You are designing your kitchen or buying new appliances. Before you finish your design, you want to make sure your range fits snugly and beautifully into your design. You might also wonder how many options there are for smaller or larger ranges to meet your family's needs. We've researched the typical range depth and the possible variations to put these answers into one inclusive guide for you!

The standard depth of a freestanding range is 25 inches (or 63.5 centimeters). The standard size of a slide-in range is 24 inches (or 61 centimeters). This is based on the standard counter depth of 24 inches. The standard range is designed to fit snugly with the standard kitchen counter design. 

You probably wonder how the measurement of 25 inches is obtained. Does it include the handle or the hookups on the back? You might wonder about the possible sizes available for smaller ranges if you have a small house. If you have a big family, you may be interested in larger range sizes. Keep reading to get all the information you need!

Interior of modern luxury kitchen in North American private residence, What Is The Standard Depth Of A Range?

What Is The Standard Depth Of A Range?

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There are two main kinds of ranges that you can put in your kitchen. The difference in depth and size of freestanding and slide-in ranges does vary slightly.

Freestanding Ranges Standard Size

A freestanding range is typically 25 to 27 inches in depth. The standard width is 30 inches, and the height is approximately 36.5 inches to match the typical counter height. The primary measurement you need to consider is the width of your freestanding range. Widths of freestanding ranges can come in widths as narrow as 20 or 24 inches for smaller kitchens and apartments.

Slide-In Ranges Standard Size

The typical slide-in range has a slightly smaller depth at 24 inches. Slide-in ranges are made to fit snugly, so there is no space between the counter. This also requires a strip of the counter at the back of the range that allows it to slide-in to place. This extra bit of counter explains why a slide-in range's depth must be less than a freestanding model. The typical width and height of a slide-in range are the same as freestanding ranges at 30 inches wide and 36.5 inches high.

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While you're deciding which kind of stove you want and need to place into your kitchen, you should also consider the spacing. For more information about the gaps between the stove and counters, check out this post, How Much Space Between Stove And Cabinet?

How Do You Measure The Depth Of A Range?

The best way to measure the depth of a range is to measure from the back of the range to the front of the door. Do not include any handles in your measurement unless you are working with a tight space. The primary concern with the range depth is to make sure that the appliance doesn't stick out from the counters. The range should sit flush with the counters, so the space between is not easily noticeable.

Does The Depth Of The Range Include The Handle?

The handle is not included in the measurement of the depth. The manufacturer should also provide a number for how big the handle is or an overall depth with handle alongside an overall depth not including the handle. If the manufacturer lists depth, then it does not include the handle unless it is expressed otherwise.

Can You Replace A Slide-In Range With A Freestanding Range?

You can replace a slide-in range with a freestanding range. You may want to do this if it is time to replace your slide-in range and you can't find any ranges you like that match your space's dimensions. Slide-in ranges will have a strip of the counter at the back that will need to be removed. Once you remove this piece, you only need to make sure the width and depth match your space's dimensions.

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Can You Replace a Freestanding Range With A Slide-In Range?

You can replace a freestanding range with a slide-in range, but it might be more cost or headache than it is worth. Slide-in ranges require the perfect measurement between the counters and cabinets for a snug fit. You may want to get a slide-in range to make the transition between your counters and range seamlessly. Luckily some cheaper options can fill the gap.

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How To Fill In The Gap Between Counters And Range?

Having a gap between your freestanding range and the counters can be irritating. Crumbs and sauce can drip down the sides and sit there forever or until you choose to deep clean your kitchen. You want to minimize the amount of caked food particles onto your appliances because it can attract mice or other unwanted vermin. You can buy gap fillers that will stop the crumbs from falling in the cracks. It will also make the kitchen look nicer and more seamless.

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Are All Wall Ovens The Same Depth?

Standard wall ovens have a depth of 23 to 24 inches. Wall ovens require being off the ground, so the typical height is 27 inches. It is not designed like a stovetop to align with the counter height. 24-, 27-, and 30-inch wide wall ovens are the typical sizes. A single wall oven is approximately 27 inches tall, while a double wall oven is about 50.25 inches in height.

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Which Is Better - Freestanding Or Slide-In?

Slide-in ranges are the best option for a seamless looking kitchen if you are doing a complete remodel or building a new kitchen. This kind of range needs the counters and cabinets to be configured so the range will fit snugly. It also requires the addition of a small strip of counter between the wall and where the range will be placed.

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Freestanding ranges are easier to install and don't require any modification to your kitchen unless you currently have a slide-in model. You can use gap fillers to create a seamless look. There are more freestanding stoves on the market, so you have more options available to you. Freestanding stoves have options as small as 20 inches to put into your kitchen. If you have a small width measurement between your counters, then a small-width freestanding stove is your only option.

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In Closing

Interior of modern luxury kitchen in North American private residence, What Is The Standard Depth Of A Range?

The standard depth of a range is 25 inches for freestanding models and closer to 24 inches for slide-in models. The slide-in ranges need a strip of counter placed between the back of the range and the wall. This is nice when you are building a new kitchen to have a streamlined look, but it is difficult to switch from a freestanding range to a slide-in range. There are gap fillers you can purchase to get a seamless look cheaper and easier.

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