Can You Put Mugs In The Oven?

Have you been wondering whether or not you can put mugs in the oven? You're in luck. We have done the research for you all about what mugs you should and should not use in the oven.

You can put mugs in the oven as long as you see a statement on the bottom of your mug stating it is oven-safe. This is the way to be 100% sure that your mug is safe to go into the oven. The material your mug is made out of plays a huge role in whether or not your mug is considered to be safe to put in the oven. You will likely want to bake in your microwave rather than your oven. 

If you would like to know how to tell if a mug is oven-safe, how to bake a cake in a mug, how to create DIY Sharpie mugs, and whether or not you can put mugs in the microwave, don't stop reading here! We will tell you all about the right mugs and sharpies to use as well as which mugs are best for baking.

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How do you know if mugs are oven-safe?

The majority of mugs state the type of material they are made of and any recommendations for proper care on the bottom of the mug. Usually, these descriptions will include words such as microwave-safe, oven-safe, and/or dishwasher-safe. If you see the words oven-safe on the bottom of your mug, then you know it is safe to be put in your oven.

If you do not see a description on the bottom of your mug stating that it is oven-safe, refer back to the box it was in when you purchased it. If you do not still have the original packaging but have access to a product description through a company website or customer service number, refer to that instead. Typically mugs have a stamp from the manufacturer on the bottom, which can also help lead you to find out whether or not yours is safe to be exposed to high temperatures.

Stoneware is an example of an oven-safe material. Food heats evenly in stoneware, and it has been exposed to an extreme temperature prior to being sold. This material is ideal for baking in the oven as it will not crack or become damaged from the cooking process.

Unfortunately, pottery that has not been fired at an extreme temperature can crack in the oven or even shatter while it is still cooling. This is due to something called thermal shock. Just because a mug is deemed microwave-safe does not mean it will fair well in the oven. Only put your mug in the oven if it or its original package specifically states that it is oven-safe.

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How do you bake a cake in a mug?

You can bake a cake in a mug by using your oven or your microwave. Your cake will bake in less time if you use your microwave, making it much more convenient. Because microwaves heat or bake differently from the conventional oven, it is preferred to bake your mug cake by way of the microwave.

Sizing Your Mug for Cakes

Choose a mug that is at least 14 ounces so that you can ensure your batter will not overflow. Using a 14-ounce mug or larger will give the cake the space it needs to rise and settle without spilling over. Put a plate under your mug the first few times you try this project to potentially catch any overflow.

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You want your mug to be similar in size all the way around rather than angled. This is suggested so that your cake bakes evenly. The way to bake a cake in a mug is to mix your cake batter, lightly coat the inside of your mug with non-stick cooking spray, and then fill it with batter halfway.

Mug Cake Recipe Tips

  • Using salted butter in your recipe tends to result in a better flavor.
  • Not including eggs is one way to end up with a moist cake that has the right texture. One egg is most often found to be too much for such a small amount of batter.
  • Baking soda can be substituted as a way to help the batter rise.

Baking Times - Microwave vs. Oven

Microwaving is the better way to go here. Ideally, bake a cake in a mug for 1 to 1-1/2 minutes. This time will vary depending on the strength of your microwave.

If you prefer to bake in the oven, the time will vary depending on the recipe, mug size, and temperature setting you use. Baking times can be from 15 to 30 minutes, so experiment with your recipes and mugs to get your cakes just right! Do not bake a cake in a mug above 400°F; however, 350°F is the optimal temperature for baking.

How long do you bake DIY Sharpie mugs?

You bake your mug at 250°F for between 30 minutes to two hours. The colors will appear slightly different depending on how long you bake your mug because baking allows the paint to set. Ideally, you want a mug that is not glossy. If you can find a mug without the gloss, your Sharpie will be able to soak in during the baking process.

If you mess up when putting a design on your mug, you can scratch it off with a needle. Be sure to let it cool completely before handling it.

Some precautions to take so that your mug does not crack or shatter:

  • First, to find out what temperature your mug can withstand.
  • Let it rest for about 20 minutes after baking so that it can reach room temperature before taking it somewhere else.
  • Do not run it under cold water or place it in a cool sink while it is still hot.

What kind of Sharpie can you use on mugs?

You can not just use whatever type of Sharpie you want when decorating your mug. When making your own mug design for this project, you must use Sharpie Paint Pens. Some colors may appear to be darker after baking your mug.

You may like the look of darker colors, while others prefer to keep it light. You will want to test this on one mug at a time to figure out which length of time is best suited for you.

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Can you put mugs in the microwave?

You can put mugs in the microwave. In fact, this is the most common way to bake in a mug. Of course, you might also microwave a mug for a warm cup to tea or a single-serve of soup. You will want to be careful when taking the mug out of your microwave. Allow it to cool for five minutes before touching it. As long as your mug says microwave-safe, you can put it in the microwave.

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In Closing

You can bake a cake in a mug. The best method of doing so is by way of the microwave. When baking in a mug, you can have cake in under two minutes.  This is a quick and easy dessert option for all of you late-night sugar cravers. Try this method of baking cake in a mug and see for yourself. You will be glad you did!

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