How To Store A Sponge Cake

There are many ways to store a sponge cake and keep it fresh, before or after icing it. We researched this topic, and have found some of the easiest, most effective methods for you to keep your cake looking and tasting just baked!

The best methods for storing a sponge cake are:

  • If store-bought, leave in the store's box.
  • If homemade, any air-tight container will do.
  • Are you storing the cake before icing? Cling-wrap. 
  • Are you storing the cake after icing? Make sure the cake is fully coated with frosting.
  • For storage longer than three days, place the air-tight container into the freezer.

Since there are so many routes when it comes to storing your store-bought or homemade sponge cakes - it can seem daunting, but don't worry! We've got you covered.

A chocolate sponge cake on a white plate with a fork and a napkin on the side, How To Store A Sponge Cake

Preparing to Store a Sponge Cake

Next up, we will be discussing exactly how and when to perform these steps correctly so your cake will look and taste the best that it absolutely can. We have absorbed a lot of information on sponge cakes, and we are ready to share it with you!

The First Step Is Always Safety!

While prepping, baking, or storing your sponge cake, please ensure that you're aware of your surroundings in the kitchen, have the necessary equipment to handle the cake or pans, and if working with homemade cakes, use oven mitts!


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Cooling Time Is Important

If you are storing a homemade sponge cake, you must allow it to cool before removing it from the pan, icing the cake, or attempting to put it into an air-tight container, by using a non-contact digital temperature scanner. These are incredibly helpful in figuring out exactly when your cake is room temperature, without having to stick multiple holes into it with a standard cooking thermometer.

Let the dessert to cool to room temperature before removing it from the pan, and always before putting it into any separate container.

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Methods for Storing 

Whether it's just a few days or up to a few months - you can always store your sponge cake. However, with some kinds of this delicious treat, they are far better consumed as quickly as they're baked and cooled. Storage also depends on how you've made the cake too!  For example, sponge cakes that contain custards or fresh berries need to be eaten within a day or two of being prepared; that way, the fresh ingredients don't begin to spoil.

Although if you store the cake before building your masterpiece of layered custard and fruit, then freezing the cakes within cling wrap in an air-tight container can last up to a total of four months.

Store-Bought? Store Box!

If you're purchasing a cake from a local bakery, they will provide you the perfect tool to store your sponge cake for the few days that a store-bought cake should last.  The box that it comes in works just fine to rest upon your kitchen counter, to be opened as needed for slices.

Yes, it is as simple as that! We were surprised too!

Homemade? Air-Tight is the Way To Go.

As long as you're prepped and armed with some quality air-tight sealing containers, you are ready to take on the task of storing your beautiful baked creations. We have explored many different options for you and have narrowed down some great options if you're in the market for some! Below you will find the type of containers you'll be looking for in a wide selection of sizes that you could need.

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All three of these are fantastic options to help store and preserve your sponge cakes, or if you have anything at home resembling these items, that should work just fine too!

When To Use Cling Wrap

The cake should cool completely before removing it from the baking pan. Once there aren't any warm areas, cover carefully with cling wrap. Look for steam spots on the plastic. Steam is a clear marker that the cake is still to warm to be covered.

We also have a tip that may help you start the storage prep before the cake gets baked! Is It Better to Bake a Cake in a Glass or Metal Pan?

If You Love Icing, You'll Love This!

Most cakes, especially sponge cakes, are stored after frosting is applied. Icing is a smart and effective way of making the cake last longer while looking delicious. Apply a hefty amount of icing to your cake, leaving no dry areas exposed. The frosting will hold all of the cake's moisture inside by itself!

How Long Does Sponge Cake Stay Fresh?

  • Air-Tight Container: three days
  • Cling Wrap and Air-Tight Container: five days
  • Cling Wrap, Air-Tight Container, and Freezer: up to four months maximum

Do You Keep Victoria Sponge in the Fridge?

According to the experts over at BBC Food, a Victoria sponge cake should be stored similarly to any other sponge cake. However, cakes filled with cream are the only exception to be put in the fridge. A cream-filled cake stored in the refrigerator will last three days.

How Do You Store a Sponge Cake Overnight Before Frosting It?

  1. Cover cake with plastic cling wrap.
  2. Fold aluminum foil or wax paper over the top of the plastic.
  3. Place cake into an air-tight container to rest overnight.

Does Sponge Cake With Frosting Need To Be Refrigerated?

When considering if your icing needs to be refrigerated, it all comes down to the ingredients.  Any frosting that contains egg products, whether on top or within the cake, should be chilled until eaten. If the icing includes fresh fruit or berries, it may be best to refrigerate it too.

Let's get baking!

Now you're prepared with a few of the best ways to store your sponge cake. Best of luck with your baking presentation! Whether it be a celebration, a gift, baking practice, or only a treat to enjoy - we sure hope you enjoy it!

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