Ikich Ice Maker Add Water Light Stays On – Why And What To Do?

If you own an Ikich ice maker and its add water light is constantly on, you may be wondering the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Luckily, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Too pure water and circuit problems can cause the Ikich ice maker 'add water' light to stay on. The following are things you can do to fix this problem:

  • Replace the water sensor.
  • Reset your Ikich ice maker.
  • Replace the thermostat.

If you notice that the added water light is always on, make sure to deal with the problem as soon as possible before it worsens. Keep reading to get detailed information on fixing an Ikich ice maker with active add water light. Let's dive right in!

photo of an inside-freezer-automatic-ice-maker-pile, Ikich Ice Maker Add Water Light Stays On - Why And What To Do?

Why Does My Ikich Ice Maker Add Water Light Stays On?

The following are possible reasons why your Ikich ice maker 'add water' light remains on:

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Too Pure Water

Some ice makers have a sensor that helps read the level of mineral content in the water. Generally, water has minerals, and filters can remove some of them or eliminate all.

When your water is excessively pure and gets into the reservoir, the sensor fails to detect the presence of water. This makes the 'add water' light stay on.

Faulty Circuit

Circuit problems can make the ice maker malfunction, and it may keep showing the add water light. The circuitry may also require repair if it keeps urging you to add more water even when it is already full.

What Should I Do If My Ikich Ice Maker Add Water Light Stays On?

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You can do the following whenever your Ikich ice maker add water light stays on and refuses to go off:

Clean Or Replace The Water Sensor

Try cleaning the water sensor to see if the problem gets solved. After cleaning, look at the freezer's front door to see if the light goes off.

If so, take another look at your freezer after some hours to ensure it works. You should consider replacing the sensor if the light doesn't go off.

Reset Your System

You can also reset the ice maker when the issue is not from the sensor. Here are ways you can reset your Ikich ice maker:

Adjust The Feeler Arm

You should adjust the metal or plastic rod at the side, known as the feeler arm, to reset your ice maker. The amount of ice determines how high or low this rod moves.

It prevents it from producing excessive ice. If this rod is up, no other ice will be produced.

If the feeler arm is malfunctioning and stuck, push it downward. Water should immediately start flowing into the water reservoir. If so, you may stop right here.

Hold Down The Reset Button

Have you tried changing the feeler arm on your ice maker but can't? If yes, try pressing the reset button. It is okay to depress the reset button for 10 seconds. Your ice machine should then reset.

Do the following method if this technique doesn't work.

Turn The Refrigerator Off And On

Press the ice maker machine's off switch and leave it for about fifteen minutes. During this time, the ice maker will be reset by the refrigerator.

Replace The Thermostat

When you have tried resetting and are still plagued with the same challenge, you may need to replace its thermostat or sensors that monitor temperature levels.

You can also contact a professional to examine the problem and recommend a solution where there's a great difficulty.

Where Is The Water Sensor In A Ikich Ice Maker?

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The water sensor of your Ikich ice maker is at the base of the water reservoir.

When your ice maker receives a signal from the water sensor that it requires more water, it's possible that your device is not producing ice.

This is usually if this sensor malfunctions or has been tampered with.

What Does The Yellow Light Mean On A Ikich Ice Maker?

The functionality of your ice maker greatly depends on the quality of the water. In the Ikich, minerals from water can accumulate over time. The ice maker needs to be cleaned if there is a mineral buildup.

The Ikich ice maker is in cleaning mode if the display ring around the circular button on the front is solid yellow or flashing yellow.

The ice maker needs water that is safe for drinking. Some homeowners use distilled water. In this case, mineral deposits aren't necessary to remove. Even bottled water has a high mineral concentration.

Why Is My Ikich Ice Maker Blinking Red?

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The ice maker has a light to help you conveniently use the device. Ikich ice maker attempts to communicate with you when the lights start blinking.

A blocked infrared beam or electrical control damage may be why an ice maker fails to produce any ice and has a red status light on it that flashes in various patterns. The light can also be due to a bad water filter and sensor.

How to fix the unit can be determined using a diagnostic test. The following are things you can do to stop your ice maker from blinking red light:

Change The Water Filter

The red lights on the refrigerator user panel can cease blinking by replacing the water filter. Locate the water filter by consulting the owner's manual.

If the refrigerator's lights are still blinking after the new filter has been inserted into its housing, give it 24 hours to restart.

Disable The Sensor

The optical sensor on the ice maker is used to raise or lower the freezer's internal temperature. It also measures the amount of ice accumulated in the bin to prevent overflow.

You might need to disable the sensor using the manual controls. See the owner's handbook if it's difficult to find the manual on/off switch.

Why Is My Ikich Ice Maker Light Blinking Green?

If your Ikich ice maker keeps blinking green, it is most likely that an ice cube has made the rake get stuck. You can try clearing the jam and restarting the device to fix the issue.

If the problem persists even after restarting, run a diagnostic. To do this, turn off the ice maker and turn it on again after 15 seconds.

After that, try pushing in on the paddle about three times, within which the icemaker turns off. Within three minutes, the icemaker should go into the harvest state.

The heater should come on for about 2o seconds with the icemaker's rake making a complete resolution. It will then return to the home position where the rake teeth are the same as the ice stripper teeth.

After three minutes, the icemaker mold should be filled with water. The valve then energizes for about four to seven seconds. The green light should have stopped flashing and is now solid. With this, the test is complete.

To Finish

photo of an inside-freezer-automatic-ice-maker-pile

If you notice that your Ikich ice maker add water light is always on, there may be too pure water in it, that is, there is low mineral content. It could also be a faulty circuit.

To fix the problem, all you have to do is replace the water sensor or thermostat. You can also reset your ice maker. If all these don't solve the problem, don't hesitate to consult a professional.

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