17 Fantastic Kitchen Windows Decor Ideas

In truth, the kitchen window may be a challenging area to decorate. Generally, the kitchen window is small. Thus, too many decorations can overcrowd the window and appear overdone and even gaudy. Yet, for larger kitchen windows, it still may appear overdone if too much decor is happening.

But the kitchen window can be a lovely place to brighten the kitchen, both literally and figuratively. We've looked into the topic and found some fantastic ideas for you. Take a look and revitalize your kitchen decor with just subtle changes to the windowsill.

A modern kitchen table with fresh vegetables, 17 Fantastic Kitchen Windows Decor Ideas

1. Less Is More

All you may need is a pristine, white window shade that invokes a sense of cleanliness for small and simple designs. Notice how the shade has no true openings, but it is lightweight and allows natural light to sprinkle through.

For this design, you do not want a blackout curtain. Instead, look for sheer curtains. And don't forget to measure the window to make sure it will fit.

Modern kitchen and spray nozzle

For more kitchen curtain ideas, check out our article "8 Types of Kitchen Curtains To Know." Keep reading to see more curtain and shade ideas.

2. Busy Chef

Kitchen utensils in containers

If you're busy in the kitchen and frequently cooking, then you might not wish to waste any of the precious space. In this case, use your utensils as decor. Adorable wooden containers hold your tools while you work. But they also act as decor by the kitchen window. Win, win!

If wooden containers don't match your kitchen theme, then light blue ceramic canisters, like these, might work instead. Click here to see them on Amazon.

3. Leafy Greens

Herbs and lemons on wooden counter

It's true; you should eat your leafy greens! Inspire healthy eating by placing potted green plants in front of the kitchen window. Any green plants would look great; consider herbs or choosing plants with leaves that gently drape over the sides of the planter.

Also, you don't have to choose white planters. For instance, blue planters with cute patterns would look great! Click here to see them on Amazon.

4. Simple And Sweet

Kitchen sink and counter

Sometimes all you need is a short curtain and a single potted plant. This red curtain is called a cafe curtain or a short top curtain. And the plant can be any type! But try not to overcrowd the small space with a large plant; choose a small to medium-sized plant.

Try out this lovely short top curtain with beautiful splashes of blue, red, and gold. Click here to see it on Amazon. And don't forget to purchase the curtain rod separately.

5. Lovely Curtains

Photo of kitchen with kitchen utensils

If you would prefer to block out the sun, then it is probably a good idea to place thick curtains over the windows. But your kitchen doesn't have to look dreary! Choose light-colored curtains with simple, cute designs, like these lovely ones. The lemons go well with the kitchen theme.

Are you not a fan of the fruit idea? Not a problem! Just pick something bright and happy, like the flowers on these curtains. Click here to see them on Amazon.

6. Rustic Sunset

Freshly baked bread on a chopping board on the kitchen table

Perhaps you live on a farm. Or, maybe you wish you did. Well, this one would be great for you! As the sun falls, use your dinner as the decor. This sliced bread will go great with the lasagna, but it also acts as kitchen window decor.

Rustic decor has become very popular in recent years. It has an undeniable charm that we find calming and comforting. Keep reading for another rustic idea.

7. The Two Rule

Traditional country kitchen, with a large range cooker with gas hob

Even though it's not really a rule, it's a good idea! Simply place two small decorative items on the windowsill without a curtain or shade obscuring the view. This rustic kitchen has a small window with a dark brown window pane. The bright green plant and dark green container match the green cabinets.

By the way, if you're in the market for rustic cabinets, then you should check out our article "17 Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas You Should See." You'll find many great options!

8. Simple And Yellow

Kitchen with NYC view from the window

For kitchen window panels, it's a great idea to paint them a bright and happy color. Here are gorgeous window panels lined with yellow. Beneath the window, place two simple yet functional decorations, like jars and a vase.

Here are two pretty jars that would work great in this design. Plus, you can store tasty treats in them! Click here to see them on Amazon.

9. Delicious Herbs

Herbs on a windowsill

Why not utilize the sunlight for your benefit? Place 4 or more herbs below the window. They'll flourish and grow, and you can use them for recipes.

Try out this herb starter kit that contains 4 herb seeds, 4 planters, and potting soil. Click here to see it on Amazon.

10. Cool And Shady

Horizontal view of modern furniture in luxury kitchen

For a chic kitchen, choose dark brown shades like these. They're simple, but they appear modern and clean. Plus, they block out some light, thus offering shade in a hot kitchen. But they also send in beautiful streaks of sunlight to brighten up the room.

Here is a similar window dark brown shade. Click here to see it on Amazon.

11. Cozy Family

Autumn flowers in a vase and pumpkins on a dining table

If your family prefers to eat together in the kitchen with the heat and delicious smells wafting from the oven, then this kitchen window decor is perfect for you! All you need are light bamboo shades and a clear vase with brightly colored flowers. Choose another decoration that matches the season, like pumpkins for the fall.

If you would prefer to forgo the flowers, then you can try out this large pumpkin bouquet. Click here to see it on Amazon.

12. Pretty Tulips

Yellow tulips at kitchen window

Ahh, these tulips are lovely! Bring the garden from the backyard into the kitchen. Fresh flowers in an interesting planter would make a strong statement for your kitchen. Try to find a planter that looks like a vase or jug.

Regardless of the design, it's best to use planters with drainage plates, like this one. Click here to see it on Amazon.

13. Cute And Tiny

Modern sink on black kitchen counter

For narrow, small windows, try to avoid overcrowding the small space with kitchen decor. Plus, too many decorations can overshadow the pretty view. Instead, install a mounted bar that can hang a couple of plants.

This saves a lot of space! Alternatively, you can mount a metal shelf for pots and pans, like this one. Click here to see it on Amazon. Keep reading for another great shelf idea.

14. Bright Shelf

Closeup of kitchen room with kitchen utensils

Instead of metal, consider installing a wooden shelf next to the kitchen window. But it doesn't have to be white. Any bright color would work, like red, green, or blue. A bright splash of color would liven up the space!

Or you can select wooden shelves if the wood does not clash with the cabinets. In fact, if your cabinets are wood-colored, then you probably don't want to use wooden shelves. But these shelves would go great with red or blue cabinets. Click here to see them on Amazon.

15. Gorgeous Chandelier

New stylish kitchen with gas stove

Lights are functional, but they can also be decorative. If you have an existing chandelier in front of the kitchen window, then you could revitalize the kitchen if you replace it with a fun design, like this one with bright yellow shades.

If you're looking for a modern design, then this chandelier is a good choice. Remember: light fixtures do not add value to the house, but they certainly make a home more appealing. Click here to see it on Amazon.

16. Colorful Display

Window with curtains and flowers

Beautiful bright colors create a gorgeous contrast against white window panes and white brick. Select a colorful, rustic planter to hold beautiful, brightly colored flowers, like these white and pink roses paired with dark green plants. Also, choose a colorful, loose drape like this purple one. And the clear crystal strings offer some sparkle.

Here are similar crystal strings that you can use for your kitchen window. Click here to see them on Amazon.

17. Fenced Window

Cup of coffee on the windowsill

This is a unique, fantastic idea! Here is a short charcoal fence lining the windowsill. It's like a garden fence. You can install it on the outside, but you may need to modify the bottom because you won't need the spikes for the ground.

Here is a similar fence that would look great in your kitchen window. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Now, you've got some great ideas to really make your kitchen windowsill pop with simple yet vibrant decor. Hopefully, we've inspired you to frame your view with lovely plants, brilliant storage shelves, seasonal decor, or even a fence-like border. Enjoy decorating!

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