ZLINE vs. KitchenAid Range: Pros, Cons, & Differences

You’ve begun shopping for ranges, and you’re torn between ZLINE and KitchenAid. Which has the better range? We've researched both brands to help you make the right decision.

ZLINE and KitchenAid ranges each have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested in colorful freestanding ranges on the smaller side, KitchenAid’s ranges will appeal to you. Those who want larger ranges made of heavy-duty material should choose ZLINE.

This article will assess the pros and cons of each brand’s respective ranges and the differences between them. You should have no issue proceeding with a purchase by the time you’re done reading.



KitchenAid Ranges: An Overview

Most consumers know of KitchenAid for its incredible stand mixers and other kitchen equipment, but the trusted manufacturer also produces ranges.

KitchenAid stand

Let’s take this section to review the various types of ranges under the KitchenAid umbrella.

Double-Oven Ranges

The greatest benefit of a double oven range is that you can cook individual meals simultaneously using the lower and upper oven.

Slide-in Ranges

KitchenAid also sells a variety of slide-in ranges. These ranges needn’t go between dual cabinets because they have finished sides.

The lack of a backguard opens up your installation freedom, as you can set up a KitchenAid slide-in range in your kitchen wherever you have the space.

Freestanding Range

Another popular product is KitchenAid’s freestanding range. The finished sides once again let you skip the option of installing the range between two cabinets.

The background is where you’ll find the control on this range.

Commercial Style

For the restaurant looking for a mark of quality or the chef who runs a business from home, KitchenAid’s commercial-style ranges are a great option. As durable as professional restaurant equipment, the commercial range works best with KitchenAid’s commercial vent hoods.

ZLINE Ranges: An Overview

renovated kitchen with white and wood cabinets

Next, let’s switch gears and talk about ZLINE. Andrew Zuro created this brand. All ZLINE products are designed in the United States, then sent out from Tennessee, Ohio, and Nevada.

Let’s review ZLINE’s ranges.  

Induction Ranges

Built from hardy stainless steel for durability, ZLINE’s induction ranges are professional-grade. Stylish, simple, and timeless, the ranges allow for fast, precise cooking. You can even select black stainless steel induction ranges for an especially sleek look.

Dual-Fuel Ranges

When you need double the cooking power, try ZLINE’s dual-fuel range. This range runs on electricity and gas to deliver the best of both worlds. Now, there’s no need to choose between both!

You can select stainless steel for a dual-fuel range from ZLINE or DuraSnow stainless steel, a ZLINE exclusive.

This 304-grade stainless steel is even more durable than traditional stainless steel since its grade is lower. In the world of stainless steel, that equates to more toughness and longevity.

If DuraSnow stainless steel gets scratched, you can easily buff out the damage. This steel resists corrosion, smudges, and fingerprints. DuraSnow steel can also handle higher-than-average temperatures, and rust stands no chance!

Gas-on-Gas Ranges

The third type of range produced by ZLINE is a gas-on-gas. Combining the power of gas convection and gas cooktop, you can take your culinary adventures further with a range like this in your kitchen.

Your options include stainless steel (including black stainless steel) and DuraSnow stainless steel.

KitchenAid Ranges Pros and Cons

Stylish, Elelgant and New Gas Cooker Stove in Luxury Marble Kitchen

Now that you’ve been properly introduced to both KitchenAid and ZLINE’s respective lines of ranges, let’s take a look at the pros and cons. We’ll begin with KitchenAid.


Manageable Sizes

Most KitchenAid ranges start at 30 inches wide and rarely get much larger. If you have a standard-sized kitchen, a 30-inch range ought to suit your space perfectly.

Those with smaller kitchens will also find a range in a size that is just right, as you’ll have a spacious model that won’t dominate your entire kitchen.

Great Color Range

KitchenAid appliances are known for their colors, and that’s true of the brand’s ranges as well. The available colors include Yellow Pepper (bright golden yellow), Scorched Orange (dark orange), Passion Red (bright red), Imperial Black, Milkshake (light beige), Avocado Cream (light forest green), Misty Blue (baby blue), and Ink Blue (dark blue).

