What’s The Best Pot For Melting Sugar?

You are probably very familiar with everyday table sugar or sucrose but may not be so familiar with the best ways and best pots to melt it. Melting sugar consists of several phases that can give you vastly different results and tastes. Recipes can quickly turn disastrous by simply burning the sugar, so finding the right pot may seem overwhelming. We have searched multiple sources to bring you an inclusive list of pots for melting sugar.

Thick-bottomed pots make the perfect sugar melting pots because of their quick and even heat distribution and sturdiness. This type of pot is available in several different materials and sizes. Some of these pots come with a built-in spout, making pouring your melted sugar easy. The pots that we will discuss in closer detail are as follows:

  1. Maviel copper sugar saucepan
  2. Demmex copper sugar sauce zabaglione pan
  3. Vention thick-bottomed stainless steel saucepan
  4. Farberware .625 quart stainless steel butter warmer
  5. Asvert mini butter melting pot
  6. Stainless steel double boiler pot
  7. Excelsteel 3 piece boiler
  8. Bayou classic 1 qt cast-iron saucepan
  9. Rachael Ray Cucina nonstick butter warmer saucepan
  10. Michelangelo nonstick saucepan

Finding the right pot for melting your sugar is likely only one of many considerations that you will have to make during your cooking or baking project. You may find yourself wondering if cast-iron or nonstick pans will help you achieve the results that you are wanting from melting your sugar. You may ask yourself what certain pans are used for and what makes them special. We will address all of these points and discuss other closely related topics. Just keep reading!

Melting butter and brown sugar in a stainless pot, What's The Best Pot For Melting Sugar?

1. Maviel copper sugar saucepan

Made in France, this saucepan is used by many confectioners and pastry chefs. This particular model is heavy, making the heat distribution uniform and controlled.

Copper pots and pans are known for their even heat distribution and durability. The spout makes pouring out your melted sugar a breeze.

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2. Demmex copper sugar sauce zabaglione pan

Named for the Italian custard-type desert, a zabaglione saucepan is a perfect pan for the delicate cooking required of this light custard.

The even heat distribution that heavy copper pans are known for prevents the burning of delicate dishes and desserts.

The pan shown below is not only thick, heavy, and durable, but it is also stylish. A unique combination of hammered copper with shiny gold accents makes this the perfect saucepan to add to your collection.

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3. Vention thick-bottomed stainless steel saucepan

Thick-bottomed saucepans are particularly well-suited for melting sugar because thick pot or pan bases absorb heat better than thin ones. The heat is then evenly distributed across the metal surface for optimal cooking.

The saucepan shown below comes with a lid and wood accents. Wood handles are cool to the touch when pouring the melted sugar from the handy built-in spout.

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4. Farberware .625 quart stainless steel butter warmer

If you aren't planning on melting very much sugar, this stainless steel .625 quart melting pot might be perfect for you. This pan boasts a thick aluminum core surrounded by stainless steel for uniform and rapid heating.

The pot pictured below is cost and space-efficient which makes it a great addition to any kitchen. This pot is oven safe with a convenient spout and stylish design.

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5. Asvert Mini Butter Melting Pot

Another option in smaller-sized pots is the Asvert mini butter melting pot. This pot is high-quality stainless steel and perfect for a small project.

The outside of this pot is etched with markings, making measuring simple and convenient. It also has a built-in spout for added convenience.

This brand offers a few different sizes of melting pots to choose from, and the stainless steel will hold up to the scrubbing of any leftover sugar.

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6. Stainless steel double boiler pot

The double boiler method for melting sugar can take a bit longer than melting sugar directly in a pan over flame or heat. While this method may take slightly longer, it can save you the headache of burnt sugar.

The boiling water in the bottom pot ensures even heat distribution. The heat from the boiling water heats your sugar slowly and evenly to the desired result.

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7. Excelsteel 3 piece boiler

This polished stainless steel double boiler is an ideal pot for melting sugar, chocolate, or making candy.

Using steam from boiling water in the bottom pot, heat is evenly distributed to the upper pot holding sugar, chocolate, or candy.

Tempered glass makes watching your cooking easy, and the pot has a matching stay-cool handle with a hanging loop for easy storage.

This pot is made of durable superior quality stainless steel that will hold up to almost any project you throw at it.

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8. Bayou classic 1 qt. cast-iron saucepan

Sturdy and durable is a common theme among cast-iron products. Cast iron saucepans such as the one pictured below come highly recommended for sugar caramelization.

A wooden spoon should be used to stir melted sugar in cast iron. Keep in mind that sugar will continue to cook after being removed from direct heat with just the heat of the pot.

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9. Rachael Ray Cucina nonstick butter warmer saucepan

Although the saucepan pictured below will catch your eye because of the beautiful vibrant color choices, it will win you over with its quick melting nonstick properties. It is made from aluminum for even cooking and durability.

The nonstick surface and convenient spout make removing melted sugar a simple task. This saucepan also comes in a choice of agave blue, cranberry red, pumpkin orange, or lavender purple.

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10. Michelangelo nonstick saucepan

Nonstick surfaces make the clean-up from melting sugar a breeze. This sleek modern saucepan has a multilayered nonstick surface and an interior made of ceramic and titanium.

An aluminum structure makes for quick and even heating. The particular saucepan pictured below is oven-safe and works on all types of stovetops.

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Can you melt sugar in a cast-iron skillet?

Cast iron pan on rustic black stone background

Different stages of sugar melting will change the taste and color of the sugar. Because the color changes can be subtle, using a pan with a light-colored bottom can be helpful.

With this being said, cast iron skillets are still great for melting sugar because of their thick and sturdy characteristics.

These characteristics help to distribute heat evenly which, as we have shown throughout this post, is what keeps melted sugar from burning.

Can you caramelize sugar in a nonstick pan?

Nonstick pans can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Sugar carmelizes at 320-350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nonstick pans can actually be beneficial for caramelizing sugar because of their easy clean-up.

However, some experts do not recommend caramelizing sugar in a nonstick pan because the melted sugar may pull off the nonstick surface.

What is a thick bottom saucepan?

A thick bottom saucepan is any saucepan that has a thicker base than the sides. This type of pan is used when a recipe involves heating food that can easily burn.

Using a thin pot can burn your sugar because these pots will heat unevenly, creating hot spots. A thick bottom saucepan will distribute heat evenly, ensuring optimal results.

Why are copper pots used for candy making?

A copper pot on the table

Copper pots are commonly used for candy making because of their even heat distribution, as we have previously discussed.

Sugary syrups are the base for many types of candy and evenly heating sugar into these syrups can be a delicate process.

Another property of copper pots that makes them great for candy making is their durability.

Because candy making and sugar melting require subjecting your pot to high temperatures and constant stirring, a sturdy and durable pot is necessary.

Final thoughts

Sugar dissolves very easily in water or with heat and melts at temperatures of 184-186 degrees Celsius or 363 - 366 degrees Fahrenheit.

This property makes sugar one of the most popular items used for cooking and baking worldwide.

Because melting sugar can be such a precise process, the correct pot can be instrumental in achieving the desired outcome. We hope that the above selection has helped you to find the perfect pot for your baking project.

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