How Long Should A Bosch Dishwasher Last?

Buying a dishwasher, inspecting its features, and then worrying about whether or not it’s worth it is a hard job to tackle. Bosch dishwashers, being top-tier in the market, only make the job harder. So, how long does a Bosch dishwasher work well? Let us find out. 

A Bosch dishwasher will last at least seven years, and if maintained well, even up to twelve years. Thus, the average lifespan of a well-kept dishwasher is ten years. However, negligence towards components of the system could cause this timeframe to drop. Some deciding factors that can bring down the life expectancy of a Bosch dishwasher are:

  • Frequency of use 
  • Maintenance 
  • Cleanliness 
  • Overloading 

To make your investment in a Bosch dishwasher truly worthwhile, you must understand how to regulate each of these factors effectively. Keep reading to find out this and more on maximizing Bosch dishwasher life expectancy. 

Close up of hand unloading dish washer in the kitchen, How Long Should A Bosch Dishwasher Last?

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Dishwasher?

A top-grade modern dishwasher comes with a life expectancy of at least six years and at most up to 10-12 years. Thus, the average lifespan of a dishwasher is about nine years. 

How Long Does a Bosch Dishwasher Usually Last?

An average household that runs the Bosch dishwasher five times a week can easily utilize it for ten years. This period may even extend to 12 years if all of its prerequisites are satisfied. 

Let us look at some factors that influence the life expectancy of a Bosch dishwasher and how they can be dealt with to maximize efficiency.

Cleanliness of the Filter 

Cleaning dirty filter detail of dishwasher

While manufacturers always recommend discarding leftovers before putting plates in a washer, scrapes and grease can still make their way to the food filter. If not periodically cleaned, it clogs with residue and prevents water from passing. 

Upon removing the lower rack, you will find a mesh filter positioned at the bottom. Take out the spray arm first and then twist counterclockwise to open the filter. Now, pull out the whole structure consisting of the filter together with the mesh plate. Tug at the bottom of it to separate the filter. 

Look for large pieces of leftover food caught in the top and dispose of them. Then, take all three components and rinse them with warm, soapy water. Reach to all edges and insides of the filter to remove waste of all kinds. If any part is particularly grimy, let it soak in the mixture for a few hours. 

Put back all the components in place and reassemble the filter. It is recommended that you perform the said procedure every 3-6 months, depending upon your frequency of usage. This is the foremost step to maximize the life expectancy of a Bosch dishwasher. 

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to clean one: 

Maintenance of the System 

The food trap is not the only component of your Bosch dishwasher that needs cleaning. Thorough maintenance of the entire assembly is essential for its smooth running. 

If your water supply consists of hard water, it may harbor limescale deposits that in turn promote bacteria growth. To avoid that, you must use a descaler (Bosch also has one for its products). Let the wash run at its highest temperature, add in the product after 30 minutes, and let the cycle continue. Once done, restart the cycle to clean off the residue. 

To prevent rust formation and grease build-up, clean the outer door and latch with a wet cloth or mild soap. After that, you may choose to apply the Bosch Stainless Steel Conditioner to sustain the aesthetic appeal of the dishwasher. 

The Right Load

loading a dishwasher with enough load

To maximize the efficiency of any electrical appliance, first, you need to use it correctly. 

Load the Bosch dishwasher properly, letting each piece of cutlery have its own washing space. Start by placing utensils and smaller dishes in the upper rack. If your model comes with a cutlery drawer, that is where you should let bigger utensils rest.

Next, utilize the upper rack for fragile and light pieces. This area may even serve as a secure storage space for mugs and glasses. You can choose to adjust the height of the rack to accommodate taller pieces. The tines on the rack may hold bowls or unfold them to make more space for dishes. 

Make use of the bottom rack to place heavy crockery and accessories like pots and pans. 

Always load dishes at a good angle. For instance, spoons should always be business-end down and dishes facing downwardsRemember that the positioning of your utensils determines the flow of water and prevents situations of overload. 

Frequency of Use 

While there is no set standard for how frequently you may use the dishwasher, it still influences your system quality. As per reports, an average home runs at least five dishwasher cycles a week. 

Running less than five cycles would, by default, can boost the efficiency of the dishwasher. However, it would be futile if you are doing so with poor attention towards maintenance and repairs. 

