7 Best Potato French Fry Cutters

French fries can only be described as heavenly. However, cutting the potatoes evenly into the right shape is more of a chore. "So," you say to yourself, "there must be a better way." We are here to help! We researched potato cutters to give you a comprehensive list of the best potato french fry cutters.

There are several types of french fry cutters, all designed to ease the process. Which type to choose depends on your preferences, the amount of storage space in your kitchen, and your budget. Our research found these seven french fry cutters to be the best; we've included at least one of every category, including manual, mechanical, electric, multi-purpose, and professional-grade: 

  1. Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter
  2. Sopito Professional French Fry Potato Cutter 
  3. Westmark Multipurpose French Fry Cutter
  4. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper
  5. Rovsun Commercial French Fry Cutter
  6. New Star Food Service 42313
  7. Sopito professional Electric French Fry Cutter

Continue reading as we will delve into the description of each cutter. We will let you know how to clean and how best to use each french fry potato cutter. Let's get started!

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1. Prepwaork By progressive Tower French Fry Cutter

This compact cutter is ideal for those short on storage space. It is easy to clean because all parts are dishwasher safe. What is nice about it is that the fries drip straight into a catchment container. This product will produce evenly cut fries. The bottom incorporates a suction cup to prevent the cutter from slipping. This is an easy to use, simple cutter.

For best results, just slice the top of the potato. A flat surface will help direct the potato down and not sideways. However, if sweet potato fries are a favorite, it is best to microwave them for 1-3 minutes first. Sweet potatoes are just too hard for this cutter.

Click here for the Tower Cutter from Amazon.

2. Sopito Professional French Fry Potato Cutter

Made of stainless steel, this cutter is powerful. It is operated by a lever, a great tool to achieve more leverage using less effort. It comes with only one blade option, but another blade option is available for those who prefer thinner fries. While there is no need to cut a regular potato, a whole sweet potato still needs to be cut in half or microwaved for 1-3 minutes before cutting, since sweet potato is much harder than a regular potato.

Still small enough to fit in most cabinets, it is ergonomic and easy to use. While it is easy to clean, it is not dishwasher safe. The suction cups will keep the cutter in place while in use. A good choice for those who love traditional french fries and make a lot of them.

Click here for the Sopito professional fry cutter from Amazon.

3. Westmark Multipurpose french fry cutter

We like the affordability of this fry cutter. Well made yet compact, it will work best with smaller potatoes. You might need to cut longer potatoes to make them fit. What it does not have in size, it has in quality. Well built and sturdy with stainless steel blades. Also, strong enough to handle sweet potatoes, as long as they are pre-cut.

This cutter sports non-sleep suction cups for added safety. It is easy to clean, though not dishwasher safe. The lever makes it easier to cut, although some force is still needed.

To get this Westmark French fry cutter from Amazon, click here.

4. Fullstar Vegetable Cutter

The Fullstar vegetable cutter is an all-around cutter that can also cut french fries. The cutter is dishwasher safe. It is a great tool if you want an all-in-one that can also cut french fries. Here the french fries will have to be short, as the container design will not allow for long fries. This is a great tool for those who cook a lot and make fries occasionally.

The Fullstar vegetable cutter does not have suction cups. However, it does not need them since it is designed to stay in place by friction.

Click here for the Fullstar Vegetable cutter from Amazon.

5. Rovsun Commercial French Fry Cutter

With this french fry cutter, you will have more choices. While bulkier, this is for the serious french fry lover. However, it is not dishwasher safe as it is made from cast aluminum. On the other hand, four-blade types offer versatility, and the design allows for all sizes of potatoes or french fry length.

The four legs and non-slip feet offer skid control without suction cups. Also, having a crank instead of a lever requires applying even pressure with less force to operate.

To find this Rovsun Commercial French Fry cutter on Amazon, click here.

6. New Star Food Service 42313

This sturdy commercial-grade french fry cutter will take a little more room in your kitchen. However, it is built to last. While the New Star Food Service is easy to clean, it is hand wash only. The cutter works with a lever-operated mechanism and has enough room for any size spud. It is even sturdy enough for sweet potato fries.

The suction cups will keep the New Star Food Service in place. Also, it is easy to take apart to clean and reassemble.

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7. Sopito Professional Electric French Fry Cutter

For those who prefer to go electric, this is a great cutter. Ideal for those who cannot, or do not want to, struggle with manual cutters. The blade is detachable but not dishwasher safe. Just like the manual Sopito French Fry cutter, it works well with regular potatoes. However, it is best to microwave sweet potatoes for two or three minutes first.

Click here for Sopito Electric french fry cutter from Amazon.

Now that we have covered which french fry cutter to get, it is time to get some recipes!

What's The Best French Fry Recipe?

Tasty french fries on white plate, on wooden table background, blank space left, 7 Best Potato French Fry Cutters

There are several ways to make french-fries, deep frying is the traditional method and preferred method for french fry purists. If you like ranch dressing, these Double Ranch Fries at AllRecipes might be exactly to your taste.

However, some air fryer recipes will produce great results. Most french fry recipes can be converted to either the oven or the air fryer. However, it is easier to use a recipe dedicated to the air fryer, such as FoodNetwork's Air Fryer French Fry Recipe.

How do you make crispy french fries?

The secret for crispy french fries is either double fry or parboiling and then frying to potatoes. Always dry the potatoes before frying; that is a crucial step to achieve french fry perfection. Deep frying your fries will achieve that all so great all American perfect fry. We love Chef John's recipe at AllRecipes for its simplicity and no-fail results: Crispy French Fries.

How Do You Clean A French Fry Cutter?

To keep your blades sharp, it is best to rinse and dry the blades immediately after use. To prevent injury, use a clean cloth to wash the blades and dry them. Rinsing the blades immediately, even if dishwasher safe, will maintain the durability of the blades. Always dry your french fry cutter completely before storing, and refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Before You Go

Cutting your spuds is now easier than ever with the help of such great tools. You have many options, depending on your needs, budget, and storage space.

If you like peeling your potatoes before you cut them, here is our guide for potato peelers.

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