Can Corelle Dishes Go In The Air Fryer Or Oven?

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide whether it's safe to use your cookware in the air fryer or oven. Do you have Corelle dishes but don't know whether they can go into your air fryer or oven? Well, we've done some research and have the answer for you. Let's discuss.

Corelle dishes are safe to go into temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, including the air fryer and oven. Although Corelle dishes are glass, they have a durable three-layer design which allows them to withstand hotter kitchen appliances/temperatures.

As we begin, we will dive into all things Corelle dishware and discuss how to use them. Whether you are new to the brand or have a few of their sets, we're here to help. With that said, let's get right into this post!

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Are All Corelle Dishes Oven-Safe?

Yes, all of Corelle's dishes are safe to go into the oven. Corelle states that all of their dinnerware can withstand up to 350 degrees and be used according to their instructions.

They also mention how their attachments (foot and handle) can only be in temperatures up to 248 degrees, so keep that in mind.

Regardless, glass cookware/dishes do better when gradually heated, so try to place them into an oven before it gets too hot.

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Is It Safe To Put Corelle Dishes In An Air Fryer?

Generally, as long as you keep your air fryer on a lower heat setting, you are safe to put Corelle dishes into it.

Air fryers tend to heat up very fast, which can cause glass cookware to explode, so it's best to give your appliance a minute to warm before placing your Corelle dish inside.

As long you use your air fryer with caution, you shouldn't run into any problems, but again, glass is sensitive to fast temperature changes.

How Are Corelle Dishes Made?

Corelle uses a special glass lamination process, which essentially bonds multiple glass layers together thermally. This heating process is unique to the brand and sets it apart from many of its competitors.

Corelle also promises to make their dishware virtually break-proof, so you can expect your dishes to last a long time. That said, Corelle has many lines of dishware, with some being more durable than others.

Are There Different Grades Of Corelle Dishes?

Yes, Corelle does offer a wide array of dishware, which all range in design and durability. Corelle has six different product lines, including Livingware, Impressions, Square, Lifestyles, Ultra, and Heartstone.

Ultra and Livingware tend to be the most popular of this group, although Corelle's makes all of their products long-lasting. Corelle also offers hundreds of patterns on their dishes, so there's something for any type of style.

Corelle Livingware 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

This 18-piece dinnerware set is oven-safe, break and scratch-resistant, and has a modern white design. It comes with a three-year warranty.

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Can Corelle Dishware Go In The Microwave?

It is also safe to heat Corelle dishware in a microwave. Like the oven or air fryer, your dishes will be okay as long as your microwave doesn't get hotter than 350 degrees.

With that said, Corelle recommends heating empty dishes in your oven over the microwave to avoid damaging them. Their website also mentions how all of their porcelain and stoneware mugs are microwave-safe, which is good to know.

Can Corelle Be Used On Induction?

Yes, you can use all of Corelle's dishware on induction, gas, halogen, and electric coil ranges. Corelle dishes have an ultra-smooth texture, which won't damage your stovetop like some other options will.

If you're worried about scratching your stove, you can always place an induction disk between your Corelle dish and stovetop to prevent them from touching each other.

COOZYER Stainless Steel Induction Diffuser Plate

This induction disk is stainless steel, 9.45 inches, works on induction stovetops, and promises to distribute heat evenly to your cookware.

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Can Corelle Shatter?

Although Corelle dishware is strong, they aren't always shatterproof. Corelle markets their products as being "virtually unbreakable," but their dishes are glass at the end of the day.

Generally, normal wear and tear won't affect Corelle dishes, but dropping them can result in shattering. Corelle dishes are supposedly so strong that even after dropping a heavy skillet onto one of them only ended up breaking it into two pieces.

Does Corelle Break Easily?

Like we covered above, no, Corelle dishes won't break very easily. Considering that everyday wear and tear usually doesn't affect Corelle, these dishes are known to last long.

