwave it.

For freezer storage, you have two options.

First, take the breakfast sandwich and let it thaw before cooking. You can place the frozen sandwich in the fridge overnight or set it on the counter to thaw for an hour or so.

The other option is to cook the breakfast sandwich while it is frozen. Placing the sandwich in the oven is a better choice if you choose this option. When you put a frozen breakfast sandwich in the microwave, it can make the bread soggy.

We recommend putting the breakfast sandwiches you plan to eat soon in the fridge. Then place the rest in the freezer and only take them out as you need. This will save you a lot of time on busy mornings!

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel with Egg Bacon and Cheese

How Long Does A Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Last?

It's tough to say how long a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker will last, as it depends on a few factors.

First, how often you use the sandwich maker will determine its lifespan. If you use the sandwich maker every day, you can expect it not to last as long as one used once a month.

Next, how you care for your Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker will determine its lifespan. If you don't clean it after each use, leave it running continuously, or store it wrong, it could fail sooner than expected.

Nonetheless, the product is relatively inexpensive, so it won't break the bank when it's time to replace it. With proper care, you should be able to make several delicious breakfast sandwiches!

Final Thoughts

Overall, using the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is easy to use. Don't be afraid to experiment with it, as you never know what you will create.

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