How Big Are Bosch Dishwashers?

Are you wondering what the standard dimensions of Bosch dishwashers are, precisely the height?  Maybe you have read rave reviews about how reliable and well-made Bosch appliances are, and you would like to confirm that the dishwasher will fit in your kitchen correctly before you click the add to cart button. We've researched these questions, and we have found substantial answers to share with you!

Generally, Bosch dishwashers are 34 inches in height. The standard size is 24 inches in width and is the most versatile size compatible with most home kitchens. The 18-inch width dishwasher is excellent for a built-in installation that is fully flush with the kitchen counter. Also, the Bosch dishwasher has leveling feet at the back of the appliance that can be adjusted via turning the feet clockwise or counterclockwise to level the appliance. 

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a Bosch dishwasher for your home, and you have a few questions before ordering your new appliance. Maybe you are wondering if you could adjust the height of the dishwasher? Which dishwashers are comparable to Bosch? These are great questions. Please continue reading, and we have well-researched answers to share with you!


young pretty woman putting dishes in dishwasher, How Big Are Bosch Dishwashers?

What is the size of the Bosch dishwasher?

The standard measurements of the Bosch dishwasher for residential use are 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 34 inches tall. These measurements are congruent with the industry's common measurements for residential dishwashers.

However, the Bosch company does manufacture dishwashers that are 18 and 24 inches in width to provide sizing options for homeowners.

What dishwashers are comparable with Bosch?

A recent research study conducted by the New York Times compiled the best options for durable and well-made dishwashers on the market. The researchers concluded that several quality brands are comparable to Bosch dishwashers.

These appliances were researched and judged on aesthetics, cleaning, cycle speed, drying, food disposal, efficiency, noise, racks, specialty cycles, and wi-fi connectivity.

Bosch 300 Series

The Bosch 300 series was deemed the best dishwasher for residential use. This highly durable appliance has 16 place settings capacity, flex space folding tines, 24/7 AquaStop Leak Protection, and a third rack for added dish storage space. Also, this dishwasher has the ultra-quiet feature, which is perfect for households with small children.

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Maytag #MDB7959SKZ

The Maytag #MDB7959SKZ dishwasher was awarded second best for several positive attributes. The appliance's ability to thoroughly clean and sanitize dishes is top-shelf. Also, the Maytag allegedly washes and dries plastic dishes more efficiently than the Bosch 300 dishwasher.

Moreover, the Maytag has several unique aspects, such as the flexible bottom rack for easy adjustments, touch controls, and power blasts features.

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Meile Classic Plus

The Meile Classic Plus dishwasher is revered for its reliability and longevity.  The Meile dishwashers often last twice as long as other brands due to quality engineering and manufacturing practices.

The Classic Plus dishwasher is equipped with a double waterproof system, comfort close, countdown indicator, delay start, and ergonomic basket handles.

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Are Bosch dishwashers shorter?

According to Whirlpool, the measurements for a standard dishwasher are 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches tall.

Generally, Bosch dishwashers are 34 inches in height with adjustable feet. Bosch dishwashers are slightly shorter than the average dishwasher by one inch. If the dishwasher is too short for the installation space, the lever feet can be adjusted to accommodate the kitchen adequately.

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Dishwashing rack with plates and glass on it, How to Clean A Frigidaire Dishwasher (Inc. The Filter)

How do I adjust the height of my Bosch dishwasher?

Generally, most Bosch dishwashers are equipped with adjustable leveling feet to diminish the effects of uneven flooring in home kitchens. The feet are located at the back of the dishwasher and will help stabilize the appliance and improve its overall function. However, the height of the dishwasher will not be changed from adjusting the feet but will level out the dishwasher.

To adjust the dishwasher's lever feet, unplug the dishwasher or turn the circuit breakers off to avoid accidental injuries or property damages. Also, turn the water line off that connects to your dishwasher and remove the waterline with a wrench. Next, remove the drain hose from the air gap. Have a small pail or towel handy to catch any water drops.

Next, open the door and remove the two screws at the top of the dishwasher that connects it to the kitchen counter with a screwdriver.

Then, pull the dishwasher completely out and tilt it forward to place a wooden block under the dishwasher to slightly prop the appliance up to access the leveling feet. Turn the leveling foot counterclockwise to lengthen or clockwise to shorten the foot to level the base of the dishwasher.

Are all Bosch dishwashers the same height?

Yes, all Bosch dishwashers are the same height, 34 inches. Bosch offers consumers two width options — the standard 24 inches and an 18-inch one. The 24-inch one will accommodate most standard home kitchens with ease. The 18-inch option is excellent for kitchens with an integrated aesthetic that the fully flush installation of the 18-inch dishwasher will seamlessly blend into the kitchen.

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Additional thoughts

Using a Bosch dishwasher can be an excellent time-saving investment for your home that will ensure that your dishes are sanitized after each use. The added peace of mind that your dishes are as clean as possible is paramount during a global pandemic. Providing your dishwasher with regular maintenance will help extend its lifespan, protect your investment, and ensure that you continue to have clean dishes in your kitchen.

Bosch dishwasher maintenance

Bosch suggests a few simple yet effective protocols to ensure the dishwasher is always working at its best. Firstly, plan to use the Bosch dishwasher cleaner a few times a year to remove grease residues and prevent the appliance from clogging.

Set one box of Bosch dishwasher cleaner on the bottom of the empty dishwasher and run the most prolonged and hottest cycle to cleanse the dishwasher. For best results, implement this simple practice once per season. Consider adding a reminder to your Google calendar so you don't forget!


Descaling is another essential maintenance procedure that removes hard water and lime buildup from the dishwasher's interior and connecting pipes.

To descale, make sure the dishwasher is empty. Then, run the longest and hottest wash cycle. After 30 minutes, place one box of descaler at the bottom of the dishwasher and allow it to finish the cycle. Next, run one wash cycle without any descaler or detergent, only plain water to thoroughly rinse the dishwasher.

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Safety considerations for operating a Bosch dishwasher

The American Cleaning Institute suggests using the following as a guide for operating a dishwasher effectively and safely:

  • Always place knives and other sharp items point down in the utensil basket
  • Place glassware gently into the dishwasher, and don't crowd the glasses
  • Avoid overloading the dishwasher--it will prevent the dishes from getting clean, and they could break or chip
  • Wait until the dishwasher has cooled before removing the dishes
  • Always close the door after loading or unloading to prevent accidental falls
  • If you have small children, consider adding a child safety lock
  • Do not allow children or pets to play inside the dishwasher
  • Store the dishwashing solutions away from children and pets
  • Always follow the dishwasher owner's manual maintenance instructions
  • Don't fill the dispenser cups until you are ready to run the appliance

In closing


young pretty woman putting dishes in dishwasher, How Big Are Bosch Dishwashers?

Bosch dishwashers are a great addition to your kitchen that could help you wash your dishes efficiently for yourself and your loved ones. The research has proven that Bosch dishwashers are well-made with several features to keep your dishes clean and sanitized.  We certainly hope this article has helped you gain clarity around the topic of Bosch dishwashers. Please visit soon for more helpful and informative content!

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