Why Are My Corelle Dishes Chipping? [And What To Do About It]

Corelle dishes are the enthusiast's favorite dinnerware, and rightfully so! They are low on the pocket, durable, reliable, and add a characteristic elegance to the dinner table. Thus, it would be a shame to let any blemishes affect their beauty. This brings the need to tackle a frequent problem with old-age Corelle dishes; why do they begin chipping? The reasons for that and how to deal with it is a million-dollar question, and today, we intend to answer it. 

Over time, the negligent use and care for Corelle dishes may cause them to chip and roughen at the edges. This includes inappropriate positioning in the dishwasher rack, such as facing the center of the plates upwards instead.

Additionally, hitting against other dishes during storage also physically damages the dish. The use of an abrasive detergent may also contribute to the problem. 

But, what can we do if the dishes are no longer serviceable? Is there a way to fix them? Additionally, if we can't fix them, are there other ways to use them instead of throwing them away? More importantly, how can we prevent our Corelle dishes from chipping in the first place? If you'd like to learn this and more, keep reading ahead. 

Mugs, cups and plates with blue and white pattern of flowers and onions. All neatly cleaned up in a wooden kitchen cabinet, Why Are My Corelle Dishes Chipping? [And What To Do About It]

Does Corelle Get Brittle With Age?

Age is never a factor for Corelle to wear out. However, over the years, constant use and wrong storage techniques may cause it to chip, stain, or fade.

Thus, Corelle is subject to wear and tear due to years of exposure to detergents, abrasion, and faulty positioning against other plates.

As long as your Corelle dishes are not vintage pieces from the 1990s, they are safe to use and will last a long time. 

How Do You Keep Dishes From Chipping?

To prevent your Corelle from chipping, you need to eliminate each of the causes for the problem one-by-one.

Most of it is related to your dishwasher habits and how you arrange dishes for storage. Thus, it is a simple matter of changing practices. 

Loading the Dishwasher

Open dishwasher with clean dishes at home kitchen

The arrangement and distribution of dishes in the dishwasher rack is an art in itself. You don't want their positioning to cause them damage due to bumping, inappropriate temperatures, or high pressure. 

Carefully load your Corelle into the bottom rack in between the tines. The better angled they are here, the better the water pressure they get.

Do not stack them up on each other. Make sure the center faces downwards right against the wash spray that comes from the bottom.  

Using the Right Detergent

Switching to a non-abrasive dishwasher detergent will improve the quality of your Corelle dishes.

Packed with non-toxic ingredients, there exists a range of eco-friendly dishwasher detergents that help fight abrasion. The ecozone all-in-one dishwasher tablets are a great choice in this regard.

Click here to see these dishwasher tablets on Amazon.

Separating the Dishes

Part of the problem lies in the constant contact of the dishes with one another. You can tackle this by inserting a small barrier that separates them. However, this must be a thin piece of material to ensure no extra space is occupied.

A coffee filter works best to separate them. It does the job well and perfectly fits the size of Corelle dishes. You may use a paper towel or napkin as an alternative. After the wash, remember to space them on the drying rack properly.  

Is It Safe To Use Chipped Corelle?

Freshly washed dishes on the sink

Maybe the damage on the dish only extends to tiny fractures or splinters. Or perhaps the damage remains on the edges, leaving the center intact.

In this case, you may want to keep that dish, believing it is still usable. Yet, we suggest you think twice.

All forms of chipped Corelle dishes should immediately be disposed of. They are unsafe to use for many reasons and lead to several health issues. 

Bacteria Contamination

Chips and cracks in the dish surface provide the sites for bacteria formation. Thus, no matter the size of the damage, it will likely harbor harmful allergens.

Smaller chipping is harder to disinfect, increasing the threat. Contaminated food may lead to foodborne illnesses, including a range of gastrointestinal issues. 

Leaching Out of Lead

All Corelle dishes in the past were manufactured using a certain amount of lead for durability and decorative purposes.

