Can I Trade In My KitchenAid Mixer?

Finding an appliance brand you love for the kitchen can be a major win. However, what happens when your favorite KitchenAid mixer is less effective than before, but you aren't ready to buy a new device? Does KitchenAid offer a trade-in program for their appliances?

Luckily, we've done plenty of research into these questions and have the answers below.

If your KitchenAid mixer is malfunctioning or you want the newest model, there are some ways to technically trade it in for a new one.

KitchenAid offers a "Certified-Refurbished" program where they take old or defective mixers, make the necessary upgrades, and then sell them for a fraction of the price.

Therefore, you can contact them to inquire about selling your mixer back, which can get you money to spend on your new model. The brand also has a 30-day return/replacement policy, so that might also be something to use.

As we start this article, we will cover KitchenAid mixers and discuss how you can upgrade yours. Whether you're a long-time customer of the brand, just got your first mixer, or need other troubleshooting tips, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right in!

Does KitchenAid Have A Trade-In Program?

Although KitchenAid does offer customer appreciation trade-in months/dates, you can always sell back your mixer or product to the company for credits towards a new model.

KitchenAid Greenville operations factory, where Whirlpool produces KitchenAid brand mixers

Whether you have a blender, mixer, or other kitchen appliance, KitchenAid will likely accept it and add it to their "Certified-Refurbished" program.

That's perfect for anyone wanting the best, newest mixer from the brand without having to throw out their current model. Additionally, you can find cheaper mixers and devices on the KitchenAid Certified-Refurbished website, which is a great way to save money.

Not all brands offer trade-ins and refurbishing services, so that sets KitchenAid apart from the others. Since this is more of a high-end kitchen company, many customers are surprised they can participate in this trade-in process.

On top of that, you can also be assured of a new KitchenAid mixer, as it comes with a 30-day hassle-free warranty. So, if anything happens within the first month, you can contact KitchenAid, and they'll work with you to find a solution.

If your mixer or other appliance malfunctions outside the warranty, you might consider trying the certified refurbished program.

Do Pre-Owned KitchenAid Mixers Come With A Warranty?

American home appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation

Yes! If you decide to trade in your current mixer and purchase a cheaper pre-owned model, it comes with a generous warranty. According to their "Certified-Refurbished" terms, 'every refurbished product includes a 6-month or 1-year limited warranty.'

So that means you get more of a warranty for a refurbished KitchenAid product than if you buy a brand-new one. That makes sense because the chances of something going wrong with a pre-owned item are greater than with a new one.

Again, that shouldn't deter you from contributing or purchasing from this program, as it's a great way to be more environmentally conscious and share the love with someone else.

Think of KitchenAid's trade-in process, like how Apple lets you give them your current phone for a new device. You give them back your valuable, working phone and get credits or money back for a new model.

This is the same process for most KitchenAid products as well.

How Often Does KitchenAid Release New Mixers?

KitchenAid stand mixers on store shelf

Although this can vary by year and demand, KitchenAid generally releases new versions of their iconic mixers every year or so. Like most companies, KitchenAid has to stay on schedule to keep the hype going.

For example, you might see a new line of one mixer from KitchenAid one month, then a new set six months later. This all depends on the popularity of a given mixer.

With that said, you don't always need to upgrade each time KitchenAid drops a new model of their mixers because many of them are very similar.

One benefit to buying KitchenAid products is that they last longer and are built well. Since this company values quality, you can expect top-tier baking and cooking with your mixer.

Therefore, upgrading every year becomes somewhat redundant.

Instead, you might prefer to wait and upgrade until many changes happen to your favorite product rather than get rid of your perfectly working device.

On top of that, KitchenAid also tends to release according to the holiday schedule, so keep an eye out for new devices around October-December.

Why Are KitchenAid Mixers Out Of Stock Everywhere?

Two models of KitchenAid food mixers on a store shelf inside Target

You might notice a sparse mixer selection if you've recently been to Target, Best Buy, or another certified retailer that carries KitchenAid products.

Unfortunately, with current global supply chain delays and disturbances, the need for KitchenAid mixers has outweighed their availability. Although that sounds good for KitchenAid, it can do more harm than good to their reputation.

