How Big Is A Serving Of French Fries? [And How Many Fries Are In One?]

French fries are a beloved food for many of us, and with fast-food chains on just about every corner, you can satisfy your craving for the tasty potatoes anytime you want. However, if you are concerned about portion size, you might wonder how big a serving of French fries actually is and how many fries are in a serving? Wonder no longer because we have found all of this information and more, and we are here to provide you with all of the details.

One serving size of French fries is typically about 3-4 ounces and usually contains about 10-20 French fries; however, there are different types of French fries and this will also factor into the number of french fries per serving.  Additionally, if the fries are from a fast-food restaurant, then the serving size will depend on if the order is small, medium, or large.

French fries are definitely delicious, and it's almost impossible to eat just a few, but if you are trying to control your portions and want to know just how many fries constitute a serving, scroll down to get the scoop!

A bowl filled with fresh french fries, How Big Is A Serving Of French Fries? [And How Many Fries Are In One?]

French Fry Serving Sizes

There are quite a few variables when it comes to a serving of French fries. There are size differences, and there are also many different brands out there. There are fast food fries, restaurant-style fries, and even frozen fries that you can cook at home.

Store-Bought French Fries

If you look at the back of a package of frozen French fries sold in the grocery store, you will see that the serving size is typically about 3 ounces.

Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries state on their label that one serving is 3 ounces and contains about 27 French fries. If the French fries are cut larger, then the number of fries per serving will be less.

Fast Food French Fries

Fast food French fries often go by size—small, medium, and large, and the differences between a small and a large can be quite distinct.

For example, a large order of McDonald's French fries is more than twice the size and calories of a small order of fries.

Types Of French Fries

When you talk about French fries, it must be acknowledged that there is more than one type. So if you are trying to get an accurate number of fries in a serving, the type of French fries you are eating comes into play.

In addition to regular cut fries, here are some other popular cuts of French fries that will cause the number of French fries per serving to vary.

Crinkle Cut

A plate full of french fries with a ketchup dip on it

Crinkle-cut fries are larger than regular fries and have indentations throughout. A serving of these fries will contain fewer fries than regular cut fries.


Waffle fries are easy to recognize because they look similar to waffles. They are much wider than regular cut fries, and for that reason, one serving will have far fewer fries.

Steak Cut

Steak-cut fries are thicker than regular-cut fries but not quite as thick or the same shape as potato wedges. Steak fries will also have fewer fries per serving than regular cut fries.


Delicious french fries on a serving table

Shoestring French fries are just as their name suggests—thin like shoestrings. Since these fries are smaller than the other options, you will obviously have many more in a serving.

How Many Calories Are In A Single Serving Of Fries?

A red paper container with french fries on a white background

As we just discussed, there are many different brands of French fries sold at restaurants and grocery stores across the globe, and they all come in various shapes and sizes.

The typical serving of fries in a restaurant, which is about 3 ounces, will contain around 300-400 calories per serving.

If you make your fries at home in the oven or an air fryer, the calorie count will be quite a bit lower at 150-200 calories per serving.

How Many Carbs In A Serving Of French Fries?

If you are counting carbs, then you should know that French fries are definitely not a low-carb food.

The average medium-sized serving of fast-food French fries contains about 40-50 grams of carbohydrates, so if you are limiting your carb intake, you might want to keep your portion sizes on the small side.

If you opt to make frozen French fries at home, the carb count is slightly lower. One serving of frozen French fries has about 15-20 grams of carbs.

How Many Ounces Are A Small McDonald's Fries?

Who doesn't love McDonald's French fries? There's no question the fries they sell are some of the most popular in the world.

If you're wondering just how big a serving is, a small order of fries at McDonald's is 80 grams which converts to 2.8 ounces. That equals 220 calories, according to the McDonald's website.

How Many Ounces In A Large McDonald's Fries?

If you usually eat a larger portion of French fries at McDonald's, you should know that the large is more than twice the size and calories of a small order. It actually equals about 6.3 ounces and contains 540 calories.

How Many Potato Wedges Are In A Serving?

Potato wedges are another delicious choice when it comes to variations of French fries. They are larger than regular French fries, so it only makes sense that there will be fewer of them in a serving.

Generally speaking, there are about 7-10 potato wedges for a typical serving. The serving size is about 3 ounces.

How Many Waffle Fries Is A Serving?

A small bowl of waffle fries on a bowl

Waffle fries are another larger type of French fries, and the most popular fast food restaurant serving waffle fries is Chick-Fil-A.

Their waffle fries are a crowd-pleaser, and according to their website, a medium-size order of waffle fries is about 4.5 ounces and 420 calories.

This roughly equates to about 10 waffle fries in a medium order at Chick-Fil-A.

How Many Curly Fries Are In A Serving?

Delicious curly fries on a small paper container

Curly fries are sold at several different fast-food restaurants, and they look exactly as their name implies—they are French fries that are curly. You can also buy frozen curly fries at the grocery store and cook them at home.

Depending on where you get the curly fries and what size fries you order, the number of curly fries in a serving will differ. Generally, a small serving is about 3 ounces and will consist of about 1o fries.

How Many Calories Are In Curly Fries From Jack In The Box?

The fast-food restaurant Jack In The Box features seasoned curly fries that are a popular choice for diners. But before you order, it's important to know how many calories you're going to be consuming.

A small order of curly fries contains 289 calories, a medium order has 430 calories, and a large order has 480 calories.

How Many Calories Are In Curly Fries From Arby's?

Arby's also has some delicious curly fries on their menu, and they come in three different sizes.

The caloric content in a small order of curly fries is 420 calories. A medium order contains 550 calories, and a large order of curly fries comes in at 650 calories.

Some Final Thoughts About French Fries

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French fries are always a fan favorite. They go with burgers, chicken, fish, and a whole host of other foods, so they are a great accompaniment with a variety of entrees and perfect for so many different occasions.

Making sure that you know just how much is in a serving is key to healthy eating, and now you know how many fries, calories, and carbs are in various types and brands of fries.

From fast food to high-end restaurants, french fries are always on the menu, so bring on the ketchup and enjoy!

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