Corelle Vitrelle Vs Livingware: What Is The Difference?

Finding the perfect dishes to use in your kitchen can sometimes be a maze of confusing information. Do you think you'd like to buy Corelle Vitrelle dinnerware but also like their Livingware line? What is the main difference between these two collections?

Lucky for you, we've done some digging and have these answers below.

The main difference between Corelle Vitrelle and Livingware is that Vitrelle is a specialty material that is sturdier and can hold up against chipping, breaking, and staining.

On the other hand, Corelle Livingware is still a great line but focuses more on aesthetics and is an excellent option for those wanting a lead-free product.

Again, both of these collections are good for the home, although, in terms of strength, Vitrelle wins.

As we begin this article, we will cover all things Corelle products and discuss what the differences are between the brand's Vitrelle and Livingware collections. Whether you're new to Corelle, have a few sets already, or want to learn more about how these dishes are made, you're at the right spot!

Without further ado, let's dive right into this topic!A collage of livingware alnd white Vitrelle tableware stacked in clear top, Corelle Vitrelle Vs Livingware: What Is The Difference?

Is Corelle Vitrelle The Same As Livingware?

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No. Corelle's 'Vitrelle' line is very different than their 'Livingware' collection of dinnerware. One of the most important differences between these two options is the material.

Corelle Vitrelle is a specialty tempered glass that is virtually indestructible. In contrast, Corelle's Livingware is still sturdy but doesn't pack the same punch material-wise.

Instead, Livingware focuses more on the designs and patterns, often outshining Vitrelle in terms of aesthetics. Between the two, you can expect Vitrelle to last longer, although any product from Corelle should be good for a long time.

Another benefit to using Corelle's Livingware and Vitrelle is that they're lead-free. Unfortunately, not all dinnerware and cookware are lead/chemical-free, which is a big deal for your health.

Which Is Better: Corelle Vitrelle Or Livingware?

For those wondering which of these two Corelle collections is better, that depends on your cooking and dining habits. As we said, Vitrelle is stronger, meaning it can handle bumping, dropping, and scraping.

On the other hand, Livingware tends to have a more expensive look and features beautiful patterns and designs that Vitrelle often doesn't. Livingware also has an uber-popular 'Winter Frost White' set, one of the company's best sellers.

So, for decorative dishware, we think that Livingware is the way to go, while strength falls back on Vitrelle. Considering that Corelle's Vitrelle collection is tempered glass, you can expect it to stay usable for a longer time.

However, all Corelle dishware tends to be higher-quality than most options on the market, so you're making a good purchase either way.

Corelle offers endless dish collections and sets to choose from, which can get confusing.

Corelle Livingware 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

This dinner set is Corelle's Livingware line, features 18 pieces, services six people, is made in the USA and features a three-year warranty.

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Is All Corelle Made Of Vitrelle?

Yes, all of Corelle's dinnerware will be made using their Vitrelle material. As we said, Vitrelle is a glass laminate of three thermally-bonded glass layers, providing extra protection against wear and tear.

Of course, Corelle has different collections of dinnerware, which range in price, color, etc. So, although all their dishes will be similarly created, you can expect different designs between the lines.

Generally, people choose to go with Corelle's plain white dinnerware, although you can get the same protection with a vibrant design.

Regardless of your collection, you want to look for keywords like 'shatter-proof,' 'tempered glass,' and 'durable' when searching for new dishes.

Is Vitrelle Safe?

Yes, eating food from Vitrelle surfaces should be safe. Since Corelle stopped using lead in their dinnerware, all new collections starting from 2005 to now will be lead and chemical-free.

An interesting fact about Corelle is that they knew lead was in their dishes through the early 2000s. Many customers were unhappy with that, as lead is toxic and can negatively affect you as it ages.

Because of this bad PR, the Corelle brand started manufacturing its products without lead or dangerous chemicals, setting a new industry standard.

Specifically, the company's decorative dinner plates, bowls, mugs, etc., had high amounts of lead. This could be traced back to the paint they used for designing these.

So, if you have decorative Corelle dishes from before 2005, we don't recommend using them.

Are Corelle Dishes Expensive?

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Although some of their older dishes go for a higher price tag, Corelle is not super pricey compared to other options. Generally, Corelle will cost between $50 and $100 for a set, which isn't too bad.

