How High Should A Kitchen Window Be?

Maybe you are remodeling your kitchen, or perhaps you think your kitchen just isn't up to standard. Either way, it's got you wondering how high a kitchen window should be. Well, lucky for you, we've done the research, so you don't have to, and we have an answer for you!

There is no set standard for how high a kitchen window should be. Kitchen windows can reach all the way to the floor if you'd like.

If the window is above the sink, they are typically installed about 4 inches above the counter. However, there are several choices regarding the height of the window above the kitchen sink. 

Now you know that your kitchen windows can be any height you'd like, but keep reading as we discuss what might influence your decision. We'll also answer some other questions you might have about the window above your kitchen sink and how to handle low windows.

A Scandinavian themed kitchen with a wooden countertop, white minimalistic sink and a huge white framed window, How High Should A Kitchen Window Be?

Height of Kitchen Window Above The Sink

The height of a kitchen window will vary depending on the kitchen's overall design. However, one kitchen window with a more consistent height than others is the window above the sink. The height of the kitchen window above the sink will typically depend on how high your counters are and whether you install a backsplash or not.

Standard Height of Kitchen Counters & Backsplash

Kitchen counters, unless customized to be shorter or taller, are typically 36 inches from the floor. This means your kitchen window will be at least that far from the ground.

If you decide to add a backsplash, this will add a few more inches to the distance from the ground. If your backsplash is 4 inches tall, as they often are, you can expect your kitchen window to be 40 inches from the ground.

Kitchen Windows That Go Lower Than The Countertop

A white themed kitchen countertop with a white sink, opened drawers and small succulents near the window

Occasionally, homeowners may decide to remodel their kitchen and put the sink and counter in front of the window. As you can see from the image above, the window does not have a window sill. Instead, the window itself begins right at the counter. In other cases, the window sill might sit behind and below the countertop.

Why is there always a window above the kitchen sink?

If there are no other windows in your kitchen, there is almost always a window above the sink.

There are several reasons and theories as to why this might be the case. Generally, windows are above the sink because sinks are against an outside wall to help with plumbing. However, some people believe it's to help filter out any unwanted smells. Either way, washing dishes in front of a window seems like it might be a better view than a wall.

That being said, some kitchen designs don't involve a window above the sink. In these cases, the kitchen windows are often on a wall perpendicular to the sink or on a kitchen island. Take a look at some examples below:

No Short Supply of Windows

Interior of a luxurious contemporary dining room and kitchen area with wooden chairs and a huge window leading to a small garden

The kitchen sink does not have a window in this photo, but the kitchen is not short on natural light with the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sink on an Island

Interior of a rustic themed kitchen with wooden flooring, wooden breakfast bar and huge wooden framed windows

Installing a kitchen sink on an island is a great way to create a prep area for food. The sink in the island allows you to peel and wash vegetables without moving across the room to do so. It also allows for a more communal setting. You can prep and chat with other family members who might be seated at the island.

What is the window above the sink called?

The window above the kitchen sink doesn't have a specific name other than "the window above the kitchen sink." However, there are different names for the type of window that might be above the kitchen sink. Generally, there are four different types of windows installed above a kitchen sink: casement, garden, double-hung, and sliding.

What do you put over a kitchen sink window?

If you have just moved into your house, you may be wondering what options you have for the top of your window. You've noticed it looks quite bare, so you need something, but what? Fortunately, there are several options to choose from. The options you choose will be dependent on whether they will serve a practical or decorative purpose.


If you'd like the option to cover the windows at times, because maybe that afternoon sun just happens to shine right into your eyes while you're washing the dishes, a blind or curtain might be a consideration of yours. This might also be your choice if you need privacy, especially in the evenings, or if your window faces another house or busy street.

Other not-so-practical options include decorative lighting, trim, or valances. However, if you need some more help making a decision, we have another post on the topic here, "Curtains VS Blinds For Kitchen Windows – Which To Choose?"

Height of Other Kitchen Windows

We've talked a bunch about the kitchen window over the sink, but sometimes these aren't the only windows in your kitchen. Some kitchen areas that share an open floor plan with dining space or larger overall square footage may have several other types of windows.


A contemporary dining and kitchen area with black and white cabinetries with a huge window in the side

Okay, so we don't have to discuss the height of these windows, but it will still give you an idea of the options available. These windows span the entirety of the wall. They begin at the floor and end at the ceiling. These allow a large amount of natural light into a small area, helping it to look more spacious and open.

Patio Doors

Interior of a modern and contemporary house with white countertops and a kitchen island with small bar stools

This idea is similar to the previous example, but instead of reaching the ceiling, the windows stop at the height of the door. If your kitchen area leads to your back patio or deck, consider adding windows the same size on either side, like the image above. This keeps them all a uniform height while bringing more light to the room.

Bay Window or Other Windows

A modern loft kitchen area with a huge window on the side and a wooden center island

It'll typically be 2 to 3 feet from the floor for any other window in the kitchen. First-floor windows should be easy to escape from in the event of a fire. Some windows might be even closer to the ground.

As you can see, there is no right or wrong answer for how high a window should be in your kitchen. The height can vary depending on the style of your home and the designs you choose.

How do you deal with low windows in the kitchen?

Low windows in the kitchen can seem awkward, and you may be left wondering what you can do with them. Well, there are several ways you can make the best out of your low windows. Let's discuss some of the options below.

Reading Area

Do you like to enjoy a book with your morning coffee? You could turn the low window into a nice seating area. Add a bench with drawers for extra kitchen storage!

Breakfast Bar

Another option is to turn the low window into a pleasant breakfast bar. Install a countertop or a bar table in front of the window, add a few chairs, and make use of the great view while you eat breakfast.

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Install A Window Sill or Extra Cabinets

A gorgeous modern kitchen with white cabinets, wooden countertop and a huge white framed window on the side

If you don't have the space to use it as a seating area, you could also add more storage or a large window sill. Window sills are a great space to grow herbs or other house plants. You could install storage underneath for other bakeware or holiday table pieces. The possibilities are endless.

A Rolling Cart

If you're concerned about blocking out any light from the window but you need more storage, consider placing a rolling cart in front of it. Rolling carts give you additional shelf space without blocking out a bunch of light. Low windows are a great place to push portable furniture when not in use.

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Final Thoughts

A Scandinavian themed kitchen with a wooden countertop, white minimalistic sink and a huge white framed window,

Now you know there is no set height requirement for windows in your kitchen and that they can come in all shapes and sizes. Hopefully, thanks to this article, you now feel more confident about the choices you make regarding your kitchen windows, whether it involves its size, height, or use!

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