On top of that, Corelle dishware also won't scratch, chip, or stain as easily as other brands, which makes it stand out. Of course, that's not to say Corelle can't break, but it will take a good amount of force to make this happen.

Can You Put Corelle Into The Dishwasher?

An opened dishwasher filled with spoons and forks with plates and bowl

You are certainly fine to put your Corelle dishes into the dishwasher. Considering most machines will only get to around 140 degrees, your Corelle shouldn't get damaged during a cleaning cycle.

That said, Corelle dishes promise to be easy to hand-wash, so using the dishwasher won't always be necessary.

Furthermore, Corelle recommends making sure your dishes aren't too close to anything they can bump into during a cycle to avoid chipping/breaking.

Are Corelle Dishes Easy To Clean?

Typically, Corelle dishes will be very easy to get clean. Corelle dishes won't rust as they are entirely glass, but rust can transfer onto them from other cookware.

Corelle dishes also aren't porous, which makes them far less likely to stain and discolor over time.

Even if your Corelle dishes end up with some blemishes, they are easy to clean. Please take a look at our post: How To Remove Black Marks And Stains From Corelle Dishes for more information.

Are Corelle Dishes Lead And Cadmium-Free?

If your Corelle dishware doesn't have a painted pattern, it will be lead and cadmium-free. The company claims that any pre-2005 dishes with designs will have a high percentage of lead and cadmium, so they shouldn't be eaten on.

All of Corelle's post-2005 dishes meet FDA standards, meaning they are completely safe to use and eat off.

That said, anytime you purchase a painted or printed dish from Corelle or any brand, you can expect them to have a small percentage of lead or cadmium.

Are Corelle Dishes Toxic?

There are Corelle dishes that we now know are toxic. But this only applies to their dishes manufactured before 2005. As we mentioned, Corelle's pre-2005 painted dishware doesn't meet current FDA standards, meaning it isn't safe to use.

Generally, we wouldn't recommend using any chipped Corelle dishes, especially their vintage designs.

How Long Does Corelle Last?

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You can usually expect Corelle dishware to last you between ten and 15 years. Although this timeline varies, Corelle dishes are durable, meaning they will last much longer than standard options.

According to Corelle's website, they offer a three-year warranty that will cover your dishes if they break due to regular use.

So although this won't cover accidents like dropping a heavy item on your dishes, it will come in handy for chipping, cracking, and staining.

Is Corelle Worth It?

In general, we do agree that Corelle dishes are worth it. Although they can be more expensive than other brands, you will have them for years to come.

Corelle is considered a higher-end dishware brand, so with that comes a steeper price tag. Of course, Corelle offers plenty of cost-effective dish options, so you don't have to spend a fortune to get one of their products.

To Wrap Everything Up

Whether you have a set of Corelle dishes or want to get one, it's essential to know how to use them. From what we found, Corelle dishes are safe to go into the oven and air fryer, as long as they aren't over 350 degrees.

When it comes to heating, Corelle dishware is also microwave and induction-safe, so you are okay to use them in/on your other kitchen appliances.

Corelle is also dishwasher-friendly, although their design makes them easy to clean by hand.

Regardless, remember to keep your Corelle dishes out of temperates above 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and don't be afraid to use an indication disk on your stovetop if you're worried about scratching it.

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  1. Yes Corelle dishes are nearly shatterproof,,,except when given to an toddler in a high chair. Then all bets are off. Even when closely attended a toddler can grab one, and with one wave of the arm send it crashing to the floor in 0.25 seconds. When that happens there’s a 95%/5% chance that it will just bounce when it hits the floor. But then there’s that one time out of twenty. (Note – raised two kids with only one Corelle casualty.)
    Honestly, nothing is toddler-proof….

  2. I was given Corelle dishes when I got married in 1972. I still use them. Are you now saying they are toxic? Why didn’t you offer safe replacements? I am retired on Medicare & a small pension & I can’t afford a new set of corelle, but I love my dishes & have had them since 1972!

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