Many dinnerware brands are around this price range, often a little less but at a price. Corelle stands out because this company makes dishes that will last.

Not every dinnerware manufacturer can make sturdy products that will resist chipping, scratching, and even shattering. So, although spending $100 on dishes seems insane, you ultimately get what you pay for.

Furthermore, Corelle's basic dinner sets without fancy detailing fall around $50-$65, so we recommend plain white dishes if you're on a tighter budget.

You also want to remember that Vitrelle is a Corelle-patented product, meaning other brands won't make dishes with the same capability.

What Is The Most Expensive Corelle Collection?

When it comes to the most expensive Corelle collection, this falls to their 'Splendor' and 'Square Urban Arc' lines. In addition to those, Corelle's 'Speckled' and 'Stoneware' can also get pricey depending on the pattern, so this is a more premium brand.

Again, Corelle makes plenty of products ranging from mid-priced to more expensive. Regardless of collection, you can expect a Corelle dinnerware set to be reliable and high-quality, so the price makes sense.

You can also regularly find Corelle on sale at major retailers, as they're constantly dropping new patterns and lines. So, if you want to save money, try shopping for their more basic or last-season dishes.

Another factor here is that Corelle offers an excellent product warranty, so don't be discouraged by the pricing.

Corelle 18-Piece Splendor Dinnerware Set

This dinnerware set comes with 18 pieces, services six people, is chip-resistant, features Vitrelle technology, are non-porous, easy to clean, and has a gorgeous lined pattern.

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Corelle Indigo Speckle Dinnerware Set

This dish set comes with 18 pieces, serves six people, is scratch and chip resistant, have an indigo blue speckled pattern, is easy to clean, features Vitrelle technology, and is made in the USA.

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How Long Do Corelle Dishes Last?

Dinner plate on white background.

You can typically expect Corelle dishes to last 10-15 years on average. Considering that this company uses Vitrelle, tempered glass technology for all its products, it's safe to say you'll have your dinnerware for a while.

As we said, Corelle dishes can withstand everyday wear and tear. Therefore, it's more likely to see your dishes last for decades without issue.

Although there isn't technically a lifespan for Corelle products, many customers still have their dishes from the early 2000s. That said, you don't want to eat off older, pre-2005 Corelle, but if you want to display them, that's 100% okay.

On top of that, Corelle does offer various warranties on their dinner sets, so if yours break within the first couple of years, you should be covered.

Corelle is known for making some of the best dinner sets on the market, so regardless, you can expect to use and enjoy yours for years to come.

Want to learn more about Corelle product's lifespans?

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Do Corelle Dishes Come With A Warranty?

Yes! All Corelle dinner sets and individual dishes include a limited three-year warranty. This coverage applies to all Corelle dinnerware (except porcelain and stoneware mugs) for three years from the date you purchase them.

Suppose you drop a Corelle plate, and it shatters. With this coverage, the company will send you a replacement product if it's within the first three years.

Because many brands don't offer three-year coverage on their dishes, Corelle is a great long-term choice. Even though Corelle uses Vitrelle technology, that's not to say your dishes won't break.

If you're rough enough or drop Corelle from a high enough distance, breakage or damage is likely. Therefore, you still need to be somewhat aware and careful when cleaning and storing your Corelle.

Are Corelle Dishes Shatter-Proof?

White plate lies broken on the floor.

Although Corelle is tough, it's possible for your dishes to shatter. According to the brand, they assure customers that their dinnerware is 'break-resistant' but not unbreakable.

That's a common misconception people have about Corelle. Simply because a product is sturdy doesn't mean it won't break if you're rough with it.

However, most Corelle customers don't run into breaking dishes with everyday wear and tear. For example, if you bump a Corelle dish into the cabinet or other plate, it won't likely shatter.

On the other hand, if you drop a Corelle dish 4-5 feet from the floor, it's more likely to break.

To Wrap It All Up

Whether you have Corelle dinnerware or want to purchase some, it's always good to know your options. We found that although Corelle's Vitrelle and Livingware lines are close, they have their differences.

Specifically, Corelle Vitrelle will be more basic, although have a sturdier design. In contrast, Livingware will also be Vitrelle material but offers more colors, patterns, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Price-wise, these two collections are in the same range, although you can expect to pay around $50-$65 at the very minimum for Corelle dishes.

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