Cuisinart Blender Not Working – What To Do?

Cuisinart blenders are great for a wide variety of uses in any kitchen. They can crush, puree, and blend among several other useful settings. But have you ever gone to use your blender only to discover that it's not working correctly? If you have, then you're certainly not alone. We have looked into what to do when your Cuisinart blender isn't working so that you can get back to making delicious recipes as soon as possible!

There are several ways your Cuisinart blender can malfunction and a few causes for each of those problems.

  1. The blender won't turn on:
    • Faulty safety switch
    • Power cord issues
    • Outlet failure
  2. It's smoking when in use:
    • Faulty motor
  3. The motor is running weakly:
    • Blade seizure
    • Faulty motor
  4. It won't blend at all while on:
    • Faulty motor

You will have to troubleshoot your appliance to discover exactly what is happening. After that, you can pinpoint the cause and try to fix it. If you can't fix it, you'll have to look at a replacement or hire a professional.

Having to deal with a malfunctioning blender can be a headache for anyone. Unfortunately, it still happens regardless. That's why it's helpful to have as much information about this as you can find. Continue down below for a detailed look at what to do when your appliance is malfunctioning!

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What To Do When Your Cuisinart Blender Isn't Working

Most of the malfunctions come with individual issues that might be causing them.

However, some of the problems do share some possible causes. To determine exactly what to do, you have to analyze your unique situation and work your way down from there!

1. The Blender Won't Turn On

If your blender won't turn on at all, then it's a power issue. It's possible that something is wrong with some part of the blender that won't allow the power to reach the motor.

Faulty Safety Switch

For most Cuisinart blenders, a safety switch can get stuck, causing it to cut off power for the machine. This switch is located at the back of the connection area for the blender cup attachments.

If you suspect this is the issue, clean around the switch with alcohol and cotton swabs until it moves freely.

Power Cord Issues

If there is power coming from the outlet and you have the blender set to "ON" but it still isn't powered, it might be because of a faulty power cord. Power cords can get frayed, wet, and damaged to the point that they no longer work properly.

If you believe your blender's power cord is broken, you can consult the manufacturer to order a new cord for your blender model.

Outlet Failure

If you don't see any apparent problems or damage, this might be the issue, but the machine still isn't powering on. The easiest way to test this is to unplug your blender and plug something else into the outlet you know is working.

If that object works in the outlet, then there is something wrong with the blender. You can also try to plug the blender into an outlet that you know is working.

How Do You Turn On A Cuisinart Blender?

This depends on the model of Cuisinart blender that you have. Some have buttons on the front of the blender that you press to turn on. Other models have dials that you turn until they are in the "POWER ON" position.

2. It's Smoking When In Use

When you turn on your blender and start to use it, you may visibly see smoke coming from it. Another sign that this is already happening or about to is a particular smell of hot grinding metal.

Faulty Motor

The most common cause for a smoking blender is a faulty motor. Motors can become faulty for several different reasons, but if it's smoking, then the motor will most likely need replacing.

To replace the motor, you will first turn the blender upside down and remove four screws to remove the motor's cover.

Once the motor is exposed, you can continue removing screws to detach the motor from the blender's body completely. Lastly, you'll have to order a new motor from Cuisinart and install it.

3. The Motor Is Running Weakly

A weak running motor can be identified by the appliance blending very slowly or not as well as expected. The blades will run slower than usual. You may also smell a metallic burning smell.

Blade Seizure

This can happen because the blade system is dirty and gummed up or because the blades are damaged in some way. Debris can enter the blade system and slow it down, especially if its seal is malfunctioning.

The blades may also be bent, chipped, or damaged, making them not spin properly.

How Do You Fix A Blender That Won't Spin?

To identify this issue, you can check for any obvious signs of damage. If the blades do not look damaged, you can check the system below them and see if it needs to be cleaned.

If the blades are damaged or cleaning the system doesn't work, you will have to replace them.

Faulty Motor

If the motor and blade system is weakening and running more strained, the motor may also be starting to give out.

If there wasn't an identifiable problem with the blade system, then you'll have to expose the motor and check it out. If the motor goes bad, you will have to order a new one to replace it.

4. It Won't Blend At All While On

If the blender is turned on and one of the blending buttons is pushed, but it does not blend, then this is also a sign of a faulty motor.

The blade system won't turn, and it doesn't sound or feel like the motor is trying to work at all.

Faulty Motor

Unlike in the other sections where the motor was going bad, the engine is completely broken. You might notice some of the signs from above, but most likely, the motor won't do anything.

In this situation, you will also need to order a new motor and replace the broken one.

When Should You Order A New Blender?

This depends on you and your situation. Not everyone has the know-how or motivation to take a blender apart to try and fix the motor.

Not to mention that you may never be able to fix it properly. If you don't believe that you can fix your Cuisinart blender safely, you should either look into replacing it or hiring a professional.

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How Do You Know When To Hire A Professional?

Deciding when to hire a professional to fix your blender also depends on you. You might decide to call one immediately because you have no idea what to look for. Maybe you already tried to fix it and had to give up because it didn't work out.

There is also an issue of safety. If any of these situations apply to you, it might be time to hire someone to repair your Cuisinart blender.

Does Cuisinart Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Cuisinart does not seem to provide a lifetime warranty for blenders. They do offer limited warranties of 3-5 years on some of their products.

How Do I Claim My Cuisinart Warranty?

To claim a warranty from Cuisinart, you will have to contact the company. You can call their general customer care phone number and select the appropriate options. They will then look into your claim.

Wrapping It Up

If your Cuisinart blender isn't working, then you first have to identify how exactly it isn't working. It may not be turning on at all, smoking, or displaying another issue.

After that, you can troubleshoot for that issue to determine the cause of it. Lastly, you have to decide if it is fixable or if you have to order a new part.

You may end up deciding that it's easier to purchase a new blender or hire someone to fix it for you. Whatever you decide, this information should help you get there quicker and easier!

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