How To Reset A Maytag Ice Maker [Quickly & Easily]

Running into trouble with a kitchen device can be a hassle. For example, do you have a Maytag ice maker that's acting fidgety and want to try resetting it? Is there an easy way to reset a Maytag ice maker?Luckily, we've done plenty of research into this question and have the answer below!

If your Maytag ice maker isn't working correctly, you can try resetting it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • If the ice maker has a reset button, try pressing it to do a reset.
  • Otherwise, locate the power source for your appliance (it should be a chord plugged into the wall).
  • Unplug the chord and let the ice maker/refrigerator sit.
  • Plug your appliance back into the wall and give the ice maker a minute to reboot.

If the issue with the ice maker isn't related to a faulty part, your Maytag appliance should continue producing ice as usual. 

In this article, we will discuss the Maytag ice maker and show you in detail how to reset one. Whether you're new to this brand or have had your Maytag system for years, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

How Do You Reset A Maytag Ice Maker?

Maytag ice maker producing ice

If your ice maker stops working as usual, you can reset it by pressing the device's reset button if it has one.

Otherwise, you'll need to find the chord leading from your appliance to the wall outlet to do a reset. Once you find the power source, unplug your entire refrigerator and wait for about 15 minutes. Then plug the refrigerator back into the wall and allow it to reboot.

This could take up to 10 minutes, so give your appliance time to reboot. As long as your ice maker isn't defective, this simple reset should get everything working again.

It might also be a good idea to check if the feeler arm inside your freezer/ice maker is stuck, as this will also prevent it from making ice.

However, if there is a defective piece in your Maytag ice maker, a reset won't help. Instead, you'll need to contact Maytag to find out what your options are.

Why Isn't My Maytag Ice Maker Working?

Melting Ice cubes with water drops on a table

If your Maytag ice maker isn't working correctly, this could be due to a few reasons. According to the brand's website, here are some common factors that cause problems for ice makers:

  • Blocked water dispenser
  • Clogged water filter
  • Temperature set too low
  • Water line problems
  • Arm lever in the up position
  • Jammed ice cubes

If there's a blockage in the actual ice dispenser, you will need to remove it. The blockage could be a rogue piece of ice or other debris. Regardless, you want to check for any frozen sections of your ice machine and remove debris/cubes with a plastic knife or similar object.

It's also crucial to replace the water filter in your appliance every six months to prevent debris and blockages from occurring. The longer you wait to do this, the more chances of something becoming lodged in the filter of your ice maker.

Is There An On/Off Switch On A Maytag Ice Maker?

Yes! If your ice maker is one of Maytag's freestanding models, it will have an on/off switch. To find it, you'll need to look at the bottom of the ice maker, which can be accessed by lifting and opening the door.

You should see the switch, which needs to be turned on for your system to make ice. One common reason Maytag ice makers stop making ice is that they're accidentally powered off, so this could be a good place to check if you have a freestanding model with issues.

According to Maytag, there are also a few common ice maker on/off switch configurations, so not every model will have the same switch at the exact location.

For example, if you're struggling with ice production in a Maytag refrigerator's freezer, the on/off switch is the metal lever arm that comes standard. All you need to do is ensure it's in the down (on) position.

In certain freestanding freezers and refrigerators from Maytag, the on/off switch may also be on the left wall of the freezer door. You'll only be able to see it once the ice bin is removed.

Should I Disconnect The Water Before Resetting A Maytag Ice Maker?

ice Tube in the bucket in thailand

Unless there is an issue with the water supply to your Maytag refrigerator or freestanding system, we don't recommend disconnecting the water line.

It should not be necessary to mess with the water supply to a Maytag device during a reset. As we said before, the best steps are to check for clogs, replace the water filter, and unplug your device.

Cutting the water supply will make for extra waiting on your end. If you were to damage the water line on your Maytag, this would result in costly repairs and no water or ice production until things are worked out. So, it's better to leave any water-related hookups or disconnects to the professionals.

How Do You Reset The Water Filter Light On A Maytag Ice Maker?

If the water filter light on your Maytag appliance turns on or blinks, it's time for a new filter. As mentioned, Maytag built-in ice makers will use the same water as the rest of your refrigerator, meaning when that light turns on, it's time for a new filter.

Replacing should be simple, and once the process is complete, the light will turn off. According to Maytag, you want to replace the water filter in your appliance whenever that light turns on.

This indicates debris blocking the water from properly accessing your system, which can ultimately lead to trouble with ice-making.

A similar rule applies to freestanding Maytag ice makers. The brand recommends replacing the water filter in your freestanding appliance every nine months or whenever it turns on.

On top of that, for every 2000 gallons of water used, the filter light to turn on. Some people may not need to replace the filter as often as others, depending on the volume of water running through their ice maker.

Regardless, it's a good idea to create a schedule for water filter replacement to prevent issues from occurring in the future.

How Cold Should A Maytag Ice Maker Be?

A man doing operating the ice maker, How To Reset A Maytag Ice Maker [Quickly & Easily]

You generally want to keep a Maytag ice maker around 0 degrees Fahrenheit for it to work correctly. It's also worth nothing  if your ice maker's temperature goes higher than 5 degrees Fahrenheit, it won't make ice.

That's because the system needs to be freezing for the water to form into cubes and fall into the storage bin. If your ice maker isn't producing ice and you notice the temperature is around 5 degrees, make sure and lower it.

This can also indicate an issue with the thermostat inside your ice maker or refrigerator. If you regularly notice it rise above 0 degrees, it could be worth contacting Maytag directly.

Again, ice needs to be in freezing conditions to form and keep its shape, so anything too warm will result in a pool of water forming in your freezer/ice machine.

How Long Does It Take A Maytag Ice Maker To Produce Ice?

You can expect a Maytag ice maker to produce a full ice bin within 24 hours. If your Maytag ice maker is new, you should throw away the first three batches of ice for safety. Newer systems may have debris from manufacturing, which can make its way into the ice.

Freezer tray for freezing ice cubes in the freezer

For an older ice maker, you should have a complete batch of ice daily, so if this is not happening, there could be something wrong with your appliance.

To Finish Up

A man doing operating the ice maker

Whether you have a brand new Maytag ice maker or yours is a bit older, it's always good to understand the reset process. We found that resetting a Maytag ice maker can be very easy.

You can try hitting the reset button if your ice maker has one. Otherwise, you can locate the power source, unplug your ice maker/refrigerator, and wait a few minutes. During this time, your appliance should reboot. This will usually fix any glitches causing the ice maker to malfunction.

However, if there is a damaged piece inside your ice machine, that won't be remedied with a reset. You'll need to contact Maytag and request a new part or repair.

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