How To Reset A Hoshizaki Ice Maker [Quickly & Easily]

Are you having trouble with your Hoshizaki ice maker? Maybe it's not producing ice as it should or making strange noises.

Whatever the issue, resetting your ice maker might be your solution.

A heavy duty ice machine

Resetting your Hoshizaki ice maker is a simple and quick process that can save you time and money. Continue reading to learn more about this process.

Instances You Need to Reset Hoshizaki Ice Maker

The Hoshizaki ice maker is a reliable piece of equipment, but like any machine, there are occasions when a reset is necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Below are some instances when resetting your Hoshizaki ice maker may be required:

Machine Beeping

Hoshizaki ice makers have an alarm system that alerts users to potential issues.

An alarm code signified by consecutive beeps usually indicates a particular problem that a reset can often address (more on this later).

However, it's essential to refer to the user manual or consult a technician to determine the specific cause of this alarm.

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Machine Is Not Producing Ice

Another sign that something is amiss with the ice maker is when it fails to produce ice or produces ice that is below standard in terms of size, clarity, or consistency.

Resetting the machine can often rectify these issues by recalibrating its internal systems.

Power Outage

If there has been a power outage, the settings or operations of the ice maker might be affected.

It's a good practice to reset the machine after power is restored to ensure all the settings are correct and the machine operates smoothly.

Regular Maintenance

Even if there aren’t immediate issues with the ice maker, it’s recommended to reset the machine during regular maintenance.

With this, you can preemptively address unseen issues and ensure the ice maker continues operating efficiently.

How to Reset a Hoshizaki Ice Maker 

Resetting a Hoshizaki ice maker is necessary to ensure optimal performance. Follow the steps below to reset your Hoshizaki ice maker safely.

Step 1: Remove the Panel

First, you'll need to access the machine's internal components. To do this, locate the panel on your ice machine.

Remove the screw that holds this panel in place and slide the panel forward. Once it's removed, place it safely to the side.

Step 2: Turn the switch

Upon opening the panel, you'll find a toggle switch labeled 'on,' 'off,' and 'clean.' First, turn the toggle switch to the 'off' position.

It's important to note that voltage is still directed to the board even in the 'off' position.

Therefore, always use non-conductive tools to avoid electrical hazards when interacting with the machine's internal components.

Step 3: Locate the Board

Each Hoshizaki model features a control board that may be green in specific models and situated either centrally or to the right in others.

While the board has multiple plugs, your primary focus for resetting will be on the reset button near the board's error lights.

Step 4: Press the Reset Button

The reset button might appear small and black in some models while white in others.

To reset, use a non-conductive tool, for instance, a plastic pen, to press down on this button.

Doing so ensures you don't short the board, as it's live and can be damaged. Hold the button down for a few seconds to complete the reset.

Step 5: Put Everything Back Together

It's time to wrap up once you've successfully reset the machine. Ensure the previously mentioned toggle switch is in the 'on' position.

Finally, reposition the panel, slide it back into place, and secure it with its screw.

📌 Note: Resetting procedures may vary by model; some may only require turning off and back on. Refer to your specific model's user manual for guidance.

For a better walkthrough, check out the video below that details the steps above.

Safety Considerations When Resetting the Hoshizaki Ice Maker

Resetting a Hoshizaki ice maker involves following a few simple steps. However, it's important to consider some safety considerations to avoid potential hazards.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when resetting your Hoshizaki ice maker:

Be Careful with Sharp Objects

Ice machines have sharp edges that can cause serious injuries if not handled carefully.

When resetting your Hoshizaki ice maker, be careful not to cut yourself on any sharp edges.

Use Non-Conductive Materials When Resetting

As mentioned, given that there's still voltage directed to the board even when the machine is switched 'off.'

Always use non-conductive tools and materials during reset to prevent electrical hazards.

Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions

While we've outlined the steps for resetting here, it's important to note that every ice maker model might have slight differences.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific Hoshizaki ice maker model to make sure you reset it correctly and safely.

Don't Attempt to Repair the Machine Yourself

If your Hoshizaki ice maker is not working properly, don't attempt to repair it yourself. This can be dangerous and can cause further damage to the machine.

Instead, contact a professional technician to repair the machine for you.

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Where Can I Find the Reset Button on My Hoshizaki Ice Maker?

Finding the reset button is easy, but the location may vary depending on the model of your ice maker.

To locate the reset button, first, you need to remove the front panel of your ice maker. The front panel is usually held in place by a few screws.

Once you remove the screws, gently pull the front panel towards you to release it from the clips holding it in place.

Next, look for the control board. The control board is a rectangular-shaped box with wires attached to it.

The reset button on your Hoshizaki ice machine can typically be found on the ice maker’s control board, right next to a yellow and orange light.

Why Does My Hoshizaki Ice Maker Keep Beeping?

Various issues could trigger your Hoshizaki ice maker to beep. Below are common reasons for the beeping alongside suggested actions:

High-Temperature Warning

If you hear one beep, your ice maker has detected a high-temperature condition. This could be due to problems with the condenser, fan motor, or water pump.

You should ensure the condenser is clean and free of obstructions and check the fan motor and water pump for any issues.

Long Harvest Cycle

Two beeps indicate a long harvest cycle.

The issue might stem from a large build-up of ice on the freezing plates, a leaking thermostatic expansion valve (TXV), an open thermistor, or a compressor defect.

Cleaning the freezing plates and inspecting the other components can be helpful.

Long Freeze Cycle

When you hear three beeps, it's signaling two consecutive long freeze cycles, potentially caused by a dirty evaporator or a faulty water inlet valve.

When this happens, you should clean the evaporator and check the water inlet valve for any damage.

Circuit Issues on Mechanical Bin Sensor

Four or five beeps mean circuit issues on the mechanical bin sensor.

A four-beep alarm indicates a closed circuit, while a five-beep alarm indicates an open course in the mechanical bin control circuit.

This scenario could arise from a faulty bin switch or a wiring issue. Replacing the bin switch or checking the wiring may be necessary.

Incorrect Allowable Supply Voltage

Six or seven beeps signify an incorrect allowable supply voltage, with six beeps indicating a low voltage situation.

A faulty power supply or a wiring issue could be the culprit. Replacing the power supply or inspecting the wiring may be beneficial.

De-energized Gear Motor Relay

Eight beeps indicate an issue concerning the de-energized gear motor relay.

When the gear motor loses energy, it communicates with the compressor to cease operations, halting ice production.

A persistent problem can often be fixed by switching the ice machine off and back on again, which typically clears the error code.

The Ice Bin is Full

Lastly, nine beeps mean the ice bin is full, and you should empty the ice bin to alleviate the issue.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should have a good understanding of how to reset your Hoshizaki ice maker.

Remember, the process may vary depending on your model, so always refer to the manufacturer's manual before troubleshooting.

If you're still having issues with your ice maker, don't hesitate to contact a professional for assistance.

Trying to fix the problem yourself may cause further damage and cost you more in the long run.

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