How To Set The Clock On A Sunbeam Microwave

Setting the clock on a Sunbeam microwave can be confusing if you're not familiar with the process.

However, once you learn how to set the clock, it's a quick and easy task you'll be able to do in no time.

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In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to set the clock on your Sunbeam microwave so you can stop worrying about the time and start cooking your meals.

How Does the Sunbeam Microwave Work?

Sunbeam microwaves are known for their durability, affordability, and sleek design.

Its control panel is a highlight, featuring a display for cooking time, power levels, and the current time.

There are quick cook buttons for common foods and a power button to adjust cooking intensity.

The timer operates independently, even during a cooking program, while a cook button enables multi-stage cooking with varying power and time settings.

Number pads help set time, weight, or amount, and there are specialized functions for cooking or defrosting by weight.

The reset button clears previous settings, and the start/stop button controls the cooking process, making it a user-friendly appliance for modern kitchens.

Setting the Clock on Sunbeam Microwave

Below, we've shared the steps to setting the clock on your Sunbeam Microwave.

Step 1: Tap on The Clock Pad

To set the clock on your Sunbeam Microwave, the first step is to tap on the "Clock" pad once while in waiting mode.

With this, the clock setting mode will be activated, and you will see the time on the display start blinking.

Step 2: Enter the Clock Time

Once you have activated the clock setting mode, you can enter the correct time using the number pad.

The Sunbeam Microwave clock is set in 12-hour mode, so you must enter the time accordingly.

For instance, if it is 5:16 p.m., enter the numbers 5, then 1, and then 6.

Newer models allow switching to a 24-hour format for time settings. To access this feature, tap the "Clock" button again after the initial activation.

The display will change to "HR: 24", indicating that the 24-hour format can now be used for setting the time.

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Step 3: Tap on the Clock Pad to Confirm

After entering the correct time, the final step is to tap on the "Clock" pad again to confirm the time you have set.

Once you have done this, the clock will be set, and you can start using your Sunbeam Microwave.

Watch this short video that details the steps above for a more comprehensive understanding of how to do the steps.

How to Set the Timer on Sunbeam Microwave?

Setting the timer on your Sunbeam Microwave is also a breeze. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Tap on the Timer Pad

First, locate the "Timer" pad on your Sunbeam Microwave's control panel. It's usually located on the right-hand side of the panel.

Once you've found it, tap on the Timer pad to activate the timer function.

Step 2: Enter the Amount of Time

Next, use the number pad to enter the time you want to set for the timer.

The longest time you can set is 99 minutes and 99 seconds. If you need to set the timer for a shorter time, simply enter the desired time using the number pad.

If you need to cancel the timer during the timing process, tap on the "Timer" pad and then touch the "Reset" button.

Doing so will cancel the timer, allowing you to adjust or set a new timer as needed.

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Step 3: Tap on Start/Stop to Confirm

Once you've entered the desired time, tap the "Start/Stop" button to confirm your selection.

The timer will begin counting down immediately, and your Sunbeam Microwave will beep when the timer reaches zero.

How to Set Two-Stage Cooking on a Sunbeam Microwave?

Two-stage cooking allows you to set two different power levels and cooking times to cook your dish perfectly.

Here's how to set two-stage cooking on your Sunbeam microwave.

Set Stage 1

Begin using the number pads to input the cooking time for the first stage. You can set a time ranging from one second to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.

The default power output is set at 100%.

If you wish to change this, press the "Power" button and then use the number pads to input the desired power level (e.g., for 70% power, press 7).

At this point, do not press the "Start/Stop" button yet.

Set Stage 2

Now that you've set the stage 1, press the "Cook" button. Now, input the cooking time for the second stage using the number pad.

Again, if you wish to change the power level for this stage (usually lower than the first stage), press the "Power" button and input the desired power level using the number pad.

Finally, press the "Start/Stop" button to commence the two-stage cooking process.

The microwave will first cook the food at the settings specified for Stage 1, and upon completion, it will automatically transition to the settings specified for Stage 2.

After the total time for both stages has elapsed, the microwave will signal, and the display will show "End."

Press any button or open the oven door to clear this and start another cooking function.

Two-stage cooking is perfect for dishes that require different cooking times or power levels.

It's also great for dishes that must be cooked at a lower power level to prevent overcooking.

How to Reset Sunbeam Microwave?

Depending on the situation, resetting a Sunbeam Microwave can be achieved through either a soft reset or a hard reset.

Soft Reset

The soft reset is typically used to correct minor errors, such as a wrong combination of keys or if the Control Lock feature is accidentally activated.

To perform a soft reset, press and hold the Clear/Off button for about 5 seconds, or simply press the reset button if it's available on your specific model.

This action should clear any current settings or errors, allowing you to input new cooking commands.

Hard Reset

A hard reset is more comprehensive and is usually required when the "Clear/Off" or the "Reset" button isn’t functioning as it should.

First, unplug the microwave from the electrical outlet to carry out a hard reset. Wait for at least 3 minutes before plugging it back in.

After plugging the microwave back in, set the time by pressing the sequence of buttons: "Clock" > "Set the time" > Clock.

Again, simply press the reset button if it's available on your specific model.

Final Thoughts

You have successfully set the clock on your Sunbeam microwave.

Now, you can enjoy the convenience of knowing the correct time while you cook your favorite meals.

Remember, setting the clock is an essential task you'll want to complete as soon as possible so you don't have to worry about it later.

If you encounter any issues while setting the clock, refer to the user manual or contact Sunbeam customer support for assistance.

It's always better to ask for help than to risk damaging your microwave by attempting to fix it yourself.

To get the most out of your appliance, explore all of its capabilities, from defrosting to cooking.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to set the clock on a Sunbeam microwave. We hope it was helpful and informative. Happy cooking!

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