At What Temperature Should You Bake Cookies?

Cookies are one of the most popular sweet treats in the world. The many different types of cookies are great for curbing the various cravings that people may have. In addition to being a nice sweet treat, cookies are fairly easy to make. If you want to bake the perfect cookies, you might be wondering at what temperature you should bake your cookies. We've researched this question thoroughly and have some important information for you.

The temperature you should bake cookies at depends on the texture that you want the cookies to have. However, the standard baking temperature for cookies is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While 350 degrees F is standard, you can also bake cookies at 325 degrees F. 

Now you know two suitable temperatures to bake cookies at, but you might want to know more about baking cookies at these temperatures. For example, what happens if you choose to bake cookies at a lower temperature, such as 325 degrees? How long do you bake cookies at 325 degrees? How do you properly cool your cookies after baking them? We elaborate on these questions and more in this article, so please keep reading!

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What Temperature is Best for Baking Cookies?

Many people agree that the best temperature for baking cookies is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As previously mentioned, 350 degrees is the standard temperature to bake cookies at; so, if you are ever unsure based on your recipe it's a safe bet to bake your cookies at 350 degrees.

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A 350-degree temperature allows the cookies to bake evenly, and ensures the outside and inside of the treats are done at the same time. Baking at 350 degrees also yields soft and chewy cookies. These are three main reasons why 350 degrees is regarded as the best cookie-baking temperature.

If you are going to bake your cookies at 350 degrees, you should bake them for about 8 to 12 minutes.

What Happens If You Bake Your Cookies at a Lower Temperature?

Though people view 350 degrees as the standard—and arguably the best—temperature for baking cookies, baking cookies at a lower temperature like 325 degrees is also popular.

If you choose to bake your cookies at 325 degrees, know that your cookies will still bake evenly. However, your cookies will cook at a slower pace, which will result in them being softer and chewier than if they were baked at 350 degrees.

So, if you like your cookies extra soft and chewy, it's best if you bake them at 325 degrees instead of 350.

How Long Do You Bake Cookies at 325 Degrees?

If you're baking your cookies at 325 degrees, you'll need to bake them longer than you would at 350 degrees. This is because, as previously noted, the lower temperature of the oven will result in the cookies baking at a slower pace.

Some sources say to bake cookies at 325 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Other sources say to bake them for 15 to 17 minutes at this temperature. However, you could just bake the cookies until they've lost their sheen and have lightly toasted edges; this is how a cookie baked at 325 should look once you take it out of the oven.

How Do I Know If My Cookies Are Baked?

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There are many different methods you can use to determine if your cookies are baked. Some of these methods include visually checking the cookies, physically checking the cookies, and simply timing the cookies.

Visually Checking the Cookies

Cookies exhibit some physical changes when they are done baking. Visually observing these physical changes can help you determine if the cookies are baked.

Generally, when cookies are done baking, they have lightly browned edges and are firmly set. If the cookies have dark brown edges, they are burned, so remove them before the edges acquire this dark brown color.

However, if you bake your cookies at a lower temperature, like 325 degrees, they may not have lightly browned edges and be firmly set when they are finished baking. Typically, cookies baked at 325 degrees are done baking when they look like they're just about to set, and they will not be lightly browned.

Although, it really just depends on how chewy or firm you want your cookies. If you bake cookies at 325 degrees, you can take them out of the oven when they're just about to set, but you can bake them for longer to get a firmer or lightly browned cookie.

Some cookies might have ingredients that will help you determine when they are baked. For example, if your cookies have toppings on them, such as brown sugar or streusel, you will know that they're baked by the browning of the toppings. If your cookies contain small amounts of flour, they will signal their completion by cracking open at the top.

Physically Checking the Cookies

One way to physically check your cookies is to push on the sides of the cookies with your spatula. If the edges are firm and don't fall, then your cookies are properly baked. This method works better than visual inspection if you are baking cookies that are darker in color, such as gingerbread. This is because the darker hue makes it more difficult to see changes in a cookie's color as it's baking.

Another way to physically check your cookies is to lift them up and observe the color on their undersides. You can lift up the cookies by simply sliding a spatula underneath them and gently lifting them.

The undersides of the cookies should be light brown if they are completely baked. Be careful when using this method because you can split the cookie in half when lifting it up!

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Timing the Cookies

Timing cookies to test for doneness is a very simple method. All you need to do is set a timer for the cookies' minimum bake time. For example, cookies baked at 350 degrees take about 8 to 12 minutes to get done, so if you are baking cookies at 350, set a timer for 8 minutes.

After the timer goes off, check the cookies. If the cookies are not done after baking for the minimum time, put them back in the oven and check them at one-minute intervals. You need to check the cookies every minute because the cookies could be done any minute after they have baked for the minimum time.

You can keep checking the cookies every minute until they reach the maximum time; if you leave the cookies in the oven for more than the maximum time, they may burn.

When Should You Take Cookies Out of the Oven?

You should take your cookies out of the oven when you know that they are done baking. Follow any of the previously mentioned methods to see if your cookies are done.

If you determine that the cookies are done after using those methods, take the cookies out of the oven. It's important that you don't leave the cookies in the oven after they've finished baking, as you can burn them.

What is the Proper Way to Cool Cookies After Baking?

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To properly cool the cookies, you should first let them cool for a bit on the baking sheet. If the cookies are chewy, let them cool for 3 to 5 minutes on the baking sheet. If the cooks are crispy, let them cool on the baking sheet for about one minute.

After letting the cookies cool on the baking sheet, transfer them to a cooling rack or a wood tray. A cooling rack is better if the cookies are crispy, as it lets moisture escape the cookie. In contrast, a wood tray is better for chewy cookies because it allows the cookies to retain their moisture.

Let the cookies cool on the cooling rack or the wood tray for 5 to 10 more minutes. Afterward, your cookies will be ready to eat!

If you don't have a cooling rack or a wood tray, you can let your cookies cool on paper towels.

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In Closing

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When baked at the proper temperature and for the right amount of time, cookies are delicious treats! Remember that the temperature you need to bake your cookies at depends on how crispy or chewy you want the cookies to be. Bake them at 350 degrees if you want a crispy texture. Bake them at a lower temperature, such as 325 degrees, if you want a chewy texture.

Also, remember that you can use three main methods in order to determine if your cookies are done: visually checking, physically checking, and timing your cookies. To ensure that the cookies properly cool, cool them on a baking sheet first, and then move them to a cooling rack or a wood tray.

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