What Color Walls Go With Cream Cabinets?

Planning and designing a kitchen can be a stressful experience if you aren't sure what colors to use. For example, do you have cream cabinets you want to work with but don't know what wall color will work best? Well, we've done some digging and have plenty of great ideas to share. Let's check them out.

There are plenty of wall colors for those decorating a kitchen with cream cabinets to try. A few of our top recommendations include:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • White
  • Green
  • Beige

Of course, any shade of these colors should work nicely, so this will come down to the space you're working with.

As we begin, we will cover all things cream kitchen cabinetry and discuss what wall colors we think will work best. Whether you want to renovate your entire house or stick with the kitchen, we're here to offer some inspiration. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

A small appliance microwave in a green kitchen with cream colored cabinets in a new construction home with granite countertops and lots of cabinets and storage space - What Color Walls Go With Cream Cabinets

How Do You Choose A Wall Color For Cream Cabinets?

Modern spacioius beige colored luxury kitchen, clean design

Plenty of wall colors will work if you have cream cabinets in your kitchen. Considering cream is a neutral hue, this allows you to get creative with the paint you choose for the walls in your space.

For example, if you want a modern design, we think white, grey, or even beige walls will create a contemporary aesthetic while remaining neutral.

On the other hand, if you want vibrant walls, any shade of blue or green will turn out nicely. Again, every home has a different layout and theme, so this comes down to your taste.

Furthermore, it's always a good idea to find paint colors with similar undertones to your cabinets, so keep that in mind during the design process.


Stock photo showing a ceramic, double kitchen butler sink and white stone, corian kitchen counter with integrated grooved granite draining board.

First, we have a vibrant blue idea for cream kitchen cabinetry. Using a fun color like blue is an easy way to cheer up your space while complementing the other hues around it.

This room does a nice job of incorporating various textures, patterns, and colors without being too distracting. Specifically, the tile backsplash adds dimension to this kitchen and has a warm undertone that works well with the cabinets.

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Scandinavian white and gray minimalist living with kitchen, open space, one room apartment, classic interior design

Switching things up, we have a modern grey wall color idea for your cream cabinetry. Considering that grey is very "in" right now, using a similar shade for your home is a great idea.

Furthermore, grey and beige tend to pair nicely together, regardless of where in a home they are, which is always helpful.

Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint - Twilight

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Modern modular kitchen interior in black and off white, with range cooker and chimney extractor hood.

Following a more contemporary theme, we have white wall paint with cream cabinets. This idea is perfect for those wanting a clean, simple kitchen design and is great for resale value.

Generally, white walls with softer cream cabinets work to add warmth to a space, all while staying sleek and modern in aesthetic. Furthermore, the black appliances are the perfect finish for a kitchen like this, so we recommend darker, more dramatic details in your space.

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A small appliance microwave in a green kitchen with cream colored cabinets in a new construction home with granite countertops and lots of cabinets and storage space

Next up, we have a fun green wall color for those working with cream kitchen cabinetry. Like blue, green walls are a great way to shake things up and grab your guests' attention.

Additionally, the green accent wall in this kitchen may be a good idea if you don't want an entirely vibrant kitchen design. Again, every person is different, so there's no right way to choose a paint color.

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Photo showing a real Shaker style country kitchen diner with a shiny granite worktop surface and a large range cooker, with a gas hob, three ovens and a stainless steel extractor hood.

Another great way to decorate a kitchen with cream cabinets is to use a beige/cream wall color. For example, this Shaker-style kitchen has very similar wall and cabinetry hues, which creates a great theme.

Generally, the warmer undertones in cream color palettes work best with natural stone and tile, so that's something to consider. You can see how this kitchen went with warmer granite countertops and a matching backsplash, which pair nicely together in this space.

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What Finish Paint Works Best For Kitchen Walls?

Considering how busy the kitchen can get, it's always good to find durable wall paint. With that said, we recommend formulas with semi-gloss finishes, or at the very least, a light, eggshell sheen.

Generally, glossy walls wipe off better than matte, making them ideal for the kitchen. That goes for any surface, so your walls, cabinets, and beyond.

Furthermore, oil-based paint tends to outlast water-based options, although it will have a heavier smell. Again, this will go away within a few days of painting, so if you can handle it, try to go for a thicker oil wall paint.

Regardless of the formula, you want to make sure the paint you choose is high hide and premium quality.

Should My Walls Be Super Glossy?

Although it is good to use paint with some gloss, we don't recommend overdoing it. As we covered, glossier finishes clean off easier than those without, so satin, semi-gloss, or even eggshell paints are great options.

However, high gloss wall paint will reflect a ton of light, creating a glare in your kitchen. Although this can help in spaces with low natural light, if you have plenty of sun exposure already, we don't think super glossy paint is the best idea.

Furthermore, paint with high gloss can come off as cheaper than satin or semi-gloss finishes, so if you want an elevated kitchen design, try to avoid it.

Again, every space is different, so high gloss paint may work for some but not for others.

Which Is Better For Kitchen Walls: Satin Or Eggshell Paint?

Close-up of two women choosing samples of wall paint. Interior designer consulting a client looking at a color swatch.

Between the two, we recommend eggshell paint for the kitchen. Eggshell paint can hide marks better than satin finishes because of its camouflaging effect.

That said, eggshell does have a softer sheen than satin paint, meaning it is harder to clean. Of the two choices, satin will also be more durable, so both have their advantages.

However, you might want to consider using a mix of the two: eggshell for the ceiling and walls around non-messy surfaces and satin near the oven/stove, sink, and countertops.

Think of satin paint as the better finish for busier places throughout your home and eggshell for those we mostly look at.

Is Matte Paint Okay For The Kitchen?

You don't want to use matte paint in the kitchen. Like we said above, lower sheen paint won't hold out as well as glossier options, which is essential in the kitchen.

Especially for those who like to cook, having food splatter on matte walls can be impossible to fix. Additionally, matte paint doesn't like moisture, which the kitchen has plenty of.

Instead, we recommend trying eggshell wall paint if you don't like super-shiny formulas, as it will hold out better and look elegant.

Are Cream Cabinets Still In Style?

Circling back to cabinets, we do agree that cream cabinetry is still in style. Considering cream interiors are quickly making their way back into houses worldwide, choosing this color palette for your kitchen cabinets can be a great, on-trend choice.

Using neutral colors in your home can be a modern, tasteful design concept, so cream is the way to go if that's what you're after.

Additionally, choosing cream cabinets and even wall paint can work to warm up a super contemporary space and make it feel more livable.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you need inspiration for a renovation or want to repaint your kitchen walls, color is everything. There are plenty of options for cream cabinetry, including blue, grey, white, green, and beige, from what we found.

When it comes to formula and finish, try sticking with semi-gloss, satin, or eggshell paint options. Using paint with a bit of gloss can help your kitchen walls stay beautiful longer and be easier to clean.

Regardless, find a color palette that compliments your home, and don't be afraid to spice things up with a vivid hue (or two).

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