Since most people need a mixer the day they look for one, KitchenAid being unavailable might deter you from sticking with it.

Luckily, as we emerge from the 2020 global pandemic, KitchenAid has ramped up its production to fill the store shelves. If all else fails, you can try and order directly from the brand's website, which should have a better estimate of shipping times.

In addition, KitchenAid mixers are sold at most home stores, so you shouldn't have too much trouble locating one if you're in a busier area.

Can I Trade-In A Broken KitchenAid Mixer?

Depending on the severity of your mixers' damage, it might not be trade-in eligible. As we mentioned, KitchenAid allows you to sell back used appliances to them and then use that money toward a new device.

However, if your mixer is so damaged or defective, the repair cost may outweigh what KitchenAid can make selling it: don't expect a trade-in.

The best policy here is to assess the damage/wear on your mixer. If it looks rough and you don't think they could easily fix it, we don't recommend trying to send it in for refurbishment.

If you check out their certified pre-owned sales floor through the website, you'll notice the appliances look brand new. That's because KitchenAid will refinish used machines and give them a factory-sealed look.

Again, it can't hurt to reach out to the KitchenAid team and see what happens, but don't get your hopes up if your appliance is severely damaged or entirely broken.

What Happens If My KitchenAid Mixer Is Defective?

If you purchase a new or pre-owned KitchenAid mixer to find it's defective: reach out to the brand ASAP.

Even though you have a 30-day return window for new KitchenAid mixers, pre-owned ones have a six-month window and a one-year warranty for some models.

You can also find that many brand-new KitchenAid mixers come with a one-year limited warranty, meaning the brand will replace your defective product with a working model.

Regardless, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return your KitchenAid for free. From that point on, you fall into warranty coverage, covering repairs and replacement.

According to the KitchenAid warranty outline, all customers in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada have this warranty period.

So, 365 days after buying your KitchenAid, you can reach out to them about a defective item and expect a swift, free replacement or repair.

How Long Should My KitchenAid Mixer Last?

How long should my kitchenaid mixer last, Can I Trade In My KitchenAid Mixer?

Even though this timeline will vary by household, you can typically expect a KitchenAid mixer to work for 15-20 years. According to Whirlpool, the maker of KitchenAid, these mixers will outlast most of their competition, often by decades.

Many chefs claim their KitchenAid products last far beyond ten or 15 years with proper care. Generally, the more attentive you are to a mixer, the better and longer it will operate.

For example, properly cleaning your KitchenAid mixer and following its instructions will keep it working longer. If you're too rough with your mixer, that's when its lifespan may become shorter.

Additionally, not cleaning or storing a KitchenAid mixer can lead to its demise, so many factors must be considered. Like any appliance, you want to follow KitchenAid's user manual and avoid putting it under unneeded mechanical stress.

We also recommend contacting KitchenAid with troubleshooting or repair questions. You can void your warranty by having a third-party person try and fix your mixer, so it's always best to go through them.

Who Makes KitchenAid Products? Are They Reliable?

Whirlpool Corporation sign from various angles

When it comes to who makes KitchenAid appliances, you can expect Whirlpool to manufacture the vast majority. As we said before, Whirlpool is the maker of KitchenAid devices, so you can expect a similar quality to their products.

Since many experts recommend KitchenAid and Whirlpool appliances and give them gleaming reviews, it's safe to assume you'll be happy with your product.

According to a list of best appliance brands, KitchenAid came out at number five, with a long history of providing solid products. The main reason for it not getting a higher score is that the brand hasn't been able to modernize as quickly as others.

However, some chefs prefer the classic look and operation of KitchenAid mixers/devices, so that may not always be a concern. Regardless, you should have a positive experience with this company.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether you have a KitchenAid mixer, want to trade in, or didn't know this was a thing; it's certainly a program worth researching. We found that KitchenAid offers a "Certified-Refurbished" option for customers to send in slightly used or defective mixers for a new one.

Generally, KitchenAid is a generous company in terms of warranty coverage and product assistance, so it's not a surprise they offer trade-ins. We recommend contacting them with any refurbishing questions and seeing how much you can get for your mixer: good luck!

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