How To Set The Clock On An LG Microwave

Microwaves are handy kitchen appliances that help people quickly heat food and are a convenient way to check the time in the kitchen. If you've recently had a power outage or unplugged your microwave, you'll know it can be difficult to reprogram the correct time. If you own an LG microwave and wonder how to set the time, you're in luck. We've done the research and can tell you the steps to changing the time on your LG appliance.

Follow these steps to set up your LG microwave clock:

  1. Ensure plugged in and clear the timer by pressing the STOP/CLEAR button.
  2. Press the clock button and enter the time using the number buttons.
  3. Press the START/ENTER button to save time.

Another way to set an LG microwave clock is to follow the below steps:

  1. Plug in your microwave and open the door.
  2. Press the plus button to switch between 12- and 24-hour modes.
  3. Press enter to get to clock mode. Use the plus and minus buttons to change the hour. Press enter. Repeat for minutes.

Knowing which model microwave you own can make it easier to change the clock, but a quick look can, at a minimum, show you what buttons it has and give you an idea of which steps to follow. Keep reading to learn more about how to set the clock on different LG microwaves and more!

Hand sets time with circle button to heat food of microwave oven in kitchen room at home. - How To Set The Clock On An LG Microwave

How To Set The Clock On An LG Microwave

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For the most part, LG microwaves have a clock button to make it easier to program the time, whether it's your first time powering the appliance up or there was a power outage.

1. Plug In the Microwave and Make Sure the Timer Is Cleared

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One crucial step in setting the microwave time is to double-check that it has power. Ensure the power cable is plugged into the wall and the outlet gets power. If you have to plug in the appliance, you may hear a jingle or tone indicating that it now has power. Some microwaves will also have a prompt that states the time should be entered before showing a colon instead of text or the time.

Before attempting to enter the time, ensure there are no timers on the microwave. You can do this by hitting the "STOP/CLEAR" button.

2. Press the Clock Button

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Press the clock button to be able to change the time. There are a few different indications to be on the lookout for to check that you've done this correctly. Some microwaves will have a flashing colon symbol, while others will have text telling you to enter the time.

Please note that if just pressing the "CLOCK" button doesn't work, you may need to hold the button down for longer. Certain microwaves require you to hold the button down for approximately three seconds before it will enter the clock mode.

Now, use the number buttons to enter the time. Start entering the hours first, then input the minutes. For example, if you need to set the time to 9:30, you would press "9" followed by "3" and "0".

You'll need to check your manual to determine if your microwave has 12- and 24-hour capabilities. This feature does vary, and some only allow 12-hour settings. If this is the case for your appliance, selecting the "CLOCK" button will toggle between AM and PM.

3. Select Start/Enter To Save the Time

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Once you're satisfied that the time is correct, you'll need to save it by pressing the "START/ENTER" button on the microwave. The time should stop flashing and remain steady on the screen.

If the numbers are still flashing, the time didn't save correctly. This can be because a different button is needed to keep the time. Try selecting the "CLOCK" button if this is the case for you.

Check out this video to see how it's done:

Setting the Time on a NeoChef Microwave

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The LG NeoChef is a convection microwave that doesn't have a "CLOCK" button. The time for this machine will need to be set differently than previously outlined.

1. Ensure Microwave Has Power and Open The Door

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Before setting the time, you should ensure the device is powered on. Check that the appliance is plugged into an outlet. If it isn't, do so, and you will hear a chime indicating that the machine is receiving powered.

With the device powered on, you must open the microwave door to access the buttons.

2. Press Plus Button To Switch Between 12- and 24-hour mode

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Most NeoChef microwaves can switch between 12- and 24-hour modes. Locate the plus sign button on the microwave and press it twice for 12-hour and once for 24-hour. Some models indicate that the plus sign should be pressed repeatedly to switch between the modes. If pressing the plus sign once or twice doesn't work for you, try repeatedly pressing to change the modes.

3. Press Enter and Plus or Minus Symbols to Set Time

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Once you're happy with the clock display setting, you can move on to setting the time. Press the "ENTER" button to select the time.

First, you'll set the hour; push the minus or plus signs until the desired number is on the screen, and press "enter" to lock it in. Repeat on the other side and ensure that you press the "enter" button to save the time.

Some NeoChef models also have a sliding touch key option for changing the time with the door closed. You'll still need to select the "START" or "ENTER" button to go into the clock setting mode. At this point, instead of pressing the plus or minus symbols, you'll close the door and use the touch key to set the time.

If you make a mistake and need to reset the time, you may have to completely unplug and replug the appliance. If you hold down the "TIMER" button and a flashing plus and minus sign doesn't appear, then this is the case for you.

Watch this video to see an example of how it's done:

Can You Hide The Clock On a Microwave?

Digital Clock of microwave oven. Front panel of modern metalic microwave , blue indicators. Modern design in details. Household appliances.

Hiding the display clock is an option for some microwaves. Many LG microwaves do offer this option, but you'll need to check your user manual to determine if your model does. For models that have the capability, you can turn off the time by pressing the "STOP/CLEAR" button right after plugging your microwave in.

How To Set Child lock on LG Microwave?

Using a digital keypad to set the microwave oven power level and microwaving time for cooking or reheating. Selecting temperature and cooking timer duration on home kitchen appliance.

One great feature of the LG NeoChef microwave is the child-lock option. You can lock your appliance by holding the "STOP/CLEAR" button for three seconds. Once done correctly, the microwave will display "LOC" and make a sound. Once activated, no one will be able to turn the appliance on until it's unlocked again.

To unlock the microwave, press the "STOP/CLEAR" button for another three seconds. This time the appliance will return to its original state and show the time instead.

How To Change the Power Level on LG Microwave?

Hand pushing button of microwave oven for cooking food in kitchen

Unless otherwise specified, your microwave will usually heat things at 100% power. However, LG microwaves have 10 different power levels to help cook things better.

To set the power level, you'll first need to enter the desired cooking time. Then, press the "power level" button followed by the power level you want to cook at. If you want to cook something at 70% power, you will press the number 7; for 40%, you'll select 4, and so on. Finally, press "start" to begin the cooking time.

In Closing

Resetting the time on your microwave is challenging because it's not something that needs to be done daily. Thankfully, most manufacturers make it easy to reset the time because of the "CLOCK" button. If you have this button, all you have to do is press it and then the number buttons to set the time. Otherwise, you'll need to press plus and minus buttons and select the time that way.

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