10 Types Of Kitchen Windows To Know

Your kitchen is one of the most widely utilized rooms in your home. Because it is such an important space, choosing the perfect windows for your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. We have searched multiple sources to bring you an inclusive selection of types of kitchen windows.

Windows can serve many purposes in your home. There are many looks and functional designs when it comes to windows. Whether you are basing your decision on aesthetics or functionality, there is a window out there that is sure to be perfect for your space.

The types of kitchen windows that we will discuss in further detail are as follows:

  1. Sliding kitchen windows
  2. Sliding kitchen patio door
  3. Kitchen picture windows
  4. Arched kitchen windows
  5. Garden kitchen windows
  6. Double-hung kitchen windows
  7. Kitchen casement windows
  8. Kitchen pass-through windows
  9. Kitchen bay windows
  10. Kitchen bow windows

Knowing your choices when it comes to different types of kitchen windows is likely only the beginning of the decisions that will need to be made when choosing the right kitchen window for you and your family.

You may wonder about typical widths and heights of kitchen windows. You may find yourself asking about specific window facts, locations, and functions. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics. Keep reading!

Elegant kitchen with light green cabinets and lots of classic designed jars and a window, 10 Types Of Kitchen Windows To Know

1. Sliding kitchen windows

A rustic and narrow kitchen with small window curtains and wooden countertop

Kitchen windows can add light and air circulation to your kitchen. Sliding windows, such as those pictured above, slide open horizontally on a track to easily control airflow.

Because kitchen windows are typically located above your sink, reaching them can be a chore, so they should be easy to open. Sliding windows are perfect for hard-to-reach spaces because they are easy to open.

2. Sliding kitchen patio door

A gorgeous rustic themed kitchen with hardwood flooring, wooden cupboards and recessed lighting

If you need more natural light than a window can provide, sliding patio doors may be the perfect addition to your kitchen. Sliding patio doors can provide air circulation, light, along with beautiful natural scenery.

Sliding patio doors are large walk-through windows. Sliding patio doors also open easily by gliding along a track with a small push.

3. Kitchen picture windows

Another option to add tons of light to your space is a kitchen picture window. Although they don't typically open, picture windows can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, such as the one pictured in the example above.

Decorative framing within a picture window can add a contemporary flair to your space. Placing this large window in the area above your sink can add a spacious feel to your room.

4. Arched kitchen windows

A spacious and luxurious white and rustic themed living room

Arched windows, such as the ones pictured above, create an ornate look in your home. With a unique shape, these windows also add an abundance of light to your kitchen.

The architectural detail that arched windows add cannot be matched. Placed over your sink, these kitchen windows can add the illusion of height to your room.

5. Garden kitchen windows

To add a little natural green color to your space, consider adding some plants or herbs as decorative accents. Like the one pictured in the example above, a garden window can be the perfect sunny spot to house your greenery.

A cross between a shelf and a window, garden windows are four-sided glass windows that extend outwards from your home. Garden windows are the perfect space to grow small plants and herbs that can be used for cooking.

6. Double-hung kitchen windows

Standard or single-hung windows only slide up and down from the bottom window or sash. Double-hung windows can open from both the top and bottom sash, as shown in the example above.

Cleaning is made more accessible by being able to open both sashes and tilt them toward you. Opening the top sash and angling it down and outward allows you to open your window during the rain and keep water from entering your home.

7. Kitchen casement windows

A white colored aluminum window on a white background

Casement windows attach to the frame using hinges on both sides of the windows, like the ones shown above. They can open out to offer maximum ventilation and light.

Sometimes hung in pairs, casement windows can occupy as much or as little space as you want. Casement windows are also easy to open, making them the perfect window to hang above your counter or sink.

8. Kitchen pass-through windows

Kitchen pass-through windows allow you to incorporate some of your outdoor space into your kitchen, as shown in the example above. Whether you choose kitchen pass-through windows that open upwards or fold in on each other, these windows create an opening to your patio or deck.

An extended window seal under your pass-through window can function as an outdoor bar connecting to your kitchen. This allows the cooks to be a part of the party outside while serving or preparing food and drinks.

9.  Kitchen bay windows

White bay window with white aluminum framing and a gorgeous marble kitchen countertop

Bay windows, such as the ones pictured above, extend out of your wall and into your outdoor space. They usually open on all three sides for maximum air circulation.

They can make a cute nook for relaxing, reading, or storage. Bay windows also add a contemporary touch and some architectural detail to your kitchen space.

10. Kitchen bow windows

Much like the bay windows discussed above, bow windows extend past your wall and can create a shelf or nook space. But, unlike bay windows, bow windows have a curved shape and can have various windows.

Bow windows usually have at least four openings, such as those shown above, but can have more, depending on the size and number of windows. These rounded-looking windows are usually also bigger than bay windows.

How wide should a kitchen window be?

Choosing a size of window for your kitchen may seem like a daunting task, but it shouldn't be. There are no hard and fast rules for window width because different types of windows will have different widths to choose from.

The overall size of your window should be decided by how much light you want to let in and the location of your window.

What is the standard height of a kitchen window?

Again, there are no rules when it comes to kitchen window size. You should fit the window to the space that it will occupy.

While placement is a consideration, the amount of light you want in your kitchen should also weigh in on your choice. If you are replacing an existing window and it doesn't let in enough light or lets in too much light, adjust the size accordingly to fit your kitchen.

What is a window over a kitchen sink called?

A window over a kitchen sink is often known as a kitchen sink window. The types of windows discussed above are just some of the different types of windows that can be placed over your kitchen sink.

These windows became common before automatic dishwashers became popular. The main purpose of kitchen sink windows used to be able to watch kids playing in the yard while doing dishes by hand, which could take a while depending on the number of dirty dishes.

Do kitchen windows need to open?

Not all kitchen windows open. The main function of opening windows is to circulate air through your space.

In the case of double-hung windows, the manner of opening makes cleaning and other tasks simpler by opening two ways. Even if your windows don't open, windows can give your space an open and spacious feel.

How many windows should you have in the kitchen?

There are no rules when it comes to kitchen windows or any other type of home decor. Your windows should be customized to fit your lifestyle and needs and those of your family.

The number of windows for every kitchen will vary based on size, location, and amount of light needed. Many experts recommend having at least one operable window in your kitchen for air circulation and reducing mildew and mold.

Final thoughts

Windows are hugely important in any space in your home. Kitchen windows can serve several functional purposes.

They can also add style and customization to your kitchen. We hope that the above selection of types of kitchen windows has helped you to narrow down the perfect window for your home.

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