Where Should I Put My Freezer? [10 Locations To Consider]

A freezer in the modern kitchen, Where Should I Put My Freezer? [10 Locations to Consider]A freezer is one of the easiest appliances to install, but finding a place for another large appliance that doesn’t necessarily fit in with a traditional kitchen design can be tricky. If you have been wondering where to put a freezer, we’ve got the best location ideas for you.

You can put a freezer in the:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Pantry
  3. Laundry room
  4. Bedroom
  5. Nook
  6. Game room
  7. Basement
  8. Garage
  9. Outdoor porch/patio
  10. Backyard shed

Keep reading, and we’ll discuss what you should consider when choosing the best location for a freezer at your home.

How Much Space Do I Need for a Freezer?

There are two types of freezers for you to consider when determining if you will have the right amount of space, upright freezers, and chest freezers. Both types of freezers are available in compact (3 cu-ft to 5 cu-ft), small (6 cu-ft to 9 cu-ft), medium (12 cu-ft to 18 cu-ft), and large (19 cu-ft to 25 cu-ft) sizes for home use. The smaller the freezer, the smaller the footprint.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers resemble refrigerators. This tall appliance has a vertical door that opens outwardly by swinging either toward the left or the right. Equipped with shelving on the interior and along the door, you can store frozen foods neatly in an upright freezer. But, you also lose some storage capacity due to shelf space. Upright freezers tend to have a smaller footprint than chest freezers.

Because the entire contents of the freezer are exposed to warmer air each time you open the door, frozen foods kept in an upright freezer can be prone to freezer burn.

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Chest Freezers

Chest freezers resemble a storage chest or large box with a lid. The chest freezer has a horizontal, top-lifting lid. Frozen foods are stacked atop one another deeply inside the chest, typically with one or two shallow hanging baskets for organization. Broad, chest freezers have a larger footprint than upright freezers.

Grabbing food from the chest freezer can be difficult because of the freezer’s depth and densely packed foods. But this design makes chest freezers extremely efficient because there is little exposure to outside air when the lid is open. Foods stay solidly frozen with minimal risk of freezer burn.

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Before you install either type freezer, consider the clearance necessary for opening and closing of the door or lid. Add approximately 1 to 2 inches to the exterior dimensions of the upright freezer to account for space required for proper ventilation. You will also want a location that has easy access to an electrical outlet.

Where to Put a Stand-Alone Freezer?

There are several options throughout your home where you can put a freezer, and it can be an improvement to the decor. Upright freezers have various exterior color options, while chest freezers let you be creative by applying decorative, adhesive wraps or building an enclosure to blend into any location.

1. Kitchen

If you use your freezer frequently, keeping it in the kitchen is ideal. Compact freezers can fit neatly beneath your counters. Small to medium freezers can be built into the cabinetry for a streamlined look.


2. Pantry

Still handy in the kitchen, a freezer is neatly tucked away when kept in the pantry.


3. Laundry Room

Let the freezer lid double as prime folding space in your laundry room.


4. Bedroom

Add a piece of flair to your bedroom decor with a uniquely wrapped freezer, such as this pattern disguised to look like an antique storage chest.


5. Nook

Make the most of every space, tuck a compact freezer into a nook in your hallway, home office, guest room, or bathroom.


6. Game Room

It’s all fun and games with a multipurpose kegerator/freezer displayed in your game room.


7. Basement

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, it likely has the perfect spot for a stand-alone freezer.


8. Garage

A well-organized garage has plenty of extra space to locate a stand-alone freezer.


9. Outdoor Porch/Patio

Keep the freezer nearby without using precious interior space when you locate it on the back deck or patio.


10. Backyard Shed

Located outside near the garden patch, you’ll have easy access from the shed to grab homegrown produce and farm-fresh meats from the freezer.


Is it OK to Put a Freezer Outside?

Freezers have durable exteriors and are well insulated, so it is OK to put a freezer outside. If possible, locate the freezer in an area with a roof, like a garage, shed, or porch. Enclosing the freezer can also protect it, but make sure you leave adequate ventilation if all four sides are concealed.

Here are a few additional considerations for an outdoor freezer location:


Moderate climates are the best for keeping a freezer outdoors. Check the instructions for temperature tolerances for your freezer, because extreme heat or cold can be detrimental to the freezer’s performance and upkeep.

Sun Exposure

Provide a shade cover for your freezer, or select an outdoor location that does not get direct sunlight. The freezer will be less efficient if it is working in the hot sun, and you will see a spike in your electric bill.

Air Quality

If you live near a coastal area, an outdoor freezer will likely be exposed to salty and sandy air. Salty air can cause corrosion on the freezer’s compressor. Sand can clog the freezer’s filter. Be mindful of the air quality, and clean the freezer’s components frequently to prevent corrosion and debris from causing excess wear.

Weather & Debris

An outdoor freezer will be exposed to all seasons, so you might consider covering it to protect the exterior. Either rooftops, shade covers, or enclosures will help to keep the freezer clean and shielded from UV damage, falling leaves, and debris, and piling snow and ice.

Theft & Animals

If you have any concerns about theft, you can purchase either a freezer with a locking lid or install a refrigerator lock. A lock will also keep out curious backyard animals like bears and raccoons.

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Is it OK to Put a Freezer in the Garage?

Yes! A garage is an excellent location for the freezer because it will be protected from the elements. Check the instructions for temperature tolerances, just to be on the safe side if you live in a temperate climate, and the garage is not heated during winter or cooled during summer. Keep the garage area near the freezer tidy, free of dust and debris.

Is it Safe to Put a Freezer in a Bedroom?

Yes! It is safe to put a freezer in the bedroom. An additional consideration for this location would be noise. You will hear the freezer’s compressor humming when it is working to cool the temperature of the unit. If you are someone who enjoys white noise, this could be the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Keep in mind the freezer’s ventilation requirements when locating it in a bedroom. Be careful not to locate it too near low hanging curtains, radiators, and bed linens.

Final Thoughts

Do not forget to measure doorways before you bring your new freezer home to be sure that you can get the freezer into the location you have selected. Being stuck in a door is less than ideal.

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