On the contrary, running it more than five times can reduce the efficiency. Too much use can lead it to expire quicker. To prevent that, avoid running half-empty cycles, leaving the washer on after use, and being negligent in cleaning. 

When Should I Repair My Bosch Dishwasher?

Set of clean dish in dishwasher. Glowing transparent glasses and white cups after washing in dishwasher.

Often, the appearance of malfunctions in the system has more to do with proper repairs than extensive replacement processes. 

For instance, issues of the following kind call for quality repair processes, even if that involves hiring a professional. 

  • The water supply stops midway, or the washer poorly drains the water. In such a case, the problem is most likely a clogged filter only. 
  • The door may not latch properly and remain suspended, making you unable to wash dishes. A latch repair procedure by yourself or a professional could solve the problem. 
  • A dishwasher may produce weird and loud noises during wash cycles. In this case, either the fault lies in the motor or overloading the racks. 

When Should I Replace My Bosch Dishwasher?

You might need to replace your Bosch dishwasher when the telltale signs of a damaged system become too noticeable. The signs are:

  • If your motor gives up midway through a wash despite continual repairs, it might be past its lifespan. 
  • Hot water is a nightmare for germs, and that is exactly what a dishwasher uses to provide clean dishes. If your dishes do not come out hot or unwashed, it could indicate a dirty filter or a malfunctioning heating element.
  • Consider the age of your system. Is it older than the life expectancy of a Bosch dishwasher?
  • Exterior rust will not significantly impact the efficiency of the machine. However, if it occurs on the inside, you must immediately look for a replacement. This is a major red flag for water leaks or the possibility of contaminating your dishes. 

Is a Bosch Dishwasher Worth the Money?

Wide angle shot of a domestic kitchen with modern appliances

Buying a Bosch dishwasher comes with a dash of anxiety because they are heavier on the pocket than standard dishwashers. Whether or not the extra dollars contribute to a worthwhile decision can depend upon consumer preferences. However, on closely observing the features of a Bosch dishwasher, one cannot deny its top-tier quality. 

The Bosch dishwasher spot-free cleaning technique utilizes modern-day technologies to maximize efficiency. It is far apart from the soap and washes procedures of market dishwashers. In addition to its spotless results, it also offers the following benefits that make it worth every penny.

  • It offers 30% more loading capacity than its competitors.
  • It is tested and proven to be silent in its work. 
  • Unlike a standard 1-year warranty, it offers a 2-year warranty on all its dishwashers. For a few parts, this duration extends further. 
  • It has a greater life expectancy rate due to up-to-date technology. 

Which Bosch Dishwasher Is the Most Reliable?

Bosh dishwashers are categorized into series, each one more technologically advanced than the last. For pricing and usage, one should find a series that works best and then compare different models within their range to find the best pick. 

The Bosch 100 series is the basic everyday dishwasher. Models from the 800 series are a class of their own. When you break down the series in terms of features, a clear hierarchy is observed in terms of quality. 

The Bosch 300 is by far the most versatile and budget-friendly dishwasher that is both; reliable and practical. It comes with all the infamous features of a Bosch dishwasher, namely 30% extra capacity and only a 44-decibel acoustic. Put the dirty dishes in at any time of the day and busy yourself in other affairs while the washer does its magic. 

The Takeaway 

All in all, your Bosch dishwasher could become an easy companion for a whole decade provided that you take good care of it. It is in your hands now to make your Bosch dishwasher experience worthwhile! We hope you found the information above insightful. 

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    • I’m wondering the same about mine – installed 2003. nothing is really real wrong except the 2 hour cycle is now 3.5 hours plus. (now, that i am paying attention). I think I will call tech support if they have that.

  1. My Bosch just died recently. It was only a few months shy of 18 years of use, sometimes with as many as 5 people living in the house. Well worth the money imo.

    • My Bosch dishwasher lasted only 3 years – very disappointing as it cost over £750. It was an integrated slimline that projected the time to run on the floor.

  2. My Bosch lasted 17+ years I just replaced it with another Bosch,100 series. My previous dishwasher lasted 17 years, and was still running when I upgraded. I think 6 – 10 years, as mentioned in this article is not at all correct.

  3. I am on 12 years with my Bosch dishwasher. Florida is notorious for its hard water reeking havoc on dishwashers and washing machines. Best dishwasher I’ve ever had. Only required repair one time as the rinse aid dispenser was leaking and it is still going strong.

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