Do You Season The Outside Of A Cast Iron Skillet?

The versatile and rustic cast-iron skillet is perfect for searing steaks and baking pies. However, you may wonder if the outside needs seasoning like the inner one. To help you, we've researched this topic, and here's what we found.

Although the outside of a cast-iron skillet is not where you place the food, you should still season it for better protection. Since manufacturers molded this cookware as an integrated piece, all surfaces require regular seasoning and maintenance.

The secret behind the nonstick and indestructible cast iron cookware is well-seasoned surfaces, regardless of the type or size. This article will cover the seasoning of the exterior and the importance of this process. We'll also discuss cast iron's suitable oils, curing procedure, and other questions. Read on to learn all about it.
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Do You Grease The Outside Of A Cast-Iron Skillet?

Final Thoughts

Whether inside or outside, a cast-iron skillet needs seasoning for a brand-new appearance and long-lasting performance. Seasoning your skillet inside and out only requires about an hour of your time and materials you likely already have at home!

Season your cast iron regularly and properly to keep this durable tool in great condition. That way, it will be ready for your next cooking adventure or storage.

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