Should I Unplug My Garage Fridge In The Winter?

For most households, having a refrigerator in the garage is standard. The extra room makes it an excellent location, although the winters can be challenging. So, should you unplug it during the winter? Here are the results from our research on this topic for you.

Unplug your refrigerator if the temperature in your garage drops below 35 °F. By doing this, you can avoid having to pay for costly repairs if the water lines in your appliance freeze or rupture. 

Read on as we give you tips on what to do with your garage refrigerator during the winter and how to keep it from working properly. We'll also cover how to maintain the efficiency of your garage refrigerator during the winter and if it is worth having a garage-ready refrigerator.

Interior of a narrow garage with lots of stored tools, bike parts, and a refrigerator on the back, Should I Unplug My Garage Fridge In The Winter?

Should You Keep A Fridge In A Garage, Especially During Winter?

You can leave your refrigerator in the garage. However, you must take the temperature into account if you intend to leave it there. Extremely low or high temperatures can interfere with the refrigerator's operation because of the ambient temperature.

An opened garage door showing heavy snowfall outside the house

Always choose a refrigerator that can withstand a wide variety of temperature changes. This guarantees that it operates efficiently throughout the year. You may also use the old refrigerator you already have in the garage.

Detecting temperature changes is usually less effective in older refrigerators. That means they won’t feel the impact of the seasons much unless it is extreme.

What Is The Main Garage Fridge Issue You'll Face During Winter?

Wintertime complaints about a garage freezer's lack of cold or rapid ice production are the most frequent. This is because of the possibility of the garage's temperature dropping too low during the winter, which could harm the compressor.

The freezer warms up if the compressor breaks down. An expert in refrigerator repair services can help solve the issue and protect your appliance from temperature changes.

Always remember, avoid attempting to fix the equipment because you risk making things worse.

Should You Regularly Inspect The Garage Refrigerator?

Technician checking the refrigerator

The freezer component may have a problem if the refrigerator stops working. It will cause the frozen food in your refrigerator's freezer to thaw.

However, if it has two thermostats, it is the least exposed. Always check the garage refrigerator. You can adjust the temperature of the room if it isn't functioning properly.

Is It Good To Invest On A Fridge With Two Thermostats?

Changing the temperature of the refrigerator due to cold winter weather

It is advisable to have a refrigerator with two thermostats in the fresh food and freezer sections if you want one for the garage. This guarantees that your fridge will function properly during the winter. These refrigerators can handle a broad range of temperatures.

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How Important Is A Heater For Garage Refrigerators In The Winter?

The heater is crucial for an outdoor fridge to work efficiently in the cold. Most of these refrigerators feature inbuilt heaters that help them stay warm and maintain a consistent temperature.

If your refrigerator doesn't have a heater, you might want to acquire one. Manufacturer-designed heater coil kits are available for several refrigerators.

What's more, you could purchase warmers to put inside the refrigerator. The heaters can improve how effective your refrigerator is during the winter. So, adding one crucial.

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Where Should You Place Your Garage Refrigerator?

A level, dry, cool floor in the garage is the best place to store your freezer. Freezers often use less energy when placed in chilly environments.

If, however, you intend to place the freezer in a cold space, such as a garage, be sure to review the product specifications.

Aim to keep it away from windows, but make sure there is enough airflow at the top and rear to prevent overheating. The freezer would have to work twice as hard to keep your food frozen in the summer if it is in your garage.

A small white refrigerator inside a narrow beige living room

Building an enclosed room is another technique to guarantee that your garage refrigerator continues to operate throughout the winter. Typically, this entails controlling the air in the enclosed area.

As a result, your garage won't need additional ventilation for heating and cooling. It's an effective way to cut expenses. Plus, the storage of additional temperature-sensitive products will be beneficial.

Does The Design Of Your Fridge Affect Its Efficiency?

Your fridge's design can influence whether it will work correctly in a cold environment.

Although the top-opening chest freezer style tends to have tight seals, it takes up more floor area. However, their seals are not as tight as those of the chest model.

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On the other hand, upright refrigerators help organize food. Even if you can make the most of your home's space by putting your freezer in the garage, the freezer's design will determine how much room it takes up.

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Garage-Ready Refrigerators Vs. Regular Refrigerators- What's The Difference?

A typical freezer is made to function within a constrained temperature range, such as a home. With a temperature range of 0-110 degrees Fahrenheit, garage-ready freezers can withstand a wider range of temperature changes.

As a result, you may store your freezer in the garage all year long without worrying about whether it can withstand it.

Are Garage-Ready Refrigerators Worth Buying?

We don't think it's worth buying a garage-ready refrigerator. Aside from the additional temperature sensor, there is nothing sensational about this type of refrigerator.

With that said, you can use any refrigerator type as long as you properly maintain it.

Tips To Keep Your Garage Refrigerator Working

Besides making sure it operates effectively during the winter, there are more steps you can take to protect the refrigerator. They consist of:

  • During the summer, direct a fan at the cooling coils to prevent overheating.
  • To reduce the humidity levels in the garage, which can cause rust, install a dehumidifier.
  • To keep the garage cool in the summer, install a ceiling fan.
  • Purchase garage refrigerators as opposed to generic models.
  • Remove any debris from your garage that could interfere with airflow.
  • Stock the fridge adequately with food, so it's not cooling empty space.

Should You Put A Fridge In An Unheated Garage?

Interior of a small apartment kitchen with white painted walls and cabinets and refrigerator on the side

It might not be a smart idea to leave your fridge inside your garage if the temperature drops to 50 °F or lower. It won't be very effective at keeping your appliance in a colder garage.

Also, many manufacturers advise against keeping a fridge anywhere that is colder than 50 to 55 °F.

You can read more about this in this article: Can You Put A Fridge In An Unheated Garage?

What Are Some Things To Look For When Buying A Freezer?

Woman opening the door of a refrigerator

If you are looking for a garage freezer, consider these things before buying them:

Size And Capacity

You should look at large-capacity refrigerators if you need to keep a lot of food. However, you could definitely get away with a smaller option if you don't keep much food.

Size is another factor to think about. Despite having a similar internal capacity, not all freezers are equal; some are smaller and others are larger. So, before making a purchase, be sure to measure the space.

Additional Features

Choose a freezer with wheels if you intend to move it around frequently. Also, the interior arrangement is distinct. So, to make the most of it, count the number of shelves or door bins.

Some freezers don't have the option where you can open the door in both directions; if the side it opens on by default suits you, use it.

However, choosing a freezer with a reversible door will provide you with some flexibility if you decide to move it.

Fridge Efficiency

One thing that only a few people consider is efficiency. A productive freezer will use less energy, causing a decrease in electricity costs.

In Closing

Interior of a narrow garage with lots of stored tools, bike parts, and a refrigerator on the back

During winter, it is best to unplug the refrigerator in your garage. Not only does it help reduce your energy cost, it also helps you avoid additional cost for repairs if something goes wrong with your fridge.

Should you decide to unplug your fridge in the winter, stock it with items that won't go bad if unrefrigerated.

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