What Color Walls Go With Brown Granite Countertops?

Deciding what colors to use in your home can sometimes feel impossible. Do you have brown granite countertops but don't know what color walls will look best with them? Well, we've done plenty of digging and have a few good options to share with you. Let's discuss.

If you're working with brown granite countertops, it's a good idea to stick with something neutral or softer in hue for your walls. A few of our favorite wall color choices include:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • White
  • Blue
  • Grey

As we begin, we will cover all things brown granite countertops and discuss what color walls will look best with them. Whether you're planning a renovation or think it's time for new paint, we're here to offer some help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Elegant classic inspired kitchen with cream painted cupboards and cabinets with a brown granite countertop, What Color Walls Go With Brown Granite Countertops?

How Do You Choose A Wall Color For Brown Granite Countertops?

Generally, you want to find a wall color that shares a similar undertone to your granite counters. Whether they have a warmer tone or feel a bit cooler, this can impact how you choose new paint for your walls.

Luxurious interior of a modern kitchen with granite countertop, cream painted cupboards and cabinets mixed with dangling lamps

You can also stick with a lighter, more neutral color for the walls in a room with brown granite, which will allow them to be the focal point of the space. This applies to both the bathroom and kitchen, so try to keep an eye on undertones regardless of where you're designing.


A classic inspired kitchen with brown countertop, beige painted cupboards and brown granite countertop

Our first suggestion is to try a beige wall color with brown granite countertops. Considering the two colors tend to have warmer undertones, this is an easy way to keep your room cohesive without having to do much.

That said, you might also want to try going up or down a shade depending on the design of your space, which can either brighten things up or make your kitchen/bathroom feel more intimate.

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A mid century inspired kitchen with brown granite countertop and white ceiling with recessed lighting inspired from a rustic design

Next, we have a brown wall color idea, a great go-to option for brown granite countertops. Although this isn't super exciting, choosing a shade of brown to use in one space can turn out very nice without looking too matchy.

Another detail to note is the use of dramatic black and wood cabinetry in this kitchen, which, although they do stand out, don't fight for our attention.

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Third, we have a simple white wall color idea for your brown granite countertops. Again, this isn't groundbreaking, but the neutral white walls allow your counters and other finishes to shine, which is always nice.

That said, you could also try going a bit warmer with the shade of white you choose to give your room a cozier feeling, so there are a few options here.

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Another idea for brown granite countertops is trying a softer blue wall color. Like we said earlier, going with either a neutral or light hue will work nicely with brown granite, which means you can have some fun with your wall color if you'd like.

Of course, if you have brown granite, you don't want to go too wild with wall color as it could clash, so the softer, the better.

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Lastly, we have a grey wall color idea that pairs well with brown granite countertops. Although grey and brown don't usually share a similar aesthetic, the cooler undertones in the granite allow this space to mix the two without having things feel out of place.

The lighter cabinetry and mixed stone backsplash also work as a nice transition from the brown granite counters to the grey walls, so you may want to try a similar design in your home.

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How Do You Choose A Backsplash With Brown Granite Countertops?

In general, you want to find a backsplash that works as a transition between your counters and walls. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean your backsplash needs to feature the same colors as your walls and countertops, but it should be complementary in some way.

For example, our grey wall suggestion above features mixed stone between the cooler-toned brown granite and grey paint, which, although different, ties the two areas together nicely.

Should Backsplash Be Lighter Or Darker Than Countertops?

Although there isn't a set rule for this, we recommend going lighter for your backsplash if your countertops or cabinetry is dark, or vice versa. Usually, you want to try and create some contrast between the two areas in a kitchen or bathroom, so going up or down a shade can make a huge difference.

That said, choosing a plain or neutral-colored backsplash will fit into any kitchen design, so if you want something easy, we recommend keeping it simple.

What Color Finishes Go With Brown Granite Countertops?

Man opening the cupboard

You want to try using warmer finishes if you have brown granite counters. Most times, brushed nickel, bronze, and copper will look the best with your granite, although stainless steel might also work.

It's also better to find finishes that blend into your kitchen and bathroom rather than stand out, so try to keep things neutral. That said, if your cabinetry needs a pop of color, you can certainly have more fun with its hardware's finish, so this comes down to your space.

Does Gold Look Good With Brown Granite Countertops?

For anyone wanting to try gold with their brown granite countertops, we do think this can work. Considering certain gold finishes will have warmer undertones, adding them to your room is a great way to give it an opulent feel.

You can also try mixing gold finishes with bronze if you aren't sold on an all-gold design, so this doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing decision.

What Color Cabinets Look Best With Brown Granite Countertops?

When it comes to cabinets, try to choose ones that are either lighter than your counters or a bit darker. Like the backsplash, it's more stylish to have your cabinetry contrast the countertops in a space rather than match them, so that's something to consider.

For example, if your brown granite is on the darker side, a soft beige, white, or even grey cabinet color might help to make your room feel brighter and more modern. On the other hand, if you have super light brown granite counters, using deeper, richer cabinetry is the way to go.

Does Brown Granite Go With White Cabinets?

Yes! Brown granite countertops will go with white cabinets. Like we mentioned, having your cabinets and countertops contrast is a great way to design a space, so pairing bright white cabinetry with brown granite countertops will turn out nicely.

Also, white cabinetry tends to have a very modern and clean look, which may help to make your granite feel more up to date.

Are Brown Granite Countertops Still In Style?

A narrow modern kitchen with a granite countertop, beige cupboards and a window

Brown granite, although beautiful, isn't usually the first choice in modern designs. Considering it has a more traditional look, brown granite isn't considered super modern or "in style" as of right now.

That said, there are ways to make brown granite feel more up to trend, including pairing it with lighter cabinets and backsplashes or even using white or grey wall paint. Again, that doesn't mean brown granite can't add value to your home; it just tends to be more old-school versus lighter options.

To Wrap It Up

Elegant classic inspired kitchen with cream painted cupboards and cabinets with a brown granite countertop, What Color Walls Go With Brown Granite Countertops?

Whether you want to fully renovate, or need a slight change of scenery, figuring out what wall colors will work with brown granite countertops can be tricky. From what we found, colors like beige, brown, white, blue, and grey will all pair nicely with brown granite, as long as they share a similar undertone.

It's essential to find a backsplash that will work as a transition between your counters and walls, so be mindful of that. Cabinet color can also make a huge difference in how your granite turns out, so we recommend finding something that contrasts with your countertops.

Regardless, remember to keep an eye out for undertones, and don't be afraid to have some fun with the finishes in your bathroom/kitchen.

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