How To Use A Cuisinart Immersion Blender

You are probably wondering how to use a Cuisinart Immersion Blender. Do not worry. We have researched all about Cuisinart immersion blenders for you.

To use a Cuisinart Immersion Blender, you have to put the bottom of the blender where the blades are into whatever liquid you are blending. Most of the time, immersion blenders are used for sauces and soups.

Don't stop here. Keep reading to learn more about Cuisinart immersion blenders such as how to unlock them, how to clean them, what you can use them for, and whether or not one can replace a blender.

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All About Cuisinart Immersion Blenders

Immersion blenders are simple to use and helpful to have around. They are versatile because you can make several different blended foods in fairly little time. The motor is inside the part you hold onto, and the blade is located on the other end.

All you need to use a Cuisinart immersion blender is a pot, pan, bowl, or dish large enough to hold whatever ingredients you want to blend. Make sure whatever dish you choose one large enough for the food not to splatter out during use. There is a blade at the bottom of immersion blenders which is what blends the food in whatever mixing bowl or measuring cup the food is in.

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The main purpose of an immersion blender is to blend liquids such as sauces and soups. Unlike a typical stationary blender that you put the ingredients of your choice into, an immersion blender goes into the bowl or container that your food is in or liquid is in instead.

Immersion blenders are particularly useful when you are making a large batch of sauce or soup because you would need to reload a blender when making so much at once.

You dirty fewer dishes when you use an immersion blender. Instead of using multiple bowls or containers, you can just put your immersion blender right into the container, whether that be a pot, measuring cup, or bowl, without having to transport it. They are made to blend whatever they are placed into.

Is an Immersion Blenders Worth It?

Immersion blenders are handy for several reasons. They help ensure your food gets blended equally because you can move them up and down. This is very different than with a stationary blender, which only has a blade at the bottom, and the blade stays in place.

They are powerful, and heavy-duty models are even more powerful. Other terms for immersion blenders are mini blender, wand blender, hand or handheld blender, and stick blender. Immersion blenders are perfect for pureed soups and for making baby food.

Another great thing about immersion blenders is that they are small and much easier to store than stationary blenders. They are portable and lightweight which is ideal, especially in comparison to typical hand mixers or stationary blenders.

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Immersion blenders have blades that work for aerating. When you move the immersion blender up and down in your mixture, it creates air which is how the blade works to aerate. This is a great feature because you can use that or a whisk attachment to make whipped cream.

All in all, we say immersion blenders are worth it because they are compact, diverse, and powerful. Some Cuisinart immersion blender options are even cordless!

Cuisinart Immersion Blender Attachments

One attachment Cuisinart immersion blenders offer is the whisk attachment. This is perfect for foods such as whipped cream and scrambled eggs.

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Another attachment that comes with immersion blenders is a chopper. This is helpful because it chops your food into small enough pieces to then be able to use the immersion blender after. If you use a chopper before using an immersion blender, you will not have to worry about your end result being too chunky.

How Do you Unlock a Cuisinart Immersion Blender?

It is important to understand your kitchen tools. Why else have them, right? Immersion blenders can be locked and unlocked as a safety feature.

To unlock a Cuisinart immersion blender, locate the lock/unlock button. If its placement is not obvious to you, then check the original packaging, owner's manual, or product description online.

You need to press and hold the lock/unlock button, then push the power button to turn it on. After the motor starts, you can let go of the lock/unlock button while continuing to hold down the power button. This should unlock your immersion blender.

How Do you Clean a Cuisinart Immersion Blender?

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Cleaning a Cuisinart immersion blender is easier than you may think. All you have to do is grab a tall glass or cup and fill it approximately three-quarters of the way full. Use soapy water; warm is best.

After getting a cup of warm soapy water, you run the blender in the water. This only takes ten to twenty seconds. If the water is dirty, but your blender is not clean enough yet, just refill the cup with new warm soapy water and repeat the process.

Let your Cuisinart immersion blender air dry before you put it away. This will avoid any rusting. Never leave an immersion blender plugged in when not in use.

What Can you Make with an Immersion Blender?

You can make a plethora of things with an immersion blender. Some ways you can use an immersion blender are making mixing salad dressing, blending batter, as well as making salsa, smoothies, and milkshakes.

With the correct whisk attachment, you can make whipped cream or beat eggs. One of the most popular reasons for having an immersion blender is to puree vegetables for a soup such as butternut squash soup.

Surprisingly, you can even chop nuts using an immersion blender if you have the right one. Here is a link all about that if you would like to learn more: Can An Immersion Blender Chop Nuts?

Immersion blenders are also used for making pesto sauce or any kind of sauce. They are a handy tool to have in the kitchen. You can move the immersion blender up and down to blend the ingredients better than a stationary blender does at times.

You can also make mashed potatoes by using an immersion blender after the potatoes are cooked and have been drained. Cuisinart immersion blenders also have a potato masher attachment. You can mash your potatoes before blending them to get rid of all of the chunks.

Can An Immersion Blender Replace a Blender?

The answer to this question varies based on what type of immersion blender you use. If there is a chopper or grinder attachment that you can use, then you essentially can use it instead of a blender.

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The problem with trying to replace a stationary blender with an immersion blender is that it does not have the capability of crushing ice. Blenders are better for smoothies because when you make a smoothie with an immersion blender, you can not put whole ice cubes in it like you can in a jar blender. Immersion blenders are powerful enough to puree vegetables and blend frozen fruit, though.

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Overall, immersion blenders can replace regular blenders in most cases but not all. For things like smoothies, a regular blender is best. You can also make larger quantities in a regular blender, which just means immersion blenders are better a better choice for smaller portions.


To use a Cuisinart immersion blender, you submerge the end of the blender with the blade to puree soup, mix sauce, or combine whatever you are making. The best part of immersion blenders is that you can move them up and down which blends your food better and has the capacity to aerate for whipped cream. Immersion blenders are easy to clean and easy to store as well.

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