Can You Lay A Mini Fridge On Its Side?

Many people would consider buying a mini-fridge when moving into their place. But the issue is: Is it okay to lay a mini fridge on its side? We've researched this to determine how to best move a mini fridge. 

It is never advisable to lay a mini fridge on its side but if it is already done, then you need to wait for a few hours before plugging it in. Laying a mini fridge on its side can cause serious damage to it. The cooling effect will start to slow down, and it can cause overheating, too.

The coils and brackets installed are not designed to lay the mini fridge on its side. In some instances, it would stop working even if you just bought it, but if you are lucky enough, it would still work even after you move it to its side.

The best position to display a mini fridge is upright, where you can open the door freely without hitting anything. Thus, the internal wires are designed to display it that way. There are more pieces of information added, so keep reading if you want to know more!

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How Do You Transport A Mini Fridge?

It is never an easy job to transport a mini fridge to another location, especially when you are doing it alone. You exert a lot of effort and energy while carrying it but having someone who can assist you makes it a lot better.

Although owning a mini fridge is more convenient than having a refrigerator, most are unaware that this appliance is more fragile than a typical refrigerator.

Transporting a mini fridge must be done in an upright position and carefully. This is the best way to stabilize the liquids inside, preventing them from malfunctioning.

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Before transporting, these are the few things you should consider about:

  1. Defrosting the mini fridge the night before relocating it somewhere else is necessary when traveling.
  2. To prevent food spills, it is ideal if you first keep any food inside of the container out of the way. Additionally, adding charcoal will aid with odor absorption.
  3. When moving the mini fridge to a new place, wrapping it with tape will assist in preventing damage and stopping the door from opening.
  4. If you cannot do it alone, it is best if you ask for assistance while carrying it to avoid accidents.

After preparing, these are the few things you need to consider when it is time to transport it:

  1. To avoid any damage, you must transport a mini fridge vertically.
  2. Avoid moving the mini fridge on its side, front or back; nevertheless, if it has already been moved that way, it is best to wait 24 hours before using it.
  3. It is best if you use a trolley so that it is easier for you to transfer it to its location.
  4. When transporting, it is best to cover the floor with cardboard to avoid damaging it.

How Long Do You Wait To Plug In A Mini Fridge Before Moving It?

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Depending on what position it was being moved. If the mini fridge was moved to an upright position, you may plug in the mini-fridge straight away. But if it was moved on its side,  it is best to wait a few hours before plugging it in. The most likely to experience a lot of moving and transporting are the new ones.

Therefore, to ensure that the internal fluids have stabilized, it is recommended to let the device sit for the same number of hours as it was in motion before plugging it in.

However, some people would wait for 24 hours or more to make sure that the coolant could maintain the proper cooling temperature once it is plugged in.

What Happens If You Lay A Mini Fridge On Its Back?

There are many ways that you can do to transport a mini fridge, but laying a mini fridge on its back should not be considered just like laying it sideways. Even if you think it would not hurt anything, this might harm the fridge's interior systems. All the weight is being placed on the mechanical parts of the mini fridge when it is laid on its back causing it to malfunction. The oil inside will start to move at the back and worst, it would stop working once you turn it back on. The easiest approach to guard against damage to the fridge is to keep it upright because there are numerous sensitive cables found at the back of the appliance.

Can A Mini Fridge Sit On A Table?

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You can place a mini fridge on a table as long as the table is strong enough to support the mini fridge for an extended time. To prevent it from falling, the mini fridge should not be placed near the edge of the table.

In addition, the table's surface should be covered with an anti-slip mat to help it keep the mini-fridge for a longer time.

The table height is another factor that needs to be taken into account. To accommodate the height of the mini fridge, the table cannot be either too tall or too short. The common height of a mini-fridge is around 14 inches so the table should match the height of the mini-fridge. Many people would take it for granted when owning a mini fridge. Usually, it would only last for a year for its works, and it requires a lot of money to repair or much worse, it needs to be replaced.

To Sum It Up

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Owning a mini fridge can be of great help. It helps you to preserve food especially when you have a left-over at home. The usual lifespan of a mini fridge is more than 10 years once you take good care of it.

At times, taking good care like avoiding the things that might damage your appliance can be crucial especially when accidents may happen anytime but be cautious can help you save both time and money.

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