What Color Paint Goes With Beige Tile In The Kitchen? [14 Great Ideas!]

Choosing an interior paint color to go with your beige kitchen tile can seem daunting. Your kitchen is one of the most utilized spaces in your entire home, making color choices important. We have searched several sources to bring you some popular color choices to pair with your beige kitchen tile.

The colors that you choose will heavily influence the ambiance of your kitchen. Beige tile is cozy and adaptable, making it the perfect color companion to many different colors.

While there are an endless number of colors that pair well with beige tile, there are some that stand out.

A few of our favorites include:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Tan
  4. Brown
  5. Grey
  6. Greige
  7. Charcoal
  8. Black
  9. Powder Blue
  10. Navy Blue
  11. Green
  12. Teal
  13. Red
  14. Orange

Choosing the perfect shade of interior paint to go with your beige tile is likely only one of many decisions you need to make during your kitchen project.

You may wonder about grout or cabinet colors or which colors look best with beige. Lucky for you, we've done plenty of digging and will discuss these questions below. Let's dive in!

Four metal bar stools matching the breakfast bar with white kitchen cabinets and cupboards, What Color Paint Goes With Beige Tile In The Kitchen? [14 Great Ideas!]

1. White

The ultimate in light neutral shades, white is one of the most versatile colors. Pairing white and beige offers a subtle and elegant contrast that can make any kitchen look bright and clean.

Ultra luxurious kitchen with black aluminum kitchen cabinets matched with bar stools and white painted walls

Beige tile will catch the eye against white walls and bring cozy color to your space. Using this shade will also give your space some understated warmth and a welcoming feel.

2. Cream

Ultra spacious and luxurious modern open space house with huge windows, beige tile flooring and a black dining table with brown dining chairs

A lighter version of beige, shades of cream are a warm neutral that is only a few shades warmer than white. Like white, cream walls can give your space an expansive and airy feel.

Unlike white walls, cream-colored walls don't require the pristine upkeep that white walls can require. This color hides scuffs and stains better than white.

3. Tan

Cream colored walls with marble tile flooring matching the breakfast bar with dangling lamps

A light toasty shade of brown, tan is a great color companion for your beige kitchen tile. Using this shade will lighten the look of the tile, creating an inviting ambiance.

Tan walls add elegant warmth to your space. This shade will make your beige tile blend into the background of your room.

4. Brown

A deep toasty color, brown is a rich and elegant shade because beige is a pale version of brown; brown and beige coordinate well with one another.

Brown walls bring out the warm shades of brown in beige tiles. This color scheme is cozy and welcoming.

5. Grey

As one of the most popular colors in home decor, grey makes a beautiful color pairing with beige. Grey is a cool modern color that pairs well with many colors.

Beige tones appear more subtle and warm in comparison to grey. This color combination is intimate and inviting.

6. Greige

Light gray kitchen cabinets and wooden countertop matched with gray painted walls

Recently emerging as the next up-and-coming color in home decor, greige is the perfect mixture of grey and beige. This brown-grey shade is quickly replacing grey as the most popular choice in interior paint.

Combining greige wall color with your beige kitchen tile will surely bring out the brown undertones of this shade. Greige is a sophisticated and elegant color that blends well with many other accent colors.

7. Charcoal

Ultra modern luxurious kitchen with white kitchen island and matched with black wall backsplash

Charcoal is a deep, bold shade of grey. Not quite black, charcoal is a rich color that pairs well with the subdued shade of beige.

This mix of dark and light colors is dramatic and timeless. These colors also bring out the best in each other.

8. Black

Black walls create a sleek and modern look. Combining black walls with beige kitchen tile will give your kitchen a dramatic and classy feel.

This color scheme is timeless and intriguing. Shades of black can overwhelm some spaces, but using beige tile can tone it down slightly.

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9. Powder Blue

Tan tile kitchen backsplash with cream colored kitchen cabinets and marble countertop

Pale shades of blue can give your space a splash of cool color. This shade will add a retro look to any room.

Combining cool pale blues with warm neutral beige floors will add balance and stability to your kitchen. This color palette adds a serene and soft ambiance to your space.

10. Navy Blue

If deeper colors are more your style, navy blue may be the hue for you. Navy blue is a sophisticated and modern blue tone that creates a tranquil feel in any room.

Combining navy blue and beige creates an elegant color palette that may be the perfect touch in your kitchen. Gold accents, such as hardware, can add a rich flare to this color scheme.

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11. Green

A green kitchen accent wall with white cabinets and plants for vibrancy and nature tone

There's no other shade quite like green. The color of grass, leaves, and money, green is a cool color that brings a sense of nature into your space.

Adding in natural greenery will give your room a peaceful feel and some additional natural shades of this color. Black accents can give your kitchen a polished and detailed look.

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12. Teal

Pair your beige kitchen tile with teal walls for a brilliant and unique color combination. Teal is a brilliant combination of blue and green and can add the perfect touch to your space.

Combining this cool shade with warm beige tile creates a nautical feel in your kitchen. Several shades of teal are available to choose from, each creating a beautiful pairing with beige tile floors.

13. Red

Red is a bold, vibrant shade that adds drama and excitement to any room. Beige tile can help to tone down this vivid shade.

When paired with beige, the warmness of red hues is accentuated. This color combination is sure to wow anyone who visits your home.

Natural Brick

White kitchen cupboards and cabinets matched with wooden kitchen countertop and black bar stools

For an urban feel, consider using natural brick for your kitchen walls. Although it is not a paint color, combining this warm red shade with beige tile floors gives your space an organic, warm contrast.

Natural brick walls can also add some texture to your space. The light-colored grout gives your walls some geometric patterns and a detailed look.

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14. Orange

Kitchen with orange walls matched with white kitchen cabinets and wooden countertop

Cheerful and vibrant, orange is the perfect shade to bring some citrusy color into your home. Beige tile can help mute bright orange walls.

You can use many shades of orange for kitchen walls. Deep fiery shades to pale tangerine tones all coordinate beautifully with beige tile.

What Color Grout Goes With Beige Tile?

While grout colors may seem like a small detail, grout can add just the right touch to your space. Deep shades of grey or brown contrast beautifully with beige tile for a bold look.

White grout will add a bright splash of color to your tiled area. Beige grout can almost make your grout lines disappear.

Should Grout Be Lighter Or Darker Than Tile?

Using a darker grout will give your tile a detailed look. If you want to draw attention to your tile, consider darker grout.

Lighter grout can blend in with your tile and fade into the background. Lighter grout will require a bit more upkeep than dark.

Does Grey Look Good With Beige Tiles?

Grey is a cool neutral that can give a balanced look to your space when combined with beige tile. This shade is modern but not overbearing.

Shades of grey are grounded through the use of beige colors. This color combination of dark and light shades is pleasing to the eye.

What Color Cabinets Go With Beige Tile?

As discussed, beige is a versatile color that allows for multiple color combinations. Bright-colored cabinets can give your beige tile a fun contemporary look.

Light colors such as white, cream, or beige can give your kitchen a spacious look. Try pairing your beige tile floors with black or grey cabinets for a modern and sleek look.

To Finish

Your kitchen should be a sanctuary for you in your home. Because of this room's importance in your life, finding the right color combination for your space is crucial.

Beige is such a versatile color that it works with almost any other shades, which can be overwhelming. We hope that the above selection of beige tile color companions has given you some inspiration for your space.

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