How To Reset Your Sub Zero Ice Maker Quickly And Easily

Having trouble with your Sub Zero ice maker not producing ice?

No need to worry. Resetting your Sub Zero ice maker is a straightforward solution that can resolve many common issues in minutes.

Automatic Ice maker machine

You don't need to be a technician to do this. Just a few simple steps will have your ice maker up and running like new.

Whether it's not producing ice at all or the cubes are too small, a reset might be the answer.

Let's get started!

Instances You Need To Reset Sub Zero Ice Maker

Below are some situations where resetting your Sub Zero Ice Maker can help:

Power Outage

When your home experiences a power outage, it can affect various appliances, including your Sub Zero ice maker.

Upon the return of power, the ice maker might not function as efficiently or may not resume operation immediately.

It's a good practice to reset the ice maker after a power outage to ensure it functions optimally and prevent any potential glitches.

Adjust Cube Weight

Over time, you might notice a variance in the weight or size of the ice cubes produced by your Sub Zero ice maker.

If the cubes are too small or too large for your preference, it indicates a need to adjust the cube weight.

Resetting the ice maker can recalibrate the system, allowing for more consistent ice cube production moving forward.

After Replacing The Water Filter

The water filter plays a crucial role in ensuring the ice produced is clean and free of impurities.

It's essential to reset the ice maker whenever you replace the water filter.

Doing so allows the system to adapt to the new filter and produce the highest quality ice.

Resetting after a filter change ensures that the ice maker works efficiently with the new filter in place.

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How To Reset A Sub Zero Ice Maker

If your Sub Zero ice maker is not making ice, it might be time to reset it.

Here are the steps you can take to reset your Sub Zero ice maker quickly and easily.

Step 1: Turn Off The Unit

The first step in resetting your Sub Zero ice maker is to turn off the unit. Turn the knob to zero (0) or off for units with a dial control.

If your Sub Zero ice maker has a control panel, turn off the unit at the control panel.

Step 2: Shut Off The Circuit Breaker

After turning off the unit, you need to shut off the circuit breaker to the unit.

Locate the circuit breaker for your Sub Zero ice maker and turn it off for 30 seconds. This will allow the unit to reset.

After 30 seconds, turn the circuit breaker back on.

Step 3: Retest Your Sub Zero Ice Maker

The final step in resetting your Sub Zero ice maker is to retest the unit's operation.

Turn on the unit and wait for the ice maker to produce ice.

How Do You Reset The Filter On A Sub-Zero Ice Maker?

If your Sub-Zero ice maker's water filter needs to be replaced, you'll need to reset it.

As explained, resetting the filter will ensure the ice maker knows when the filter has been replaced.

With this, it can accurately monitor the filter's lifespan and alert you when it's time to replace it again. 

Here's how:

  1. Start by turning the unit on using the "POWER" button.
  2. Allow it to run for about three minutes, which gives the system time to recognize and adjust to the new filter.
  3. Next, touch the "POWER" button again to turn the unit off. Switch it back on shortly after.
  4. To finalize the process, reset the filter indicator by pressing and holding the "CLEAN" button for 6 seconds.

It's worth noting that water filters should be replaced when the replacement indicator flashes or roughly once a year.

If you're experiencing issues with your ice maker, refer to the product-specific troubleshooting guide for your Sub-Zero model.

Where Can You Find The Reset Button On My Sub Zero Ice Maker?

Unfortunately, we couldn't find specific information on the location of a dedicated reset button for Sub-Zero ice makers.

As mentioned, resetting your Sub-Zero ice maker typically involves using the "POWER" button or cycling the power through the circuit breaker.

In some instances, holding down the "CLEAN" button is required to reset the system, especially after a filter change.

How Long Does It Take For Sub-Zero To Make Ice?

According to Sub-Zero's official website, the ice maker inside a freezer will make eight cubes of ice every 2-3 hours on average.

Interior of an automatic ice maker machine

Undercounter ice makers generally create a batch of ice approximately every 30 minutes.

Depending on the model, the time it takes to completely fill the ice bin can vary, ranging from 1 to 2 days.

In Sub-Zero's built-in ice makers, the usual ice production rate is between 64 and 96 cubes daily.

An ice bin might require two days to become full if it starts empty.

An average glass holds about 10-12 ice cubes. 6-8 glasses of ice will empty the bucket after 24 hours of ice production.

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What Temperature Should Sub-Zero Ice Be?

The optimal temperature setting for ice production is 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is important to note that the freezer temperature must remain at 5 degrees Fahrenheit or less for the ice maker to function correctly.

If the freezer temperature is set too high, the ice maker may not make ice or keep it frozen in the ice bin.

Therefore, it is essential to check the freezer temperature regularly to ensure that it is at the recommended level.

You can confirm the freezer temperature by referring to the display on your Sub-Zero appliance.

Wrapping Things Up

Now that you know how to reset a Sub Zero ice maker, you can quickly and easily troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 

If you're still experiencing issues after trying these steps, it may be time to call in a professional.

Sub Zero offers a comprehensive list of certified service providers on their website, so you can rest assured that your unit will be in good hands.

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