They were coated with a smooth finish to prevent direct contact between the lead and your food. So, cracks and chipping open room for ingestion of this lead and other heavy metals used in manufacturing. 

Since 1970, FDA has been regulating this use of lead. It imposes many restrictions to ensure the safety of Corelle dishes.

Thus, you will not end up consuming high amounts of lead or toxic metals in this case. However, that doesn't eliminate the chronic health problems that may arise due to such exposure.

Regardless, this situation applies to you if your Corelle dishes are an old set. More specifically, if you own a set of dishes made in 2005 or earlier, Corelle suggests using them as decorative pieces.

After the 2005 mark, their products don't pose as much of a threat regarding lead contamination. 

Physical Danger

Additionally, chipped dishes may also result in injuries or glass ingestion. Not only are the physical remnants of the chipped section dangerous to touch, but they may also contaminate your food.

This way, they gain passage into your body through your mouth. Such ingestion could cause bleeding and go on to pose serious health concerns.

Replacing a Damaged Corelle Dish

Under the Corelle Dinnerware Limited Three-Year Warranty, the brand promises to compensate for all dinnerware pieces that chip, break, stain, or fade. This compensation will be a replacement for the damaged item.

How Do I Replace Corelle Dishes?

The Corelle 3-year warranty for dinnerware is applicable for all pieces that have been used according to the safety instructions provided. If you're eligible, reach out to the Corelle Customer Care Center to proceed with the warranty claim. 

When Should I Replace My Corelle Dishes?

Anytime you notice chipping or damage on the dishes within three years of purchasing, you should get them replaced. However, this is not applicable for damage that occurs due to misuse or negligence of the customer. 

Should your dishes break after the warranty period expires, you must still get a replacement on your own. Otherwise, let them be for as long as they are healthy and beautiful! 

What Is the Lifespan of Corelle Dishes?

Dishwasher, clean dishes and kitchen detail, How Many Amps Does A Dishwasher Use? [By Brand]

Corelle doesn't promise you any lifespan for their dishes. It only guarantees quality and that it provides! Your Corelle dinnerware, if used with care, easily lasts its beauty for ten to fifteen years. With a three-year warranty, this only gets better.

People even have dinnerware that was passed on two generations ago. Thus, you can be assured that the dishes are durable pieces. 

Does Corelle Break?

Corelle dinnerware combines the best of materials, giving it its acclaimed break-resistant property. Their tempered glass structure is especially prominent, helping them resist chipping and scratches. Thus, the dinnerware pieces are durable. 

Yet, they are not impossible to break. If met with a hard enough blow, you will be able to see some chipping or other forms of damage. 

Which Corelle Dishes Are Unbreakable?

By now, most of us believe in giving Corelle dishes a try. After all, investing in a good-quality, versatile dinner set that follows modern designs and is available in various styles is a worthy investment. 

When it comes to which of the many patterns of Corelle is the strongest, each customer has a favorite. Corelle dishes are manufactured as part of six separate production chains. 

Out of all, we believe the Ultra category takes the winning seat. Tried and tested, these Ultra dishes redefine strength and are worthy of the unbreakable claims associated with Corelle dishes.

What To Do With Chipped Dishes?

Now that we have settled that old chipped Corelle should never make its way to your table - let us think beyond it.

Is disposing of these pieces of excellent craftsmanship the only way? As long as we are not eating in them, can chipped Corelle dishes serve a purpose?

Corelle dishes are beautiful and make for a great decoration piece. People use broken plates all the time for creating art. Maybe get an artist on board and allow them to reuse them creatively or unleash your own creativity. 

A chipped dish adds aesthetic value. And it may be repurposed as wall art, stepping stones, or saucers for planters. People have even used them for creating lovely garden edges. 

Final Takeaway 

Corelle dishes are not magic objects that do not chip, break or fade. They deliver quality and if used correctly, last a long time.

Whether you came here looking for answers regarding your chipped Corelle dishes or investigating if the dinnerware is a worthwhile investment, we hope the information was helpful!

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