Can I Use Non Stick Pans On An Induction Stove? [Yes! How To & Tips]

Induction cooking requires a high level of magnetic technology to serve its purpose. But can you use a nonstick pan on an induction stove? Well, we've done some digging and have the answer!

Indeed, you can use a nonstick pan on an induction stove as long as it has magnetic technology, which suits all induction stoves. To test your pan, use a magnet; once the magnet sticks, it has an adequate amount of iron needed for induction cooking.

To use your nonstick pan on an induction stove, you should:

  1. Plug in the induction stove.
  2. Place the pan on the cooktop.
  3. Adjust the heat depending on the heat needed for your cooking.
  4. Once done, turn off the induction stove.

Cooking with induction is far way better than electric or gas. As you continue reading, we will cover tips on using your pan on an induction stove and tell if your pan is compatible with them.

How Does An Induction Stove Work?

Induction is also known as electromagnetic induction. When turned on, the current flows through copper, a component of the heating process.

Electrons are pulled from the pan when a nonstick pan is placed at the top of the induction stove, and formation begins. These electrons react and resist. The continuous pulling and pushing of electrons create friction on the cookware.

The process is known as resistive electric current. It creates the heat needed for cooking. However, not all pans and pots work with this kind of technology. Therefore, cookware should be magnetic for the induction stove to work.

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How Do You Use An Induction Cooktop?

An induction stove is popular nowadays as a fast and convenient way to cook. Remember that your pan or cookware should be magnetic to make the cooking effective. Use the pans carefully to avoid scratching their glass cooktop.

Below are steps to use your induction stove:

1. Plug In The Induction Stove

The induction stove should produce electricity to heat your cookware and the pad. Plug it into an outlet and turned on. Ensure the outlet is switched off before you plug the induction stove.

2. Place The Pan On The Cooktop

After plugging in your induction stove, place the pan on the cooktop or the induction rings. You should now be setting up the cooking process.

3. Turn On The Power Button

The power button will let you cook on the induction. Check the user’s manual if you have doubts about turning on the unit.

4. Adjust The Heat

There should be a button to let you increase or decrease the temperature of the induction stove. Find them and set the temperature depending on the heat you want to use.

5. Turn Off The Induction Stove

Finally, you are done cooking. Again, look for the power button and turn off the unit. Avoid touching the glass so you won’t hurt yourself.

What Cookware Is Best For Induction Stoves?

Modern kitchen appliance on wooden table, Can I Use Non Stick Pans On An Induction Stove? [Yes! How To & Tips]

When the bottom of the pan has a ferrous base, it indicates that it is best for an induction stove. Get a magnet; if it sticks, you are ready to cook. If not, best to buy a new one.

You may want to have a checklist of the best cookware for you to choose from. Be able to determine its material first. We have listed below the best cookware material for your induction cooking.

Stainless Steel

Pots Cookware Wok pot cooking utensils

It’s the popular cookware of choice for most households. It is compact, durable, and, most of all, non-corrosive.

Stainless steel is not a heat conductor but is usually associated with a multi-layered aluminum base. Look for stainless steel cookware with a flat bottom.

Cast Iron

Food cooking background with Frying pan or skillet, spices and herbs on gray stone table

Cast iron is hard and has a higher amount of carbon compared to steel. It can stand high-temperature cooking. It is also ideal if you want the heat to retain longer.

Casting is a process where liquid materials are molded with a hollow cavity to form the desired shape. The liquid material is solidified and expelled out of the mold.

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Cast iron works on an induction stove. But may scratch the cooktop. You may use a tissue or paper in between.


Man cleaning the nonstick pan

We all know that an induction cooktop or stove needs to have a magnetic material to be able for them to work. Not all cookware is compatible with induction: an aluminum pan is one of them.

For aluminum to be used with induction stoves, it needs a coating.

Aluminum conducts heat and is lightweight. It’s one of the most popular gas or electric stove cookware choices. Since aluminum alone isn’t compatible with induction, buy an aluminum pan with stainless steel.

Aluminum’s thermal conductivity makes the temperature work even more. Moreover, you may want to use an induction disk. The base should be flat and smooth so the air won’t trap between the discs, slowing down the heating process.

Another way is to use a thermal paste. It fills in the gap between the cookware and the disc.

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Why Should You Invest In A Non-Stick Pan?

Nonstick pans and cookware create a significant impact in our kitchens today. Before you purchase nonstick cookware, consider if it is compatible with your stove.

One of the reasons you should invest in a nonstick pan is that you want to lessen the challenge of cooking and make it more fun. The benefits of using a nonstick pan are:

Convenience In Cooking

Cooking pot with prepared ingredients

In everything that you do, always seek convenience, especially when cooking. Who would not want eggs, pancakes, and bread to slide off the pan smoothly?

The only way to make this happen is by using a nonstick pan. Aside from that, a nonstick pan is a good choice if you want to fry rice, sauté vegetables, or make a sauce.

Big Savings

Low to medium flame is not enough to achieve satisfactory cooking outcomes. You might not need a high flame, depending on the food you cook. Moreover, using high levels of flame can waste gas and burn food.

Most nonstick pans are best used in a medium to low fire setting. The pan heats evenly and cooks food from inside to outside. With nonstick cookware, you save money too.

You can even take care of your pan as they are known to last long.

An Array Of Designs

Non stick pan black metal iron materials in supermarket shelf homeware cooking products

When buying a nonstick pan, worry no more because you can have as many styles and designs as you want. They are made using standard quality technology to achieve an optimum modern and classy appearance.

There are cookware sets that bring color and beauty to your kitchen. Their looks always follow the new trends and are unique in every detail. As such, you can blend your cookware with your dining and kitchen feel.

Low Maintenance

Indian Non-stick Tawa

While conventional pans and other cookware grip food oils, nonstick pans do not. Washing and cleaning them is fast, easy, and effortless. In addition, the coating enables the nonstick pan to dry fast.

They are low-maintenance cookware, so you won’t waste your time cleaning.

In Conclusion

Modern kitchen appliance on wooden table

People prefer the most convenient way of cooking, so they use nonstick pans, which are widely used today. They make cooking an extra special activity.

You won’t have any problem if the nonstick pan is compatible with the induction stove. Give it a try by purchasing one if you don’t already have one.

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