Commercial Options

While both ZLINE and KitchenAid offer professional-grade resources, only KitchenAid has commercial ranges. As we discussed earlier, these ranges are especially advantageous for home bakers or chefs who want to cook more quickly.

Dual Fuel Sources

KitchenAid ranges use both electricity and gas in most of the range collections, providing double the cooking power and efficiency.


Lack of Size Versatility

Between KitchenAid and ZLINE, you’ll soon see that the latter brand excels in the sizing options department. Most KitchenAid ranges are only 30 inches, and the largest are 40 inches.

Very Expensive

KitchenAid appliances are costlier than most, which is a mark of quality. That applies to their ranges too, with many options into the lower five figures.

ZLINE Ranges Pros and Cons

As we did with KitchenAid, let’s look at the pros and cons of ZLINE’s ranges.


Incredible Size Range

If you want size variety, you’ve got it in ZLINE. Their all-gas freestanding ranges start at 24 inches and go all the way to 48 inches. The dual free-standing ranges measure up to 60 inches. Although ZLINE has no commercial ranges, that’s about as close as the brand gets.

ZLINE’s induction ranges are available between 24 and 36 inches.

Tough Materials

The inclusion of DuraSnow stainless steel in its ranges makes ZLINE products incredibly heavy-duty. The toughest material KitchenAid offers in its ranges is stainless steel.

Don’t get us wrong; stainless steel gets the job done in most applications. For truly heavy-duty cooking though, you need something more, such as DuraSnow.

Dual Fuel Sources

As KitchenAid has some ranges that utilize both gas and electricity, so does ZLINE.

Excellent Colors

Colorless? Not at all! ZLINE doesn’t have ranges in as many colors as KitchenAid, but you can select from more than stainless steel or black stainless steel for your ZLINE range.

Your other options are White Matte, Black Matte, Red Matte (bright red), and Blue Matte (bright, retro blue).


No Commercial Options

We must mention the lack of commercial options from ZLINE. As much as a larger range could be used for commercial applications, ZLINE lacks any outright commercial ranges, while KitchenAid doesn’t.

Might Be Too Big

Most ZLINE ranges are quite large. If you have a smaller kitchen, you might struggle to get one of these ranges into your kitchen even if you buy a smaller one.

The Differences Between ZLINE and KitchenAid Ranges

hand adjusting gas burning from a kitchen gas stove

Next, let’s review the differences between KitchenAid and ZLINE’s ranges.

Range Styles

ZLINE produces gas-on-gas, dual fuel, and induction ranges, while KitchenAid manufactures commercial-style, freestanding, slide-in, and double oven ranges.


KitchenAid and ZLINE offer some colorful ranges to make cooking in your kitchen sure to put a smile on your face every time. Between the two brands, KitchenAid’s color selection comes out on top.

Besides bright colors, KitchenAid also offers some muted, pastel shades for a more subtle accent in your kitchen. ZLINE has nothing comparable.


The two range manufacturers offer several ranges in the 20-to-30-inch range, but you’ll recall that KitchenAid only produces smaller ranges. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything over 40 inches.

Comparably, ZLINE offers some exceptional range sizes to suit all sizes and styles of kitchen.


There’s also a difference in reputation between the two brands. KitchenAid is widely known as one of the top kitchen appliance brands, while ZLINE doesn’t have nearly as big of a standing.

ZLINE vs. KitchenAid: Which Range Reigns Supreme?

A selective focus of gas range in the kitchen

KitchenAid and ZLINE both bring something unique to the table. ZLINE ranges are available in many sizes and are extra durable, as you can upgrade the stainless steel exterior to DuraSnow steel.

If you need the reminder, DuraSnow steel is scratch-, smudge-, and corrosion-resistant.

KitchenAid ranges are smaller but more visually appealing, with a rainbow of colors available to make the time spent in your kitchen much more enjoyable. The manufacturer also offers a commercial range collection, something that ZLINE lacks.

If size and/or durability are your primary concerns, choose a ZLINE range. If you don’t mind a smaller range and love bright colors, buy a KitchenAid range.

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